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To become a decisive person: 5 tips, a step-by-step plan, exercises from a psychologist

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 09:27:45

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What to wear to work? What sport to do? Is it worth taking out a mortgage? What to eat for breakfast? In which companies to invest?

All these are questions that constantly demand answers from us. We make decisions all the time: simple and complex, conscious and unconscious, pleasant and unpleasant. And our happiness, success, and in general our whole life depends on how quickly and efficiently we do this.

How to make a decision quickly? Why doesn’t everyone get it? Can you pump a person’s determination? Let’s discuss this topic and describe an action plan.

When is decision needed?

The answer is always. Decision is a quality of character, without which it is almost impossible to exist in our world. There is too much information and opportunities, and too little time and energy. There is only one way out – to cultivate determination in yourself and learn to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When we face difficult situations or problems, determination helps us overcome all challenges and achieve our goals.

Most people tend to doubt, choose, weigh the pros and cons for a long time. Therefore, when they see courage and determination in a person, they immediately perceive him as a leader. There is confidence, universal disposition and sympathy. Even if your decisions are not the most correct, people will follow you.

However, it is very important not to confuse decision with recklessness. The difference is that in the first case, a person has willpower and is not afraid to take responsibility for his actions. A reckless person will just do something randomly without being responsible for the consequences.

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What promotes the decision?

There are several factors that can affect our ability to make quick decisions:

Self-confidence. When we believe in ourselves, we trust ourselves, we make easier and faster decisions.Experience. Most of the time, the more a person has, the easier it is for them to make decisions. Experience helps us build on the past and apply it to new situations.Analysis capacity. Good logical thinking allows you to quickly analyze information and make informed decisions.emotional intellect. The ability to understand and control our emotions helps us make decisions in difficult situations where feelings are involved.Ability to take risks. It is important to be prepared for the possibility of accepting the unknown. When we are afraid of taking risks, this can sometimes slow our actions down a lot and make it difficult to make decisions.

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How to make decisions quickly? 5 tips

The answer is obvious – for this you need to start pumping those factors that affect this ability.

1. Build your confidence

This is necessary in order not to hesitate in making decisions. Remember, mistakes are part of the process. They help us learn and grow.

To do?

There is a cool psychological exercise, which I call “If there was no happiness, but misfortune helped.” Remember and write down those moments in life when you messed up and did something wrong, but in the end it turned out even better than you could imagine.

I will give you an example. Let’s say you wanted to buy an apartment, but you didn’t have enough money. You were upset, you blamed yourself and you considered it a failure. However, after a while, a more profitable option suddenly appeared – in the best area for less cost.

With this exercise, you can turn your disadvantages into advantages. And self-confidence, and therefore, determination will be greater.

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2. Gain experience

All areas are important: work, relationships, self-development.

To do?

Accept for yourself the installation that there can be no bad decisions in life. Each one is correct. You simply couldn’t do otherwise, given the knowledge, skills, and circumstances that are relevant at the moment. Treat every decision you make as a new experience.

There is an interesting psychological exercise that I call “My Cinema”. Imagine that you are the hero of your own movie. And every choice is just a plot twist. If suddenly something goes wrong because of your decision, think about how your character would deal with these difficulties. Take responsibility and take action.

3. Improve your analytical skills

Learn to process information quickly and weigh all aspects of a problem or situation.

To do?

Start simple: solve puzzles, crosswords, math problems, read books, complete quests. Gradually move on to something more complex: analyze the cause and effect relationships of the events that occur in your life. Study your personal experience and the lives of famous people, analyze successes and failures.

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Starting from psychological exercises, I can offer you to take any difficult and confusing situation in your life and try to understand why it was given to you, what experience and lessons you can learn from it, how you will act next time.

Then you will understand that everything that happens helps you grow and become stronger. With this awareness, decision-making will be much easier.

4. Develop emotional intelligence

Often we can’t make decisions, not because we’re actually incapable of doing so. Rising emotions interfere.

We can be scared, sad. Sometimes we are angry, sometimes we are very happy, we feel euphoria. And oddly enough, all these feelings and states, when they “cover their heads”, can interfere with our determination.

To do?

Keep an emotions journal. Write down how you feel and how it affects your resolution.

You will be surprised when you find out that you cannot choose sneakers simply because you are hungry right now. It will also come as a surprise to realize that it is not possible to make a decision on dismissal due to thoughts about a quarrel with a loved one.

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5. Be willing to take risks

When we first embark on the path of determination, every decision can feel like a risk to us. We can exaggerate the importance of even the smallest daily decisions, like choosing food or going to work.

To do?

Try this psychological exercise: play decisively. Wake up in the morning with a clear mindset. Imagine that today you are a determined person. Do you remember the movie Always say yes? There, the hero of Jim Carrey agreed to all the proposals and requests that he received. Then you will have something like that, just by making your own decisions.

Plan for the “decisive day”:

household decisions (those not related to your work, relationships or safety) take a few seconds; for each more difficult decision, give yourself a maximum of 5-10 minutes (also, you can set a timer); do not allow doubts; do not allow yourself to lose your moral strength by thinking about what you have already decided. Get out of your head thoughts like “What if I did it wrong?”, “Suddenly it was necessary in another way?”.

Analyze at the end of the day how much you enjoyed being a decisive person. Most likely, it will look unusual. You may even experience stress, but you will enjoy it.

At the end of the day, you will feel a surge of vigor and strength, because a huge amount of energy that was previously spent on unnecessary experiences will be released. You will definitely want to repeat this day. Or even spend the rest of your life like this.

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5 steps to become a determined person

Step 1. Define your goals and priorities. Clearly define what you want to achieve in this situation. This will help you narrow your focus and not be distracted by other tasks.

Step 2 Gather the necessary information. One of the reasons for slow decision-making is a lack of information. Gather the data you need to make an informed decision. Just don’t overdo it. Let the time spent collecting information be proportional to the result you want to get. Remember that buying yogurt in a store, a few days trip to a country house and buying an apartment are decisions at different levels and the efforts here cannot be the same.

Step 3. Analyze and weigh your options. Consider several alternatives, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, risks and opportunities. Try to imagine yourself in each of the possible scenarios, live and feel each of the options. And evaluate which decisions can lead to the best results.

Step 4: Trust your intuition. It plays an important role in decision making. If you have a gut feeling or hunch about a certain option, listen up. Intuition is the result of our unconscious knowledge and experience, so it can provide valuable clues.

Step 5. Make a decision and act. Do not throw away. Often this only makes things worse. Make a decision, even if it’s not perfect, and move on.

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