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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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“Triumph” and “failure.” So different results from the Russians in the fourth round of “RG”

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:30:34

Probably the most difficult Grand Slam tournament has ended for almost all Russian representatives. At the round of 16 stage, three people left the competition at once: Anastasia Potapova, Daniil Medvedev and Elina Avanesyan. The last two gave way due to physical discomfort. The fifth racket in the world was traditionally tormented by calluses on her foot, but Elina, according to her, was simply exhausted: the girl only had enough for the first set.

The only Russian player who went further was Mirra Andreeva.

Callus and lack of solutions: Medvedev misses the quarterfinals on the Parisian clay

Daniil Medvedev’s torment lasted 2 hours and 49 minutes: when De Minaur broke the Russian for the seventh time in the match (in 14 attempts), everything became clear. The Australian dominated throughout the match and racked up 51 match wins to Daniil’s 27. At first, changing the pace and duration of his punches, Medvedev gave the Australian no rhythm. The unforced ones also helped, of which Alex accumulated up to 19 in the first set alone. He began to act more aggressively in the second game and took the initiative after the Russian was medically timed out mid-set due to calluses on his foot.

Although, according to Daniel, that was not the deciding factor.

“The leg is not at all. The callus started to hurt a little, which means it could split open and then it would be bad. So the callus didn’t bother me at all.

I’m happy with my serve: I worked well, I feel like – I’ll have to look at the statistics – I served well, I received well. If he had served the same way on a hard court, it would have been more difficult for him, the match would have been different.

The conditions were different, the roof was more important, today there was none. She changes the rebound, the pace of the game, maybe it suits her better. But there wasn’t a big difference. My feeling: I didn’t play badly. But when at some point you stop finding solutions and your opponent has an answer for everything, you try to look for something else, maybe even something that doesn’t suit you. In a moment you return to the old; You think: I’ll keep doing the same thing, and suddenly you get tired. In the end nothing worked.”

Daniil Medvedev in Paris

Photo: Eurasia Sports Images/Getty Images

This is Alex’s best performance on Parisian clay: in seven years he has never made it past the second round in France. And he was once in the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam tournament: at the US Open in 2020. And now, at this stage, he is waiting for the winner of the pair Alexander Zverev and Holger Rune.

“De Minaur was a little surprised. He surprised me by not being in a hurry, playing with restraint, clarity and coherence. Playing defense, which normally brings Daniil success, didn’t work very well today. De Minaur usually plays more actively, closer to the court; here he retreated a little and played with a lot of restraint, ”said Andrei Olkhovsky in an interview with the Championship.

“Today was the day that Alex de Minaur triumphed in almost everything on the court. After the first set lost, he was first able to impose the fight and then take the initiative and lead the match to victory. Regarding the early departures of Russian tennis players from Roland Garros, I don’t see any point in generalizing the performances of different players. Each one has its own story and its own results,” said Alexey Selivanenko, vice president of the RCE.

“It was like a beating for a Russian! Be careful with the Australian racket in the French tournament,” wrote TV Azteca Deportes.

“Medvedev certainly could have performed better at Roland Garros, based on the opponents who stood in his way. De Minaur was supposed to happen, but I don’t know what happened. A disappointing loss, but what happened happened. This tournament turned out to be a standard for Daniil. This is not to say that it is a good performance. I think he himself understands and will say so,” Kafelnikov said in a conversation with a “Championship” correspondent.

Avanesyan was not enough in physics.

One of those eliminated was the Russian Elina Avanesyan. She lost to the Italian in the fourth round of Roland Garros, although she dictated the match at the beginning of the match by 6: 4, 0: 6, 1: 6.

He explained his defeat by fatigue.

“I’m really happy with what I showed. I left the court devastated and did everything I could. He played the first set very well. It seems to me that he left all his strength there. But Yasmine also had a great game. She was also very much hoping for a sequel. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. He was tired after the first set, it really seemed like I put all my strength into it. And Yasmine became much more active, much stronger. After 0-6 in the second match, she only had one goal: to show everything I have right now. Run there until I get tired, until I fall. Lay it all out. And I did it, so I’m happy with this day. With 5:2 in the first set I couldn’t serve for the set because I got nervous. I was really tired at that time. But I tried to keep pushing myself mentally. Nobody knows or will know, unfortunately, [как было бы, если бы удалось подать на сет при 5:2], but I still think I played the game well. Even though the result is the same, this year I played much better. Even the result shows it: the matches were easier, I had more confidence, the level of play was higher,” Avanesyan said at a press conference.

“It is not the most successful Grand Slam tournament for the Russians. Before the start of the tournament, few imagined that none of the boys would even make it to the top eight. There were more optimistic expectations. But sport is sport. The tournaments don’t end there. The guys are playing well, so there will be results,” said Olkhovsky in conversation with the “Championship” correspondent.

17-year-old Milagro is the only Russian woman in RG

Mirra Andreeva also shows a higher level compared to last season: the only Russian woman at this stage surpassed the local and once Russian Varvara Gracheva. The newly crowned Frenchwoman was naturally led to victory by the stands: she had already sung “La Marseillaise” with them, and in the round of 16 match those same stands regularly shouted “Varvara, Varvara.” What Mirra was prepared and adapted for.

After the victory, Andreeva for the first time will enter the top 30 of the WTA, and if she goes further, she will generally approach the top twenty. Victory in the tournament will ensure the jump to the top 15. But to do so, we must first defeat Aryna Sabalenka in the quarterfinals, who, after two lost finals in Madrid and Rome, seems to be ready for revenge.

“Of course, this is the first of many [четвертьфиналов ТБШ]. Incredible match point! On Wednesday she will face Aryna Sabalenka in the rematch for the Madrid quarterfinals,” wrote journalist José Morgado.

“Mirra Andreeva’s mental evolution throughout the year is amazing. She no longer allows her emotions to get the better of her. Even when Varvara Gracheva tried to return and wake up the public, she said nothing,” wrote journalist and blogger Benjot Mailin.

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