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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Two terrible mistakes sentenced CSKA. Dynamo is already in the top three!

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 11:03:58

Two terrible mistakes sentenced CSKA. Dynamo is already in the top three!

Dmitry Zimin August 19, 2023, 17:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Nababkin and Zabolotny will remember this match for a long time.

Dynamo and CSKA are almost the hottest matchup this summer. At the training ground, the teams met twice within the framework of the “fraternal” derby, and the official match was held already on the 5th day. Vladimir Fedotov’s team started the season a little more confident and if it weren’t for the ugly defeat in Ural, they would definitely be on top now. Everything is a little more complicated for Marcel Lichka and his players – they continue to get used to the requirements of the new coach, but at the same time they are gradually gaining points. Also, in the last two matches Dynamo won, first Zenit and then Baltika.

However, little preference was still given to CSKA. Even despite the absence of Igor Akinfeev at the gate. He continues to heal from the injury, but should be ready soon. He was again replaced by Vladislav Torop. And quite successfully. The guests are very much included in the game from the first minute. The opponent obviously did not expect such activity. However, it was the Dynamo team that created the first moment: after the rebound, the ball bounced under Makarov’s right foot, but he struck higher from a lethal position. In the second half he will repeat this action. It’s clearly not the best game for a midfielder.

But then, and almost at the end of the half, it was the turn of the CSKA players. First, Zdelar cut off the pass to the flank, where Glebov joined the attack. He rolled the ball under Mukhin’s punch, which Shunin handled. And the ball bounced to Zabolotny, and the striker rehabilitated himself for all the mistakes of recent times.

After that, a temporary rampage began in the field. Dynamo tried to run forward, but he was absolutely unscrupulous. The army defense center seemed very reliable. Kirill Nababkin’s cold-blooded actions were especially impressive. The guests were preparing for a new assault on the gates. And new moments arrived in half the time.

First, Zdelar took a good look at Shunin, who was far from the gate, and struck from his own half of the field. So accurate that Anton urgently had to step back and get the ball under the crossbar. Soon Nababkin himself was able to score, who, after Roshi’s discount, missed the goal. The CSKA players looked fresher, their actions ahead were significant, and in the first half they completely outplayed the opponent. It seemed that Dynamo was simply not ready for such a level of resistance. But after the break, everything changed.

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Lichka came out of the locker room smiling. It didn’t seem like he was stressed at all. During the break, the coach made only one substitution: together with Immortal, Dasa came out on the flank of the defense. Few understood this movement. But the game has really changed. Perhaps thanks to a quick goal, partly accidental.

At the beginning of the half, Nababkin awkwardly tried to continue the pass to Torop under pressure from Tyukavin. And he was wrong. Ngamalyo was the first to have the ball and calmly beat the goalkeeper.

Dynamo’s quick goal had a clear impact on CSKA. Gone was inner confidence and a sense of superiority. The game structure has drastically lost its usual efficiency. And the owners seemed to be waiting for this. And they gladly took the initiative themselves.

15 minutes have passed since the beginning of the half, and the Dynamo team created a couple more great chances: at first, Tyukavin shook Nababkin himself and shot near the post. Soon Smolov fired a great shot at Makarov from the edge of the penalty area. But again, not the same leg. And higher again.

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Dynamo pressed and a goal was suggested. And in the 83rd minute it happened. Skopintsev after a corner entered the penalty area and struck in the direction of the gate. But the trajectory of the ball was impeded by Zabolotny. Or rather, his hand. Forward, not in the best way, he rushed under the blow and forgot about the exposed hand. 100% penalty, which Smolov converted.

Fedotov threw Gaich and Fayzullaev into the game, but Dynamo ultimately created more chances. Simply because the opponent was no longer thinking about defense, making one mistake after another. So CSKA was even lucky to lose with a minimum score.

And Dynamo has the third victory in a row. Already 10 points, now they are higher in the table than CSKA. Fedotov’s team just needs reinforcements. The brotherly derby proved it again.

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Puck Henry
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