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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Train, save the MMA union and ride a motorcycle. Fedor Emelianenko happy in retirement

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 07:29:30

Train, save the MMA union and ride a motorcycle. Fedor Emelianenko happy in retirement

Igor Nekrasov August 4, 2023, 20:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

And the Last Emperor built a temple with his own money.

In February 2023, legendary Russian mixed martial arts fighter Fedor Emelianenko had his last fight of his career. At the age of 46, in his last fight, he fought for the title of one of the strongest leagues in the world: Bellator. Unfortunately, Fedor couldn’t leave on a positive note, in a rematch he too lost to the young Ryan Bader, but the Last Emperor’s career didn’t get any less fantastic from this.

Emelianenko was already ending his career in 2012, but after three years of absence he returned to fighting. Apparently, he didn’t leave everything he wanted in the cage, the fire inside hadn’t gone out by that time. Yes, this can be treated in another way, and many criticize Fedor for not leaving on time. But this is his choice. By the way, after returning, Emelianenko lost only three times: to Matt Mitrione and twice to Ryan Bader.

What is the Last Emperor doing now?

Now Fedor has finally been associated with MMA. And many say that Emelianenko even became emotionally different. As if the Last Emperor really threw a soul stone at him and now he continues to do what he loves: fight, but not as a fighter.

Fedor still prepares his wards for battles, goes through training camps with them and at the same time does not give himself any luxury, but works on equal terms with everyone. More recently, a photo of Emelianenko’s current form appeared on the net, and I must say that he is in perfect condition.

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46-year-old Fedor Emelianenko showed the current physical form

If Fedor stopped fighting in MMA, then he did not refuse boxing fights. There were even very specific talks about the Roy Jones fight, but no deals have been signed as of yet. So, it is quite likely that we will still see Fedor in the ring.

Meanwhile, Fedor has enough to do without him. In addition to the already mentioned training camps and processes in which Emelianenko is actively involved, there is also the Russian MMA Union, which has been in trouble lately. Recall that in June, due to the tragic death of a 16-year-old wrestler at one of the mixed-style wrestling tournaments in the Amur region, the organization was deprived of accreditation for three months. Of course, Fedor, being the president of the organization, is very involved in solving this problem, and this also takes a lot of time.

On the situation with the Russian MMA Union:

MMA union punished for the death of a schoolboy. Fedor Emelianenko is already taking action

At the same time, the lack of competitive activity allows Fedor to spend more time with his family, pay attention to loved ones, which Emelianenko was completely unable to do when he was a professional athlete. Constant training camps, training sessions, tournaments – all this took a lot of time and effort, Emelianenko himself spoke about this with regret more than once. Now everything is different.

Vitaly Bigdash, Fedor Emelianenko and Denis Tyulyulin


It is interesting that Emelianenko began to devote more time to himself. Leisure, hobby. On his social network account, Fedor posted a photo in which he appears sitting on a new motorcycle that was presented to him.

Quite an interesting hobby, even somewhat unusual, given the very modest nature of Fedor. We can only rejoice that after the end of his career, Emelianenko began to think more about himself.

But Fyodor’s brother doesn’t want to finish his degree yet:

Will Emelianenko not fight again? Where is Alexander and what is happening to him?

Of course, the Last Emperor doesn’t just train and have fun. So, according to his brother Ivan Emelianenko, Fedor built a temple with his own money not far from Stary Oskol, where he and his team members often go. And, of course, ordinary citizens.

It seems that Fedor is not bored at all in the retreat. It seems that even if he does return to the ring for a high-profile boxing match, it will be a one-time promotion. Emelianenko is satisfied with his life in retirement and looks absolutely happy.

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