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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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There’s a new sheriff in town! Dziuba rolled Karpin’s team in the first RPL match after returning

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:47:55


Ironically, on the same day, immediately after the resumption of the championship, the winners of their pairs in the Russian Cup Spartak and Ural and the losers Rostov and Lokomotiv met. However, the railwaymen were seen as the hidden favorites of this game, as they left quite a nice impression in their matchup, especially in attack.

Even in the return match with Spartak, Mikhail Galaktionov showed himself as a daring and sporty coach who chose a very sharp attacking team. And in Rostov-on-Don, he did not deviate from his principles, releasing from the first minutes four attackers at once: Sergey Pinyaev, Francois Camano, Maxim Glushenkov and Artem Dziuba. Surely Anton Miranchuk would have come out, but he was serving a disqualification. But there is also Rifat Zhemaletdinov, who in the end came out for the first time after a serious injury.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv

Valery Karpin has a rather mercurial squad, in which there are only a few irreplaceable figures such as Daniil Utkin and Nikolai Komlichenko, so any choice is explained by the tactical plans and the physical condition of the player. However, we still have to get used to and get used to striker Yegor Golenkov and midfielder Alexander Selyaev.


The first half can be divided into two parts. In the first half the match was even at first, then the hosts had a more active segment, but in the second half the Muscovites were much more interesting. They were bigger and, I would say, smarter on the ball, they kept it well in the opponent’s half of the field and quite regularly sent it into Sergei Pesyakov’s penalty area.

At the same time, Loko’s game model was very flexible. For example, Dmitry Barinov, during a positional attack, regularly dropped between the central defenders, allowing wingers Nair Tiknizyan and Maxim Nenakhov to rise to the midline. In addition, his vision of the field and his passing qualities are superior to those of the last two, so the exchange was worth it, because the guests did not lose anything from behind, but they immediately acquired two possible targets for cross passes in front. the entire width of the field.

Photo source: FC Rostov

In turn, “Rostov” had only 32 percent possession of the ball, so at some point he fell for banal long forward passes in the hope of a chance for the name of Komlichenko. It didn’t work. But it worked for the guests. More precisely, the Tiknizyan-Dziuba link worked. Early in the match, the striker nearly cut the ball into the far corner after a teammate’s serve, and in the 33rd minute put his foot under Tiknizyan’s cross/shot and sent the ball into the far corner. past the dumbfounded Pesyakov. When the goal scorer was announced around the stadium, the stands responded with a roar of discontent.


His reaction to the striker’s second goal on 59′ was exactly the same. By this time, Karpin had replaced Golenkov and Selyava with Alexei Mironov and Kirill Shchetinin, and seemed to gradually turn the tide of the game. For example, Khoren Bayramyan was inches from the return ball, but after a solitary pass he hit the post. He was unlucky, unlike Dziuba. Silyanov, taking the ball from Glushenkov, rolled it exactly to Artyom’s move, and he, without falling one on one with Sergei Pesyakov, easily doubled the advantage.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv

After that, the Rostovites completely withered away and soon missed the third goal. It was François Camano who served from the right flank, Glushenkov moved past Danila Glebov, cutting the ball to the far post, and Dziuba finished off an empty corner. And at the same time, he scored a hat-trick and responded to everyone who did not like his interview with Nobel Prize winner Arustamyan. He may be hated by the entire country (and often at the event), but in the ability to pull off a result in the RPL, he has few equals.

In the end, Komlichenko helped the hosts escape defeat, and yet Loko played a very solid game in Rostov. In the next round, he will go to Grozny, where there are reasons to consider him a favorite, despite the teams’ positions in the standings. As for Rostov, this is the extremely mediocre third match of the Karpin team in 2023. They could not get around Spartak, but in general, with such a game, it will not be easy to reach bronze.

RPL. round 18

Rostov – Lokomotiv – 1:3 (0:1)

Goals: Dzyuba, 33 – 0:1. Dzyuba, 57 – 0:2. Dzyuba, 64 – 0:3. Komlichenko, 87 – 1:3.

Rostov: Pesyakov, Silyanov (Langovich, 71), Osipenko, Melekhin, E. Chernov, Glebov, Selyava (Mironov, 46), Utkin (Komarov, 72), Bayramyan (Poloz, 74), Golenkov (Schetinin, 46), Komlichenko .

Lokomotiv: Lantratov, Nenakhov, Konti, Kuzmichev, Tiknizyan, Karpukas (Maradishvili, 80), Barinov, Kamano (Rakov, 80), Pinyaev (Mitai, 75), Glushenkov (Zhemaletdinov, 83), Dzyuba (Ignatiev, 75).

Warnings: Kuzmichev, 34. Komlichenko, 54. Barinov, 60. Glushenkov, 77.

Referee: Karasev (Moscow).

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