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Monday, March 4, 2024
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“This is the political power of Eteri.” What Outsiders Are Saying About the Davis-Smolkin Transition

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:24:00

“This is the political power of Eteri.” What Outsiders Are Saying About the Davis-Smolkin Transition

Valeria Kukaleva June 8, 2023, 13:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

They remember that the dancer Darío Chirizano, who was not released, is not the daughter of Tutberidze.

Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin will play for the Georgia national team; this was officially announced on Monday June 5th. Before this, discussions about the change of citizenship of Russian dancers were just rumors: among the options, in addition to Georgia, the United States and Israel were also named, and the author of many insiders was the American blogger Dave Lees.

Dave has long built a reader base who, like him, do not like Russian figure skating, and personally Eteri Tutberidze. Therefore, even after the transition of his daughter and his partner under a different banner of the social network of foreign lovers, the figures did not remain silent.

What is known about the Davis and Smolkin transition:

Still Georgia. Will Davis and Smolkin be able to apply for a new citizenship in 2023?

“I wonder how much they paid to the Georgian federation.”

On Twitter they assure that the transition of Diana and Gleb would not have occurred if it were not for the influence of Tutberidze.

“If she wasn’t Eteri’s daughter, she would never have been given a release, given that she was at the last Olympic Games,” KostOlympics.

“What a surprise. I guess we can expect the same level of hatred from Russia as when Medvedev left Tutberidze to train in Canada (although she still represented Russia, not like those two)”, – Em_Michaela.

“I knew that Tutberidze’s team would find a way to get their doped skaters to compete. I wonder how much they paid to the Georgian federation. After all, not so long ago, Georgia tried to distance itself from the Russian Federation”, Laurie Cox.

“Of course, Davis and Smolkin are running from the ship. Any skater who can do it will, because even if Russia can come back (please don’t), they will only have one place in each discipline at the World Championships. It is better to find a new federation immediately”, moonkinellsey.

“A great shame for the Georgian federation. But don’t be surprised, this is Eteri’s mini-fan club.” –Elizabeth47392

“It turns out like this: hate Georgia. Sweep”, – Lux4PCA.

“Chirizano is not the daughter of Tutberidze”

They also recalled the case of another Russian dancer, Dario Chirizano, who was not allowed by the FFKKR to go to the Czech Republic for spending too much money on his training.

“And these people didn’t let Cirizano go because they spent too much money on him. Hypocrisy at its peak.” – nisiminose.

“Chirizano is not the daughter of Tutberidze; of course, the rules are different for her”, – TrisanaTandler.

“Because many dignitaries consider Dario very talented and therefore don’t want to let him go (at least that’s what I heard). As for Diana and Gleb, Eteri’s political power probably played a big part in this,” MagiaGelada.

Davis and Smolkin revelations in December 2022:


“I have constant problems entering the United States.” Honest interview with Davis and Smolkin

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