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“This is not a referee, stop tormenting him.” Analysis of the refereeing on matchday 24 of the RPL

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 02:27:23

Only six rounds left until the end of the RPL season! Matchday 24 featured two important games, the resignation of the coach at Spartak and intense intrigue in the relegation zone. Every match is important and the conditions become more difficult for the referees. How did the judges deal with the difficulties of last weekend?

Especially for the “Championship”, our expert, former RPL referee Igor Fedotov, analyzed the refereeing in the 24th round of the Russian Championship. Below is his examination of the eight matches.

The maximum score is 8.5. The referee receives it if he directs the game without errors.

The score is reduced to 7.9 if the referee makes a key error: incorrectly or not awarding a penalty kick, showing or not showing a straight red (to a player or members of the coaching staff), showing or not showing a second . Yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff).

In case of a second key error, 0.5 points are deducted.

0.1 point is deducted for incorrectly showing or not showing a yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff), as well as for missing three to five violations.

1 point is deducted if the referee in the VAR pointed out the referee’s error on the field, but left his incorrect decision in force, despite watching the replay.

The score in parentheses is the score of a referee who made a key error in the match, but worked well without that error.

Analysis of refereeing in the previous round of the RPL:


“He just takes and takes imaginary penalties.” Analysis of the refereeing on matchday 23 of the RPL

“Sochi” – “Spartak” – 1:0

Shafeev’s normal work. He did not show the usual yellow cards: in the 30th minute to a Spartak player for rough play and then to Sobolev for simulation in the area. This must be shown and must not be lost. In general, Shafeev worked calmly. There were some internal problems that needed to be corrected.

Shafeev’s score is 8.2.

“Sochi” – “Spartak”

Photo: FC Sochi

“Akhmat” – “Baltica” – 1:7

Moskalev received the appointment after a pause. The account is large, but at the same time dangerous: with it you can easily miss something. Overall it was an easy match for the referee and he achieved it. For the first assistant it was more difficult: there were many offsides, but he also managed it.

Moskalev’s score is 8.4.

This result is still hard to believe:

Baltika was resurrected and scored seven historic goals! But how screwed was the opponent?

“Krasnodar” – “Zenit” – 1:2

I didn’t like Ivanov. He didn’t enter the game at all, he made incomprehensible decisions; It’s good that he was in relation to both teams, and not just one. Krasnodar is outraged. They believe that since they have 24 violations to 11, Ivanov could have done something specifically against them. But that’s not true. Ivanov really has big problems, but there was no bias. The referee made mistakes both in favor of Krasnodar, when he fouled Mostovoy and whistled in the other direction, and in favor of Zenit, when he incorrectly placed the barrier.

If you add these moments, everything is very bad. Although Ivanov did not make any key mistakes. He reduced his grade for systematically incorrect requirements for martial arts and for not showing Spertsyan a yellow card for malingering. He threw the ball and it just fell. Ivanov conceded a wrong free kick and Krasnodar was able to score with it.

The moment with Kerzhakov in added time is now compared to an episode from Shinnik’s match, but they are different. The Zenit goalkeeper did not act recklessly, although there was contact. And in the First League, a footballer was punched in the head. It is not necessary to prolong these moments: it is necessary to observe them and interpret them correctly.

The judge correctly showed Tormena the second yellow. This is an offensive. But overall this match is a disadvantage for Ivanov. A FIFA referee should approach these matches with force. Although the assessment is normal due to the absence of key errors.

Ivanov’s score is 8.2.

We went to the match in Krasnodar and drew conclusions:

Krasnodar deserves the title. But the team does not

Lokomotiv – CSKA – 3:3

Good job Karasev. Calm, calm: the referee was invisible. God wants everyone to work like this. The game was difficult and there was pressure. But Karasev resists: well done.

Karasev’s score is 8.5.

Lokomotiv – CSKA

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

“Orenburg” – “Paris NN” – 3:1

Good job Shadykhanov. On the last tour he returned after a long break. And he judged well. Maybe one person can get their act together. Although the game is not easy at all: “Nizhny” is at the bottom of the table, the problematic Yuran. The countryside is also uncomfortable, you can’t run away there. But Shadykhanov pulled himself together and managed.

Shadykhanov’s score is 8.4.

“Orenburg” – “Paris NN”

Photo: FC Orenburg

“Ural” – “Dynamo” – 2:1

Good job Kazartsev. He usually has the highest scores, he just doesn’t have as many games. If Sukhoi had not had so many appointments, I think Kazartsev would have been in first place.

In the 45th minute+1, Kazartsev did not take the penalty correctly. And in the 83rd minute, Fedorov once again disappointed the VAR, which had already been unsuccessful with Karasev. For me there was no reason to intervene. Unfortunately, we did not hear the negotiations. Maybe Kazartsev didn’t see anything. If this is true, then there was a reason to call him to the monitor. But Kazartsev had a good position, he even leaned forward a little to see the whole situation. And he saw her. Fortunately, Kazartsev believed in himself and saw again and again what he needed to see.

Fedorov is in trouble. He doesn’t referee the First League, he doesn’t referee the RPL. He doesn’t work anywhere else except VAR. And now it looks like it won’t work there either. Question: what is this referee doing in the Premier League? He would say goodbye to those people. If Fedorov is not needed anywhere, then he just has to say: “Thank you, we no longer need his services.” This happens, you have to do it sometimes. This is not a passage yard. It would be possible to transfer Fedorov to the FNL and see what he does there. But since this referee does not understand the image on the screen in comfortable conditions, I think that in the FNL it is not necessary. This problem needs a solution. There is no need to retain referees who are degrading. I think the management communicates with those judges and asks them to meet. But if a person does not have resources, then you have to say goodbye.

Kazartsev’s score is 8.5.

Lichka’s team disappoints:

Dynamo also lost to an outsider. And this team claimed the championship?

“Fakel” – “Rostov” – 0:1

Lyubimov is a diagnosis. He stops making fun of people and teams. Nothing serious happened in terms of evaluation. Lyubimov only did not show yellow cards in the 44th and 46th minutes. But if you look at the big picture, everything is much worse. There was one person who decided to give Lyubimov a FIFA category. Who is he? I would like to look him in the eyes. This is not Lyubimov’s problem, but the problem of those who told him that he was a judge. Why do this? You are simply making fun of a person. Lyubimov crosses the field scared. I won’t even say that he didn’t judge for a long time. Because he is a FIFA referee. I come out after a break to judge 8×8, but I’m not afraid and I come out of serious episodes. But Lyubimov does not understand what he does.

Not much needs to be said here. It is enough to take Lyubimov’s FIFA emblem. That is felt, for example, in the VAR. But don’t let me judge. This is torture for both Lyubimov and the teams. Do you want to make sure once again that this is not a judge? Well, we saw the game in Voronezh. If we analyze the game in depth, it is a complete failure of the referee and both teams.

Lyubimov’s score is 8.2. And nothing can be done about it, because there were no key errors. But, like Ivanov, the assessment is misleading.

“False” – “Rostov”

Photo: FC Fakel

“Krylya Sovetov” – “Rubin” – 2:0

Galimov worked better than Lyubimov, but worse than he could. The novel is slow, I did not judge for a long time, the age is already noticeable. We need to include reservations somehow. It’s hard to be over 40, but you have to if you want to work Premier League games.

In the 20th minute, Galimov did not show a yellow card for interrupting a promising attack. A simple episode. And if we look closely, we could even talk about expulsion for depriving an obvious opportunity to score a goal. This is exactly the case in the freeze frame, but the moments cannot be discerned in them. In dynamics, this is a free kick and a yellow card. But the judges gave nothing, neither the first assistant nor Galimov, who was left behind in the episode because he did not read the long pass. He should read it though.

In the 76th minute, Galimov incorrectly showed a yellow card and awarded a free kick. The Wings player rolled and played the ball, and only then did a play collision occur. From those moments goals are scored. And I have a question: why does the department appoint referees like Lyubimov and Galimov for such matches? The season finale is explosive and there is no need to experiment here. If this is done to see whether these referees are necessary or not, then there is no question. Still, neither “Wings” nor “Rubin” take off. The same goes for “Fakel” and “Rostov”. But I still wouldn’t experiment.

Galimov’s score is 8.2.

We compile the best of this round among those who are not judges:

Team of the 24th round of the RPL. Zenit dominates and the competition in attack is unreal!

This round is even in terms of grades, but curved in terms of evaluation. It cannot be said that he has failed in key decisions. It is a matter of specific referees. If you watch the matches in their entirety and carefully, it will become clear that Lyubimov, Galimov and Ivanov worked crookedly and crookedly. The grades are good, but these judges would sit for a long time. That’s why they gave Levnikov and Sukhoi for the VAR. And I understand the teams: there is some truth in their outrage. They are not right about everything: something needs to be explained and shown. But there is a grain of truth in the claims.

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