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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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“They want to destroy me.” The head of Spanish football got into another scandal

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:03:53

There is a big scandal in Spanish football. At the epicenter is the president of the local federation, Luis Rubiales. Obviously, the official went overboard with emotions after the final of the women’s world championship. Video of Rubiales’ act went viral, and her behavior sparked a serious public outcry in her homeland.

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What did Rubiales do?

On August 20, the Spanish women’s team won the world title for the first time in history. A complete success, given the open conflict between the players and the coach Jorge Vilda. Not all team members liked the working methods of this specialist. It got to the point that during the tournament the Spaniards celebrated victories separately from the coach. In the final, Spain defeated England (1-0) and won the long-awaited title.

Naturally, Rubiales was present at the awards ceremony. He rejoiced like a child, hugging each player, even lifting a few into the air. The reason for the scandal was his behavior towards Jennifer Hermoso. Rubiales hugged the player who missed the penalty in the final and kissed her on the lips. Many found the man’s behavior unacceptable. In addition, Rubiales was noted in the box for guests of honor: he held his groin, being next to the Queen of Spain and her daughter. In general, I picked up a combo.

Luis Rubiales kisses Jennifer Hermoso

Photo: Frame of the transmission.

After a while, a video appeared from the locker room of the Spanish team. On this, Hermoso, commenting on Rubiales’ act, said: “I didn’t like it, but what could I do?” The head of Spanish football himself said that it was a gesture from two friends who were celebrating the victory. And he added that there is no point in commenting on the words of idiots and idiots who see only the negative in everything.

This comment only aggravated the situation, and Rubiales even had to record a video apologizing after the team’s flight from Sydney to Doha. The official convinced Hermosa to participate in the video, but she flatly refused. “There is one fact that I regret,” Rubiales said. “I did wrong, I have to admit. All this happened at the moment of maximum emotionality. He did not have any malicious or bad intent. It all happened very spontaneously.”

luis rubiales

Photo: Fake Images

How did Spanish politicians react to the episode?

The Spanish civil servants were not cut in their assessments of the episode. This is what the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, wrote: “Let’s not assume that a kiss without consent is something acceptable. This is a form of sexual abuse over which we have no control. Because of this, women suffer regularly. Changing this alignment is the task of the whole society”.

The Minister of Social Rights, Ione Bellara, spoke along the same lines: “What are we talking about if men behave like this in front of all of Spain. Can you imagine what they will do when they are alone? We need to stop sexual violence against women.”

The Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Díaz, is determined: “We will continue to demand the resignation of Rubiales. He attacked a woman and her excuses are useless.”

Luis Rubiales and Jennifer Hermoso

Photo: Fake Images

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, did not overlook the scandalous episode: “Mr. Rubiales’ behavior suggests that we still have a long way to go. His act was unacceptable and an apology alone is not enough. More needs to be done to resolve the situation.”

The Minister of Culture, Mikel Iseta, also criticized Rubiales: “We live in a time of equality, so you have to be careful when doing some things. I consider it unacceptable for the president of the federation to kiss a footballer on the lips to celebrate a victory.”

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What did Rubiales say upon his return to his homeland?

Rubiales himself has no plans to retire just yet. The president of the federation said that he intends to fight for his rights in court. On August 24, he gave a speech at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation. During Rubiales’ announcement, one of his daughters burst into tears.

“I was very emotional after the victory of the women’s team in the World Cup,” said Rubiales. “After that, I made an obscene gesture in the box. I apologize for my behavior. I’m not making excuses, I just want to apologize, even to the Queen of Spain. She had never acted like this before.

As for the Beautiful episode, I felt like kissing her like a father kisses his beloved daughter. There was no sexual connotation in my act. I have a great relationship with all the players. Some Spanish politicians described my actions as a sexual assault, an attack… These people are trying to “kill” me, publicly destroy me. I will defend myself in court. In my place, any Spaniard would have done the same. I’m not going to retire.

No one is trying to achieve justice, everyone wants social murder. They accused me of theft, embezzlement of the federal budget, illegal collection of commissions. I have never done anything like this. Let them investigate, they won’t find anything. I will not retire. They pressure me. To remove me from the presidency, there must be a reason. What did I do? Enough for that for a consenting kiss? We are in a country where the law prevails.”

luis rubiales

Photo: Gety Images

Spanish clubs openly oppose the president of the federation, the players announced a boycott

It seems that Rubiales’ days as president of the federation are still numbered. Too serious “roll” on him went. The Spanish clubs are in favor of the resignation of Luis. Many are surprised that Rubiales still retains his position, since it was reported the day before that he would leave office. Here are some comments.

Ángel Torres, Getafe president: After the fact, Rubiales called us all idiots. He must be condemned, he can no longer hold the position of director of the federation. If Rubiales does not resign, then the prime minister should intervene.”

Sevilla statement: “Our club condemns Rubiales’ position. His behavior was obscene. We do not feel that the president of the federation is fighting for equality and respect. For all of the above, Rubiales must resign.”

President of Atlético, Enrique Cerezo: Rubiales must resign. We must be consistent in what we say.”

Aitana Bonmati, the best player in the World Cup: “There are borders that cannot be crossed. We must not endure. It’s all over. We are with you, Jenny Hermoso.”

Aitana Bonmati

Photo: Fake Images

Espanyol and Barcelona issued statements condemning Rubiales’ behaviour. The Association of Spanish Soccer Players described the behavior of the president of the federation as shameful and expects his resignation. According to those responsible for the organization, Rubiales’ actions destroy the image of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Villarreal’s coach, Quique Setién, also called for Rubiales’ resignation. The Real Betis player, Borja Iglesias, has said that he will not return to the national team until the situation changes. This list goes on.

In turn, Hermoso denied Rubiales’ words that she agreed to a kiss. Subsequently, the players of the Spanish team announced a boycott. They indicated that they would not return to the national team until Rubiales left office.

Jennifer Beautiful

Photo: Fake Images

Rubiales constantly gets into scandals

The name of Rubiales in his homeland is associated with scandals. Luis worked for the soccer players union from 2010 to 2018. His activities in this organization did not attract attention until last week. In the context of the Hermoso scandal, Tamara Ramos, who now holds the position of director of the union, spoke out. According to her, during the joint work, Rubiales had misogynistic behaviors. Furthermore, she claims that Louis often wondered what color his underwear was. “I felt humiliation,” Ramos said. Immediately afterwards, the Spanish Football Federation denied all these statements.

In the summer of 2018, Rubiales fired Spanish coach Julen Lopetegui two days before the first game of the World Cup. The new head of the federation was furious because the coach was in secret negotiations with Real Madrid. Rubiales did not relent, despite the state of the tournament and persuasion from team leaders.

The president of the federation repeatedly cursed the head of the league, Javier Tebas. A few years ago, Primera announced that it would play several matches in the tournament in the United States and Canada. Before, Thebes did not consult with the federation or with the footballers’ association. Rubiales called such an act a total lack of respect, but La Liga’s plans never materialized.

javier thebes

Photo: Fake Images

In 2022, information appeared that the federation paid money to Gerard Piqué for helping in the negotiations with the Saudi Arabian authorities for the celebration of the Spanish Super Cup there. Rubiales was accused of embezzling money from the federation, but Luis denied all the accusations.

In the fall of 2022, Juan Rubiales, uncle of the head of Spanish soccer, accused him of trying to withdraw funds from the organization’s accounts. According to Juan, when Luis was rejected, he immediately fired the witness. And my uncle said that the pedigree often arranged parties to which he invited young girls. Subsequently, Rubiales was accused of taking a vacation in New York in the company of a Mexican under the pretext of a work meeting with MLS colleagues.

This time it will be incredibly difficult for Louis to get out of the water dry.

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