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Friday, September 29, 2023
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“This is not patriotism, this is madness.” The Russian champion was severely punished for a trip to the United States

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 13:00:31

Ivan Denisov is, without exaggeration, a kettlebell lifting legend. Over the years of performances, the Russian athlete became a world champion 14 times and broke several world records: on the website of the international federation, his portrait has long been hanging in the “elite” section. .

However, numerous titles did not save the athlete from insane punishment at home. In 2016, the national federation unexpectedly disqualified the famous kettlebell lifter for three years… from a trip to the United States.

The organization’s decision outraged even the townspeople.

three year exile

Denisov became a huge star in the 2000s. In 2005, the Russian won the world championship for the first time, and two years later he set a world record in the 32-kilogram kettlebell clean and jerk, having completed 109 lifts in one long cycle. Even then, Ivan began to devote himself to training and soon educated several talented powerlifters. The most famous student of his was Ksenia Dedyukhina, later also a record holder and multiple world and European champion.

Photo source: Ivan Denisov’s social networks

Constant international tours have become routine for Denisov over the years. The athlete regularly traveled abroad not only for major tournaments, but also to participate in trade workshops and shows. The champion received another such invitation in 2015 – the head of the International Kettlebell Lifting Union (IUKL) Yuri Putenov invited Ivan to demonstration competitions in New Jersey. The athlete went to the exhibition tournament, which took place in December, with his student Dedyukhina; in the end, both had to pay for this decision.

Unexpected sanctions caught up with Denisov three months later. For a trip to the USA, the famous weightlifter… was disqualified for three years. The Russian Kettlebell Sports Federation (VFGS) took such harsh action against its main star because he participated in “unauthorized competitions.” For comparison, for the use of doping, the organization removes athletes from sports for two years.

“They decided to erase me from the sport”

Iván announced the outrageous decision of the VFGS itself on their social networks. The athlete explained that he had traveled to the United States “on his own business” and had already accepted an invitation to the tournament there. Denisov explained the harsh sanctions with banal vengeance and the federation’s desire to “repress too independent people”:

Photo source: Ivan Denisov’s social networks

– I ran for the presidency of the All-Russian Kettlebell Federation in September 2015. They decided not just to move me, but to delete me from kettlebell lifting. The pressure began, – quotes the athlete “KP”.

At the same time, the Russian questioned the motivation for the VFGS’s decision. According to Denisov, the American Kettlebell Alliance, which held the tournament in New Jersey, is a member of the International Union on the same terms as the All-Russian Federation, so the organization had no reason to recognize these competitions as “unsanctioned.” . The athlete also referred to the fact that two months after his business trip to the United States, a document came out that required each member of the federation to coordinate trips abroad.

Russian sports fans were outraged by the bizarre decision, leaving many unhappy comments following the news of Denisov’s disqualification. People saw the situation as politically motivated:

Photo source: Ivan Denisov’s social networks

– If these leftist competitions were not held in the US, but in Syria, they would also be awarded. And in the USA they got used to making a stop right away, they were already brutalized by patriotism.

“That is not patriotism. This is crazy.

Is this federation a new serfdom?

– A clear inflection with the suspension! You work hard for the good of your homeland, once you did what you wanted, and not as the officials want, and that’s it – you are an enemy.

Is he your slave? He owes nothing to anyone! Denisov should turn a blind eye to this and break relations with the VFGS.

Nobody wanted to disqualify Iván

Soon after, the national federation itself made statements in response. The head of the organization, Vladimir Shvanev, explained why the measures against Denisov were so harsh:

– Nobody specifically wanted to disqualify Ivan Nikolayevich. The sanctions in the federation’s disciplinary code were adopted a long time ago. This is the second such violation of Denisov. As a member of the national team, he was required to obtain permission to participate in competitions, and he knew this very well, since this issue was raised separately in the training camp in Ireland during the creation of the Weightlifting Academy. Russian,-Chelyabinsk. .ru quotes the words.

Photo source: Ivan Denisov’s social networks

According to Shvanev, Ivan not only violated the VFGS regulations, but also deliberately framed his student Dedyukhina, who was initially threatened with similar sanctions. Later, Ksenia pleaded guilty, and in her case, the disqualification was replaced by another disciplinary measure – a reprimand. The head of the federation offered Denisov to apply to the regional Ministry of Sports, which could file a petition to reduce the athlete’s disqualification.

Whether Ivan managed to get the decision canceled is unknown, but in the end this scandal did not affect his international career. Over the next three years, Denisov still participated in the world championships and won several more titles. A few years later, the athlete finished his career and focused on training: he now runs his own kettlebell academy.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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