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The world record holder did not let his father participate in the 2023 World Cup. And he gave his son a tough opponent.

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 22:24:46

At the 2023 World Athletics Championships there was a real conflict between parents and children. A year and a half ago, the Ingebrigtsen brothers refused to continue collaborating with their father Yert, who had been training them since childhood. The father quietly did not swallow the insult, but prepared a worthy competitor for the world record holder Jacob.

The Ingebrigtsen family drama

The Ingebrigtsen brothers are real stars in Norway, world-famous athletes. About them and their father, coach Yert, they even filmed a separate reality show called “Team Ingebrigtsen.” The future Olympic champion Jacob was then about 12 years old and just beginning to chase the success of his older brothers Henrik and Philip.

But already then it was noticeable that the youngest had a special talent. And Jacob proved it. In 2018, he became the first athlete in history to win two distances at the same time in the same European Championship. And the Olympic Games in Tokyo ended for him with a gold medal in the distance of 1,500 m.

After such amazing success, no one expected that in just six months the brothers would break off relations with their father. And after another year and a half, Yert will prepare an athlete who can compete with Jacob in his crown distance. A true family drama.

A break up

In February 2022, the Norwegian athletics federation announced that Jert Ingebrigtsen would step down as his son’s coach.

“Given the current situation, Yert will not be able to be our coach. In the future, we will train with each other brothers. We ask for your understanding, we cannot go into details,” said Henrik Ingebrigtsen, adding that it is no longer possible to combine father-son and coach-athlete relationships.

“We knew that sooner or later this wear on the family will affect. It wasn’t easy,” said Jert Ingebrigtsen.

How the conflict began in the Ingebrigtsen family:

The 1,500m Olympic champion said he did not want to communicate with his father at the 2022 European Championships.

Only once did Jacob share the details of the conflict in an interview for the New York Times:

“Our father is very anxious and that affects everyone around him. And he quickly becomes angry at the competition, because he is worried and nervous, and then he gets very upset and angry, ”the young Ingebrigtsen shared.

Yert called it “nonsense” and said that such a thing never happened. But the relationship was already damaged. The brothers did not communicate with their father.

New student, new triumph

Contrary to expectations, Jert Ingebrigtsen’s coaching career did not end there. He directed all his forces to Narva Gilje Nordos, who since 2014 was a member of the Ingebrigtsen team and was a sparring partner for three brothers.

“Narva has been with me since I was 15 or 16 years old and I have to be with him more. So let’s see. I didn’t raise my hand and I didn’t record the coach: “Hello, I’m free now, does anyone want to practice?” he explained the collaboration with Nordos Yerth.

Maybe so, but only after the departure of the sons from the team did the coach really take care of Narva. And this led to a frantic development of events in the guy’s sports career.

Narve Gilje Nordos, who planned to end his path in track and field a season ago, unexpectedly became the bronze medalist of the 2023 World Championships. Not only did he finish third, but he caught up with and almost overtook Jacob, the top seed in the race. . Nordos’ delay after the finish is 0.03 seconds.

After the brothers abandoned their father, the relationship between Jakob and Narve deteriorated. Narve himself called them simply “non-existent”. That is why the handshake at the finish line especially attracted the attention of the fans.

Is your kids’ coach getting revenge?

Of course, already before the final race, everyone expected a real passion.

Jake Whiteman, last year’s 1,500m world champion, dreamed of Nordos surpassing Ingebrigtsen.

“That would be great. That would be very nice, I won’t call it revenge, but Yert tells them, ‘Look, it could be you,’ Whiteman anticipated.

Ingebrigtsen loses to Whiteman at the finish line of the 2022 World Cup

Photo: Hannah Peters/Getty Images

His hopes, and perhaps Yert’s, did not come true, but for Norway it was a great day: only two Norwegians on the world podium. And if Ingebrigtsen, the indoor 1,500m world record holder, was disappointed with his silver, Nordos was simply pleased and thanked his coach.

“If he hadn’t coached me, I wouldn’t have won a medal. If he had not come to Budapest, he would not have won the medal. The last thing he said to me before I got on the bus was: “You are going to receive a medal, so you can start telling yourself right here and now. I know you’re doing fine now. You can win, but you have to get a medal. You can’t come without her,” Nordos said after the bronze.

The Ingebrigtsen father did not receive accreditation:

Source: Ingebrigtsen’s father was denied accreditation for the 2023 World Cup due to a conflict with his son

It is worth noting that after the break in relations between Jert Ingebrigtsen and his children, serious problems arose before the Norwegian Athletics Federation. For Yakob’s sake, they had to deny accreditation to his father, who is also the personal trainer of another of the country’s hopes for the Paris Olympics.

After the success of Nordos in the World Cup, the federations will have to find a way out of this situation.

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