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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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“This cannot replace the Olympic Games.” What about our BRICS Games?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:02:53

The first week of the BRICS 2024 Games has ended, the de facto main tournament for Russian athletes who, for the most part, will not be able to participate in the Olympic Games.

The tournament was heavily promoted and intensely prepared. And the most important thing is that it started, unlike the Friendship Games, which, as they say, will not be held.

But did everything go well? Let’s figure it out.

Ovation…behind the scenes

Kazan has extensive experience in organizing sports competitions of the highest level. World Cup matches were held here, as well as the World Swimming Championships and the Universiade in 2013. There is no doubt that Kazan could host the Olympic Games without great difficulties if it suddenly became necessary. It is not for nothing that many boldly call the capital of Tatarstan the sports capital of Russia. There is a reason.

But there is a great demand for skill and demand.

In Kazan, everything is fine with logistics and organization: they welcome you, house you, feed you, transport you. Special respect to the volunteers: ours are definitely the best!

But questions were raised about the opening ceremony. The artistic part is a matter of taste. However, the parade of participating countries caused confusion: it seemed that during the appearance of Eswatini, Ethiopia or Afghanistan on the stage of the concert hall, the audience burst into applause, and some of the spectators even whistled. But that was not the case. The directors went too far.

The situation was reminiscent of a scene from a bad comedy, in which the off-screen laughter constantly turns on. But it is not at all fun for those who contemplate it.

And this miscalculation is part of the main problem of the BRICS Games.

What is the main problem?

Officials and organizers declared before the start of the competition that representatives from more than 90 countries would participate in the Games. The desire to show as much mass appeal as possible is understandable. Although we are not opposed to the Olympic Games, I would like to confirm the prestige and coldness of our beginning.

But there are still not 90 countries… And no one knows how many there are.

However, there are many interesting things at the BRICS Games. What to see?

What to see at the BRICS Games? List of main characters and most interesting endings.

Yes, only the first days of competition have passed and probably not all athletes have arrived in Kazan yet. However, even on the tournament website the cards with participants from some countries are not yet completed. For example, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Switzerland (are we waiting for you?!) or… Eswatini. And how the country was received!

No, definitely, the geography of sports at the BRICS Games is much broader than at the Russian-Belarusian meetings that are already familiar to the eyes of a fan. Athletes from China are winning gold medals, and Iran, Brazil and India are winning many medals. In five days, representatives from 29 countries were distinguished!

But the actual level of competition is sometimes depressing.

Alexander Maltsev (left)

Photo: RIA Novosti

An illustrative example is synchronized swimmer Alexander Maltsev, who found the “highest” level of endurance. In the technical solo program he defeated his only opponent from Thailand, and in the free skate he competed alone. Yes, he won two gold medals in international competitions, but it is unlikely that he would be proud of these medals and show them to his children with trepidation.

“At least it’s somewhat inspiring”

Gymnastics wasn’t much fun either.

On the one hand, the stands were full for Nagorny, Dalaloyan and Melnikova, and that’s great! Kazan people love sports. You should have seen these children who, during the tournament and after the awards ceremony, were waiting for their idols with notebooks, pens and cameras in their hands. These guys don’t care at all who will compete with their favorites!

On the other hand, the athletes themselves certainly care.

The saddest person is probably 20-year-old Daniel Marinov. He won a total of five medals and his main competitors were his compatriots. Of course, we respect the gymnasts from Uzbekistan or Thailand, but the level is not the same… Although the Turks took the gold from us.

“I thought the competition would be more serious. Now they competed more among themselves, among the Russians. At times I didn’t even look at who was coming out to the mat from other countries,” Marinov told reporters.

Head gymnast coach Valentina Rodionenko said that the boys need the BRICS Games like air. She also highlighted the harsh reality: there is no one to compete with. There are only nine countries in the gymnasts tournament.

“We would like to have stronger opponents than those competing here. Of course, this cannot replace the Olympic Games. There is no such spirit of competition, there are no such rivals. Nine countries participate in our competitions. But still, this is a beginning that is at least in some way inspiring,” Rodionenko noted.

How did the gymnasts tournament end at the BRICS Games?

The Russians failed to win all the gold in gymnastics at the BRICS Games. Who stopped them?

250 medals in five days!

Many exciting sports will be held at the BRICS Games in Kazan. Our gymnasts are great, our track and field athletes are good looking too. Synchronized swimmers, rowers, representatives of the mysterious wushu – everyone distinguished themselves. Russia has 250 prizes in five days!

For a lot of our athletes, this is a great start, with a high level of organisation, awards and media attention. For many, the Olympic Games did not even shine, but here they were able to prove themselves.

However, from the point of view of competition with the Olympic Games, although in absence, the BRICS Games still seem quite weak. After all, the strength of a tournament is not determined by budget, scope or number of prizes. And the level of competition.

The tournament in which the strongest perform is the best, no matter how you look at it. And a tournament where the best representative of tennis is the 546th racket in the world is sometimes saddening. Precisely because of the lack of powerful sports rivalry.

Not everyone is happy with their performance at the BRICS Games:

“Rotten seconds.” Shubenkov was very angry after the BRICS Games final

The BRICS Games are a great start and on a grand scale. But there is a desperate shortage of strong foreign athletes here. And it doesn’t matter how many flags there were at the opening ceremony, 90 or 190. It is not the flags that decide, but specific people. By the way, they are the ones who are applauded by the public at the opening ceremony.

In order for the idea of ​​the BRICS Games to live, it is necessary to attract foreign champions and simply strong athletes by hook or by crook. Otherwise, there will always be something wrong with this promising tournament.

Let’s count the flags once. And in the second, it will become boring.

Chuck-chuck instead of an epilogue

And another moment of sadness. Excuse me, but what do you feed the athletes at the Kazan Games? You should have seen these chak-chak parodies! I am a person who lived in Vladikavkaz for 22 years and always ate delicious and crispy chak-chak. And then, arriving in the homeland of this dish, I tried some kind of absurdity. Just the name.

I wish the filling was tastier.

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