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“Those guilty of the failed arbitration are behind the scenes.” The reason for the scandal in the match “Spartak” – CSKA

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 21:24:08

“Those guilty of the failed arbitration are behind the scenes.” The reason for the scandal in the match “Spartak” – CSKA

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Referee Igor Fedotov drew the fans’ attention that Karasev was refereeing the second match in five days.

Spartak and CSKA played a fiery match. But after the match, talk about the scandalous refereeing of Sergey Karasev’s brigade does not subside. The referee made several controversial decisions.

Analysis of the scandalous arbitration in the derby:

“There was no penalty or expulsion.” Scandalous arbitration in the match between Spartak and CSKA

Football referee Igor Fedotov believes that Karasev failed in an important match. But he immediately reminded me that a few days ago one of the best referees in Russia worked in the cup match. After that, Sergei was waiting for a long way home.

“Karasev really swam,” says Fedotov. -But let’s see the reasons, after all, he is one of our best referees. Karasev worked in Krasnodar for a week, in the Russian Cup match. The game “Krasnodar” and “Ural” worked well. What follows is a long and difficult road home. Most likely, he arrived in Moscow only on Thursday evening. And on Sunday, again the most difficult match, the main derby.

May 17 Sergey Karasev worked on the cup match in Krasnodar

Photo: RIA Novosti

Fedotov pointed out that Karasev had the help of the side referees. After the break, the referee sat down and transferred part of his powers to the assistants.

“I can imagine the state of Karasev – this is great fatigue,” continues Fedotov. – At such times, the judges may ask the assistants to help more actively. So did Karasev, right in the second half, when he sat down. He delegated some of his powers to assistants, for example, fixing fouls. This was clearly visible at the moment of Sobolev’s struggle with the defender on the edge of the penalty area. Then everyone thought that there was a whistle, because the winger, Cheltsov, was waving the flag. So after that, Karasev stuffed the assistant with him, because it was a normal fight. So he also trusted his assistants, who invented something, and he himself was completely tired and swam. It was already impossible for him to return to such a game.

Why Karasev canceled out Spartak’s goal in the first half:

“The main question is: where did the referee see the offside?” Analysis of the disallowed goal against Spartak in the derby

According to Fedotov, Karasev cannot be considered the main culprit of the failed arbitration. The expert does not understand what the people from the arbitration department were thinking when they appointed Sergey for the second match in five days.

“So, no one takes the responsibility away from the main referee. But what were the people in the refereeing department thinking when they nominated Karasev for the second match in five days? I couldn’t get them out! It turns out that Karasev failed the game, but the main culprits of the failed arbitration remained behind the scenes. And they will get nothing for this failure.”

Online matches of day 28 of the RPL:


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