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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Two powerful comebacks at the same time in the Euro Cup! The efforts of the “skufs in the attack” of Croatia were not enough. Video

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 18:16:15

The Croatian team was one of the main disappointments of the first round of Euro 2024. Three goals conceded by Spain in 45 minutes almost ruined the chances of Zlatko Dalic’s team to get back into the match. And the missed penalty seemed to confirm all the age problems of the team, which never had a generational replacement.

The Albanians also left a mixed impression. Yes, they scored a quick goal against Italy (the fastest in European Championship history!), quickly conceded twice, and then strange things started happening. Some couldn’t score a second, while others didn’t really want a third. And so the game reached the final whistle. But it was Albania that came in third place before the next round. And she definitely wasn’t considered a desperate outsider.

Dalic made almost no changes from the previous meeting. Yes, Ivan Perisic started. And at the center of the attack was Bruno Petkovic instead of Ante Budimir. The first minutes formed the expected scenario of the match: the Croatians rolled the ball long and monotonously against a low block, and their rival counted on sudden advances. There is nothing unexpected: in such a group, the Albanians will play exactly this style with each opponent.

In the first 10 minutes, the Croatians only got a penalty and a corner. Otherwise, we moved the ball between the center backs and the Marcelo Brozovic – Luka Modric pair. Nothing dangerous at all. The Albanians were waiting for an opportunity. And they used the first one! In a quick exit, they pushed almost the entire defensive line towards the center, the ball ended up with Yasser Asani on the flank, and he carefully crossed it towards the center. There, Kazim Lyaci, with virtually no resistance, shot close under the arm of Dominik Livakovic.

The full broadcast of the Euro 2024 match and highlights are available on Okko.

It is curious that in a couple of minutes the Albanians could follow the path of Spain. Nedim Bajrami flew into the box from the flank and fired a shot that bounced off the nearest man. Almost unfortunate: the ball flew close to the crossbar.

It seemed that these were precisely the signs that should wake up the Croats. It was time to start this euro for ourselves. However, it didn’t work. Yes, it is difficult to attack when, as a rule, the entire team is behind the ball line, but it is a matter of rhythm. Dalic’s team simply didn’t have it. Almost all the players walked and only occasionally accelerated along the flanks under the canopies. In the center, Petkovic had a hard time dealing with tall defenders, so passes into the box led to nothing.

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In the 32nd minute, Krestyan Aslani could have sent Croatia home before the third round. Another abrupt exit and the Albanian was left alone against Livakovic, but the goalkeeper kept hope for the team. Admittedly, I didn’t really convey this to my partners. Until the end of the half, the formal hosts did not make a single shot on goal.

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At half-time, Dalic brought on Luka Sučić and Mario Pasalic in the hope of regaining the rhythm. But nothing has changed. Except there are more crosses into the penalty area. This increased the number of shots, but did not even add hits to the target. Albania blocked everything, bought time and seemed confident. It is true that the counterattacks have disappeared. They no longer counted on them after the break.

At some point, even Okko commentator Vladimir Stognienko got tired of seeing all this. “Skufs on the attack,” was how he described what was happening in the attack on Croatia. In the 69th minute, Dalic finally replaced Petkovic, who was clearly tired of fighting for passes, and released Budimir. A solution that helped a lot. While Albanian goalkeeper Strakosha was waiting for another cross, the Croats unexpectedly launched the ball low. Mateo Kovacic passed the ball to Budimir and, instead of shooting from the penalty line, he made a fine pass to Andrej Kramaric, who from an advantageous position made the perfect decision and sent the ball into the near corner.

The full broadcast of the Euro 2024 match and highlights are available on Okko.

In the next attack they were able to score the second, but Pasalic got tangled in his own legs. However, a minute later there was still a goal. Again Budimir did a great job on the wing and crossed towards the center. Sucic shot there, hit a player and then the rebound resulted in an own goal. Then Croatia got back into the game.

The full broadcast of the Euro 2024 match and highlights are available on Okko.

At that moment, it seemed to everyone that Dalic’s team would hold out. The Albanians were no longer advancing, but that was an illusion: they were simply waiting for an opportunity. True, the Croats could have finished everything earlier, but it didn’t work out. And in the 90+5 minute the reverse comeback occurred. Bajrami crossed from the flank to the center, the ball bounced to Klaus Gyasuly, who put it in the corner.

The full broadcast of the Euro 2024 match and highlights are available on Okko.

In the end, no one had any strength left, but in some hoops the teams went on the attack, without noticing the center of the field. However, there were no more goals. The result was a draw, which significantly reduced the Croatians’ chances of reaching the playoffs. In the last round it is necessary to defeat Italy and hope to be second or not to be one of the two worst teams from third place, but it will be difficult, the difference is now “-3”. Albania will play against Spain. And there you can expect surprises.

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