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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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“This behavior of the judge is inexplicable to me.” Analysis of the work of the referees on the sixth day of the RPL

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 15:12:19

The sixth round of the RPL was not as rich in bright signals as the previous one. But this does not mean that the work of the referees was less. Especially in the “Championship”, the arbitration in the 6th round of the RPL was dismantled by the football referee Igor Fedotov. He and the word.

The maximum score is 8.5. The referee receives it if he directs the game without errors. The score is reduced to 7.9 if the referee makes a key error: incorrect assignment or non-assignment of a penalty kick, showing a red or not showing a direct red (to a player or staff members), showing or not showing a second yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff). In the case of the second key error, 0.5 points will be deducted. 0.1 points are deducted for incorrectly showing or not showing a yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff), as well as for missing three to five violations. 1 point is deducted if the referee in VAR pointed out the referee’s error on the field, but left his incorrect decision in effect, despite watching the replay. The score in parentheses is the score of the referee who made a key error in the match, but performed well without that error.

Analysis of the arbitration in the previous round:


Nothing will be explained to Spartak, like last year. Analysis of arbitration in the 5th day of the RPL

Orenburg – CSKA – 1: 1

Levnikov, in principle, worked out well. But he would highlight the moment in the 81st minute. There was a foul by the locals, the ball even ended up in their goal, but Levnikov did not give the advantage principle, but fixed the foul. Here it was necessary to show a yellow card to the Orenburg player for a tough game. If you stop the game at that moment, then you punish, but it turned out that there were no attacks and no cards. Such an experienced referee should understand this.

Levnikov’s score is 8.3.

Fakel – Krasnodar – 0:0

The match was refereed by Amelin and she generally directed the game. And the game is quite difficult. There were yellow cards that were not shown, in the 33rd minute to the local player for a hard game, in the 82nd, also for a hard game to the Krasnodar player. But I was interested in another point. After the final whistle, Krasnodar’s coach Vladimir Ivich addressed Amelin and made it clear that he was expressing his dissatisfaction. As for me, there is nothing wrong with him, if there are no insults, but we remember ESC. And there, analyzing the case of Sergei Semak, they said that the coach should be removed if he communicates with the referee in a confrontational manner. So if you eliminated Semak, he eliminates the others, no double standards. Ivic should have shown a red card.

Amelin’s score is 7.7.

Zenit – Ural – 4:0

An easy match for Chistyakov, he got through it and worked well. Although there were flaws: I didn’t show a yellow card to the invited player in the 23rd minute for a tough game, for example. And then there was an episode when the ball fell into the hand of a Zenit footballer. He didn’t understand that his hand was exposed to the side. VAR first showed a hand chance, then a foul in the same attack, in the initial phase, which also missed, and Chistyakov did not score a penalty against Zenit – this is the right decision.

Chistyakov’s score is 7.8.

Zenit destroyed one of the leaders. The rival goalkeeper also helped the champion:

Zenit crushed one of the RPL season leaders. It was painful to watch Goncharenko’s team.

Rubin – Dynamo – 2:2

Karasev worked the match well, he discovered the key episodes himself: he gave an 11-meter shot to the Dynamo goal for delaying the opponent with his hands, and then correctly showed the second yellow card to Marichala for interrupting a promising attack. There was only one mistake: in the 23rd minute he did not show the card to the invited player for interrupting a promising attack.

Karasev’s score is 8.3 (and could have been 8.5).

Sergei Karasev

Photo: rubin-kazan.ru

Spartak – Ajmat – 0:0

A very difficult match for Shafeev. Many people say about the cards that there were not enough of them. I think the bar of martial arts that he set at the beginning he kept until the end. There is a serious question about Oleinikov’s foul in the 12th minute: there he was read a card, he played rudely, and it was possible to get injured. Otherwise, no questions.

Shafeev’s score is 8.3.

Tactical analysis of the Spartak match:

Is Abascal to blame for the Spartak crisis?

“Pari NN” – “Rostov” – 1: 0

Cheban worked in the party. In the sixth minute, he did not show the yellow player to the locals: he hit the opponent with his hand in the face. There was also an interesting moment in the 56th minute: there was a clearance from the goal, in midfield, an attacker and a defender, both embracing. Cheban continued the game. I don’t know what he saw from his position, but if he saw that there was no foul, well done. Well done and having signaled an 11-meter shot to the Rostov goal, the host player threw the ball, the defender did not have time to play it and fouled negligently.

But the Komlichenko episode is incomprehensible to me. The striker kicked his rival in the ear, practically with spikes, but did not even receive a yellow card. Komlichenko had to be removed. I would understand if yellow was at least shown; could be explained by an attempt to play the ball. But not show the card at all? Such behavior of the judge is inexplicable to me.

Cheban’s score is 7.8.

Sergey Cheban

Photo: fcnn.ru

“Wings of the Soviets” – “Baltika” – 2: 1

Ivanov showed strange refereeing. Especially in the interpretation of martial arts. In addition, in the 45th minute I decided not to give the early advantage when Baltika launched a dangerous attack. Yes, he showed the Wings player a yellow card, but he could have shown it later and not interrupted the attack.

At the same time, Ivanov himself discovered the moment in the 41st minute after the guest player fell in the box. There was a struggle with the hands, contact on the legs, but this fall is not a penalty, a moment of play. About the yellow cards: in the 63rd minute he did not show the locals the player due to a hard game, in the 81st minute the Baltika player due to simulation. And there was also a strange moment in the 70th minute, when the Wings player fouled and the free kick went in the wrong direction.

Ivanov’s score is 8.2.

“Wings” – three points from the leader of the RPL:

“Wings of the Soviets” bypassed “Spartak” and CSKA! Crazy outcome of the match in Samara

Sochi – Lokomotiv – 0:1

Good job by Sukhoi, without any difficult moments. He did not interfere in the game, he gave yellow cards for business, he did not invent anything.

Sukhoi’s score is 8.4.

Dziuba returned to Loko and ended up in the tour team:

Team of the 6th day of the RPL. The lineup includes Dziuba and two heroes from the match against Spartak!

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