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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Trusova’s adventures in Mexico. She skated “Cruella”, won over the children and became friends with the dog.

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:13:38

The beginning of autumn for Alexandra Trusova turned out to be hot! From September 6 to 10, she gave master classes in distant Mexico, in addition to presenting her biography, meeting with fans and presenting Cruella’s Olympic program. She worked very hard and was constantly in the spotlight.

Everyone understood that a true legend of the sport had arrived, which is why they wanted to organize a reception worthy of the Queen of the Quads. Sasha even got the chance to walk the red carpet in Mexico! And at the gala evening, the audience accompanied her performance with frantic shouts of joy.

It seems that foreign adventures were a success for the Russian rocket. This trip also reminded me that its popularity is truly global.

Students from other countries came to Mexico to follow Trusova

You can spend a great vacation in sunny Mexico, but Alexandra Trusova went there to work. From September 6 to 10, a visit with master classes was planned to the city of Juriquilla in the state of Querétaro, almost an entire week to share experiences with local skaters and visitors from other countries. Yes Yes! Athletes from the United States, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina came especially to Mexico to train with Sasha. This was reported by the publication “Sport Press”.

Among Sasha’s wards, children predominated, but there were also adult skaters. Both were very happy: there were many positive reviews and thanks to the Russian rocket on social networks. Some admit that meeting her was the fulfillment of her dreams and served as an inspiration for them.

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: t.me/queen_sasha_trusova

The famous single skater truly showed herself to be a mentor: she worked tirelessly with her students both on the ice and in the gym, and all in the most positive environment possible. If she wants to, she will surely be able to build an excellent career as a coach and form her own champions. In addition, she Sasha loves children very much and clearly enjoys working with them.

The language barrier was not an obstacle to holding fruitful master classes. They had a translator, although the Russian rocket communicated with the boys without problems using gestures and quickly learned words in Spanish.

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexandra Trusova.

“Everyone is wondering: how do I communicate with the kids here? I have a translator, Anastasia, she speaks Spanish to them. I already know some words in Spanish and I explain them with gestures. Everyone understands me, everyone listens to me. Well, I taught them a little Russian,” Trusova said with a smile in a video on her Telegram channel.

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Trusova conveyed a message to athletes around the world

The attention on Sasha in Mexico was focused not only on the skating rink, but also off it. She barely managed to cover the 30-hour trip before going to give an interview on local television. At the airport I also had to answer questions from arriving journalists and take photos with fans. For her sake, the Mexicans prepared a sign in Russian: “Welcome to Mexico.” With such a warm welcome, the fatigue of the long flight immediately took a backseat.

In the television studio, Sasha said she was happy to be in Mexico and happy to share her figure skating experience. She also conveyed a personal message to athletes around the world: “Believe in yourself, with a little perseverance you can achieve what you want.”

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: t.me/team_trusova_official

The urgent question of continuing a career was also discussed. The girl did not lie and explained that now she wants to focus on performing in ice shows and teaching master classes.

Together with Sasha, another figure skater came to television: multiple Mexican champion Marisol Paiz, who, after retiring from the sport, became a figure skating columnist. It was she who invited the Russian rocket to her homeland.

Marisol Paiz and Alexandra Trusova

Photo: From the personal archive of Marisol Paiz.

“Tickets for the seminar were sold out in 30 hours. I had to ask for more spaces. I still get messages from people asking if they can sign up. It was crazy, but we expected it. Sasha has fans all over the world. People are very excited and I am also very excited because I am also a fan. I’m a big fan of yours! “You saw me at the Olympic Games,” Paiz shared on Claro Sports.

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To whom and what does Trusova owe? Let’s not demand from figure skaters what we expect of them.

Diva on the red carpet and the rental of the Olympic “Cruella”

An important event in Mexico was the presentation of Sasha’s biography. The book, which was published in Russia in 2020, was released in a special edition in Spanish. For fans of the girl in Mexico, this is an amazing gift!

Curiously, the athlete hinted at a sequel in the future. He did not give exact dates, but made it clear that he felt the need to talk about the continuation of his sporting career, because the narrative of the book refers mainly to his youthful stage and very few to his early years. adulthood.

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: editalfil.com

Sasha also dedicated one of her days in Mexico to an organized meeting with fans. To get to it you had to buy a ticket. Everything is sold out! The opportunity to get an autograph and take a photo with the prominent figure skater made many fans happy. And not only people, but also our younger brothers. At the autograph session, Sasha met a very cute dog and he instantly won her over. The purebred dog even gave the Russian rocket a high-five with his paw!

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexandra Trusova.

However, the most striking role of the event, of course, was the gala show, where Sasha performed her free Olympic program. Before that, she walked the red carpet in an elegant yellow suit, like a Hollywood diva.

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: Lakeside Icepark

While the audience eagerly awaited Sasha’s appearance on the ice, she watched with emotion the moving performances of the little ones and sent them messages of support.

Sasha herself certainly did not need secret support behind the scenes: the stands let out a frantic and enthusiastic shout as soon as her departure was announced. It looked like they would drown out the music and the Quad Queen would have to skate while the crowd cheered. But when the first notes of the soundtrack to the movie “Cruella” began, people held their breath in anticipation of the enchanting performance. Then, according to tradition, they squealed at Sasha’s jumps and her space flight.

He jumped three times: he did two triple lutzes and a double axel. The last one is in the second half. I landed everything, although I slightly blurred the exit on the shaft. But given the very dark lighting of the skating rink, this is not surprising. Driving in the dark is risky without jumping. But Sasha wouldn’t be Sasha without them.

For her performance in Mexico, she wore the same Olympic outfit: a laconic but very elegant black dress. After the final pose, the audience once again deafened Sasha with screams and applause. In just three minutes, she gave people incredible emotions that they will keep in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps this popular love is Sasha’s main reward. She deserved it with her courage, progress, talent and no title or medal can eclipse it.

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