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They took him out of town and beat him up with a mob. Abroad he brutally treated the Russian boxer

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 01:07:16

Today Soslan Asbarov is known in Russia primarily as a hero. Ten years ago, a boxer from Dagestan, together with a friend, saved 25 people from a burning tram, for which he was later even awarded the medal “For Valor”.

This story instantly overshadowed another incident that made the athlete famous only a few months earlier. In the spring of 2013, a Dagestani got into terrible trouble abroad.

For a bad action, the fighter almost paid with his life.


In 2013, the great career of the future European champion was just beginning. The 20-year-old boxer recently received the title of Master of Sports, after which he won his first big prize – the bronze medal of the Russian Championship. Subsequently, a promising guy was invited to the youth team of the country, with which in early April he was supposed to go to one of his first international tournaments held in Kazakhstan.

In Uralsk, the athlete showed himself great, winning silver in the weight category up to 81 kg. For a young professional, this success was very significant, so Asbarov decided to celebrate accordingly. The boxer went to the local Oscar nightclub to have a couple of drinks with friends.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

However, the holidays soon turned into a real nightmare for Soslan. Estimates of what prompted the horrifying incident vary. The athlete’s father insists that one of the locals hit the boxer with his shoulder, after which a “verbal fight” began between the two that led to a fight. Other witnesses describe the situation differently:

– Soslan drunk walked around the club, flirted with the girls who were with the guys. They told him several times to calm down. He did not obey, shouted: “where are the excavations, strain there!”. He was cut, he explained. All this is perfectly visible on video surveillance cameras, – said a local journalist.

Photo source: Soslan Abarov’s social networks


One way or another, the usual male conflict soon crossed the boundaries of decency. After the beating, Soslan was taken to the regional hospital in serious condition: the doctors recorded a concussion and a double jaw fracture in the boxer, for which he had to be operated urgently.

– Several guys ran to my son. They hit first. There were 7-8 people there. Soslan was then dragged out into the street, put into a car and driven out of town. There they beat him again. They threatened to kill. In that place they found bullet casings from a gun,” said the athlete’s father.

Soslan later cited the details of the scandal in an interview with Match TV. According to the boxer, a certain man provoked him in the club with his rudeness. Asbarov dealt with the offender on the spot, after which the parties agreed to “solve the issue one by one” outside the city. However, the opponent from Dagestan did not plan to act “according to concepts”:

– We didn’t make it one on one, there, outside the city, they already hit me with a rifle butt, they broke my jaw, then they hit me again. The trouble started, I couldn’t do anything with my broken jaw,” Soslan said.

Photo source: Soslan Abarov’s social networks

Subsequently, Asbarov and his father tried to bring the hooligans to justice. Three days after the incident, Kazakh police detained two suspected of beating up a Russian. The identities of two other criminals were also established, but at the time of the trial, which began in the autumn, they were still wanted.

During the meeting, however, the fighter’s father said that he forgives both defendants. Asbarov Sr. signed a statement that he had no claims against the hooligans, after they publicly apologized. Soslan himself returned to training two months later, and in November 2013, his name reappeared on the front pages of newspapers, all thanks to his unique feat in Khabarovsk.

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