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Monday, May 20, 2024
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“There was blood loss, seizures.” Where did the student Tutberidze go, who bypassed Shcherbakova?

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 09:30:28

It’s been over a year since Maya Khromykh last appeared on the competitive ice. In the Olympic season, the talented student Eteri Tutberidze had a real chance to go to Beijing and she did not hide that she intended to fight for a ticket to the main four-year start. The figure skater even surpassed Anna Shcherbakova herself at the tournament in Budapest, confirming the motto of the fans: “Maya can!”

Unfortunately, Maya is now in the shadows. A terrible injury to her hand completely wiped out last season for her: she not only did not appear at the starts, but almost did not perform at ice shows. Returning after such a long break will be very difficult.

Tutberidze’s March revelations about the student’s status add to the anxiety. The phrase “Test after test is sent to Maya” does nothing to maintain the hope of seeing the athlete again at the start. Maya herself is also not encouraging with future career plans.

But on May 25, she turns just 17, and I desperately want to believe that this beautiful single skater hasn’t said the last word in figure skating yet.

Beat Shcherbakova

When Maya Khromykh sensationally won the first start in the Olympic season, she was believed not only by fans, but also by recognized experts. It was not important that she won gold at the Budapest tournament, but that she was ahead of Anna Shcherbakova, her main colleague in Khrustalny. Prior to this, she Maya did not consider herself a serious rival for the world champion, as well as a candidate for a trip to the Beijing Olympics. However, she proved that she definitely shouldn’t be written off, she’s ready to fight for a place in the sun with the leaders of the national team.

The talented young skater showed herself well at the debut stage of the Italian Grand Prix. Especially in the short program, where she conquered Tatyana Tarasova with elegant adult skating.

“El Cojo’s debut is great. If I judged, I would put her first! But judged by other people – professionals. About us? We are nobody at home and nobody there, ”Tarasova said.

Maya Khromykh

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Maya did not deny that she wanted to go to the Olympics and that she would do everything possible for it. The formula for success was to perform two quadruple jackets and a quadruple salchow in the free skate, as well as a triple Axel in the short. To stabilize the latter, she did not have enough practice due to concentration on the competition, but there were good attempts in training.

“It seems to me that this (winning a medal at the Olympic Games. – Approx. “Championship”) is the goal of any athlete. Why be ashamed of it? I have to do a triple Axel and three quadruple jumps in the free skate. The triple axel in the freeware is still in my dreams. Until now, there is no triple axel, I am working on it, ”Khromykh told Channel One.

Perhaps the study of the trixel and the desire to become more complicated in a short time shook Maya’s newfound stability and had a negative impact on the following tournaments. Even at the Russian Championship-2022, where she, although she did not go for three quads and a triple axel, she made offensive mistakes and withdrew from the Olympic race.

Maya Khromykh

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

At the 2022 Channel One Cup, Maya skated magnificently in the short program, but in the free program she couldn’t cope with her quads, allowing two falls. This performance did not seem fatal then – the fans were already waiting for Maya in the new season and with new interesting programs.

Do not wait. A terrible sudden injury nearly cost Maya her career.

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“Maya hurt her hand a bit”

Maya was unable to participate in the competition in the new season due to a cut tendon in her right hand on the blade of the skate. She was injured during regular training a couple of weeks before the test skates. Naturally, she was removed from the event, but the girl’s father was quick to assure her that nothing terrible had happened.

“Maya hurt her hand a bit, but everything is in order with her, they should be discharged tomorrow. As for her return to the ice, I find it difficult to answer here. I think she’ll be in a cast for a couple of weeks. She’ll miss the test skates, and then we’ll see how her health allows. The main thing now is to recover,” Match TV quoted Vladislav Khromykh as saying.

That the damage amounted to more than “a little” became clear later. Maya returned to the ice on September 21, but only as part of training. First, she was withdrawn from the fourth stage of the Russian Grand Prix, which ran from November 11-13 in Moscow, and then from the last sixth stage in Perm, which ran from November 25-27. In other words, Maya did not have two months to recover from the injury. She also missed the Russian Championship. Like the rest of the season. Because? It turned out in March from an interview with Tutberidze. The cut on her hand was much more serious than what was presented to the public before. There was no operation.

“We got back into shape, a quad, and then a terrible hand injury. From the starting position of the short program, she pushed off, stumbled, caught the tooth with her left hand, missed the ice, and the tooth landed in his hand. He finished very badly, there was a great loss of blood, convulsions. She was taken away by an ambulance, then there was an operation. And not immediately, the doctors postponed it for a day to invite a special neurosurgeon, so complicated was this injury.

We’re back a long time after all this: it took a long time to get the cast off, it took a long time to develop the arm, Maya couldn’t lift it even 45 degrees from her hip. During this time, unfortunately, her weight gained. But she got out and started riding. It is impossible to fight loads and weight at the same time, it is dangerous for the back. Now she still doesn’t jump, she’s wearing a corset, now because of a back problem. It happens that Maya is sent test after test, ”Tutberidze told TASS.

Maya maybe?

Fans got a chance to see Maya skate again on the February 14 show “In Love with Figure Skating.” The athlete interpreted the song Ashes Celine Dion with a new soft program. She looked wonderful on the ice, like she did before, but she fell off in one jump at the beginning of production. At the time, she seemed silly: it wasn’t in the competition that she fell, anything can happen. But after Tutberidze’s words about the problems of the student on her back, she is really alarming.

Maya Khromykh

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

The hand injury was not only extremely unpleasant in itself, but also fell on the period of puberty. Girls without injuries at the moment easily lose their jumps and Maya had to face two problems at once.

It is not surprising that in the fan community there are even rumors about the transition of the figure skater to the Italian national team. There she definitely won’t need three quads and a triple ax to get into the Olympics, and a break from tournaments won’t throw her into the gallery in competitive wrestling.

But the rumors about the transition under the Italian flag were not confirmed, as well as the fears of ending a career. Maya continues to train in Khrustalny and occasionally posts news about her on social networks. True, she does not reveal any sports plans, so at the moment it seems that Daria Usacheva will go into the new season instead of Maya.

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Dasha, although she missed an entire season and a half with a hip injury and was almost going to dance on ice, does not hide her desire to compete again. Maya is a complete mystery. Which worries me more and more.

Of course, neither Maya nor the coaches can guarantee that she will definitely return to the competition. Especially when last season he crossed out the blade of the skate in an instant. Perhaps silence in this situation is the most reasonable. But it is so difficult to maintain hope without the main character’s food and his entourage.

It remains, like a mantra, to persistently repeat: “Maya can”. And she really can. We have seen this more than once.

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