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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Tragedy in Kazakhstan. Hand-to-hand combat champion dies in strange circumstances

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 01:46:33

Tragedy in Kazakhstan. Hand-to-hand combat champion dies in strange circumstances

Alexander Frolov July 5, 2023, 13:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Valeria Shalnova was only 21 years old.

Tragic news came from Kazakhstan. Valeria Shalnova, 21, known for her many victories in hand-to-hand combat, died under unclear circumstances. The body of a young athlete was found in a water intake channel. The policemen who arrived found no signs of violent death. According to the preliminary version of the investigation, Shalnova died voluntarily.

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“The call was attended by an investigative-operative group. The body of a 21-year-old girl was found with no signs of violent death. This fact is registered in the EU ERDR of the city of Aktau under article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Incitement to suicide”. No other information is disclosed in the interest of the investigation,” Lada.kz reports with reference to the police department.

But the champion’s family and friends do not believe that she could have decided to commit suicide. Karolina, the sister of the deceased, assures that Valeria was murdered and more than that, the suspect declares to the police.

“We believe that Leroux was murdered by her boyfriend, with whom she had a relationship of more than two years. Previously there were cases of aggression. During the investigation, she confessed to her deed and later retracted her words. Her phone was not at the scene of the incident, nor was it near her, her cell phone was found on it. She wrote us a fake suicide message. An autopsy showed that Lera’s death occurred at five in the morning, while a message from her number was sent to us at six in the morning, ”Lada.kz quotes Carolina.

Hopefully, the police will carry out a thorough check and find the culprit, if there really is one. The only pity is that no investigative actions will be able to bring a young and talented athlete back to life. A very sad story.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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