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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Tutberidze’s students refused to fight in the race. But there is still a winner.

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:37:05

For the second consecutive year, figure skaters are part of Athletics Week. Last year, Alexandra Trusova tried herself in the long jump, and quite successfully. The figure skater showed a result of 4.19 m, completing the second youth category. This year, four Tutberidze students were invited to show their skills at once: Sofya Akatieva, Kamila Valieva, Alina Zagitova and Adelia Petrosyan. The girls were supposed to compete with each other in the 60 m race, however, the skaters decided to abandon the sports component.

But the winner between them was still revealed!

Akatieva won by chance

Trying new sports is one of the top trends among figure skaters for the second year in a row. They love new challenges and readily respond to almost any experiment. It is therefore not surprising that a separate race was organized for them as part of Athletics Week. Besides them, only football players received such an honor. Four Tutberidze students became participants in this challenge: Akatieva, Valieva, Zagitova and Petrosyan. It was very interesting which of the girls will run 60 meters faster.

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A large number of people gathered to watch this spectacle. Nikolskaya acquired the appearance of her during the World Cup. Fans of figure skaters came with flags, banners, and bouquets of flowers. Meeting their idol for them is a joy under any circumstances. Imagine, the girls were in sight for no more than five minutes, the race itself lasted 20 seconds, but people took the time to come to support their favorites. All this once again proves the great popularity of women’s single skating.

Nikolskaya street during the race

Photo: RIA Novosti

Of course, the competitive moment also had an influence. The skaters were supposed to really compete in running, so the fans could not help but support their favorites, and before the race intrigue reigned among the public. But it soon dissipated. From the first seconds, the skaters made it clear that they were not going to compete, moving in the same rhythm, and before the finish line they stopped and crossed it at the same time. In general, friendship won! After the race, Valieva and Zagitova began receiving gifts from their fans, while the presenter congratulated Petrosyan on his birthday with a cake. The skaters then withdrew, choosing not to speak to the media.

And then it turned out that the trick of Tutberidze’s students did not work! Even though the girls participated in the race, it is still a sporting event and there can be no winner. Therefore, the organizers nevertheless summarized the results and determined the victor. Sofya Akatieva became the winner, who accidentally crossed the finish line before her rivals. The second was Kamila Valieva, the third was Alina Zagitova, and the fourth was Adelia Petrosyan.

Here are the full results with seconds:

1st place: Sofya Akatieva – 19.44. 2nd place: Kamila Valieva – 19.56. 3rd place: Alina Zagitova – 19.66. 4th place: Adelia Petrosyan – 19.85.

But, of course, this does not negate the fact that a full-fledged competition did not take place, and we will not know which of Tutberidze’s students is the best runner. The skaters have deprived us of a spectacular matchup, and it’s a shame.

Sofia Akatieva and Kamila Valieva

Yagudin showed better results than Tutberidze’s students

But which of the skaters honestly competed was Alexei Yagudin – he became part of the career of sports stars. The opponents of the Olympic champion were chess player Sergey Karyakin, power sports athlete Mikhail Koklyaev and high jumper Javier Sotomayor. Unfortunately, Yagudin was unable to fight for victory, “his time has passed,” he admitted to reporters. The figure skater was only third, losing to Karyakin and Koklyaev.

Sergey Karyakin, Mikhail Koklyaev, Javier Sotomayor and Alexei Yagudin take part in the race

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Here are the full results:

1st place: Sergey Karyakin – 8.94. 2nd place: Mikhail Koklyaev – 10.52. 3rd place: Alexei Yagudin – 11.40. 4th place: Javier Sotomayor – 11.92.

“After a second or two, I thought something might happen, but at some point these people next to me came forward and I realized that my time was up, whether it was athletics, figure skating, etc. Therefore, already having that experience – the next day after 100 meters it was difficult to get out of bed – I learned from my mistakes and realized that no matter how I started, I still would not win. And another chess player told me: “What a great meal I had today! Alexey, tell us where the goal is, how are we going to start? What am I doing here? Literally in two seconds, he came forward, and I realized: Lyosha, that’s it! They taught me to take off my rose-colored glasses, I took them off.

If Usain Bolt trained me, would the result be better? Hmm yes. Due to the fact that I have a titanium thigh, the bolt will never be superfluous, ”Yagudin said in an interview with reporters.

It is worth noting that even with a titanium hip, Alexei showed better results than our skaters. Yagudin ran 60 meters almost twice as fast as Tutberidze’s students. And it’s impressive!

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