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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Tyukavin emerged with the captain’s armband and gave Dynamo a difficult victory in Yekaterinburg

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 03:16:09


Before the tour, an unusual meeting, or summit, as it is now fashionable to say, took place. Guillermo Abascal, outraged by the arbitration of the Spartak matches, called the Russian judges to the carpet. The Spaniard spoke on behalf of the team’s coaching staff, the referees were the head of the referees Pavel Kamantsev and the referee Vitaly Meshkov. It was Meshkov who judged the scandalous match between Spartak and Ural (2-2), in which he did not count Alexander Sobolev’s goal.

It is reported that Abascal made claims to the judges, they agreed with the coach’s arguments and apparently promised that this would not happen again.

What is happening in the world of soccer?! I don’t remember the coach of one of the major league teams calling the judges for an impartial conversation. They seemed like nice little guys, they listened to the criticism and they regretted it.

Obviously, this meeting will add even more tension, the psychological pressure on the judges will intensify. And accordingly, the number of errors will increase.

But let’s move on to Yekaterinburg. There is a football match “Ural” – “Dynamo” and the stadium is full. Unfortunately, the last words of the popular song remade by me are not true. Our football does not evoke great aesthetic emotions anyway, and here the football authorities have made it as difficult as possible for fans to visit the stadiums. Lonely spectator islands are located in the central stands, the left stand behind the goal is barely thirty percent full, but the tall orange stand behind the right goal is immaculate. But the oldest club in Russia, eminent, legendary, came to visit. How many fans can you expect in matches with conventional Orenburg or Khimki?

Well, the stadium staff have less to clean up. At least some more of the wise decisions of the RFU.

In Yekaterinburg an interesting solution to the problem of attendance arose. It turns out that the mobile centers of the MFC visit the companies of a large industrial city so that the workers, without leaving the machine, can request a fan card.

I offer free advice to the Moscow authorities: everyone knows that sellers of various trifles roam the subway cars. Let the MFC staff also go down to the subway “Comrades, issue a FAN ID!” Remember: “Comrades, visit the room of laughter,” called the hero Valentin Smirnitsky in the classic Soviet film “Seven old men and a girl.” Is it possible to compare the current Russian football with a laugh room? Up to you.


But let’s move on to Yekaterinburg. I don’t know how anyone, but I was more rooting for referee Alexei Amelin. For what I wrote above. It would be desirable if there were no regular court scandals.

And yet I am happy for Kostya Tyukavina. For a long time, Dynamo’s mentor Slavisa Jokanovic kept him in a black body, didn’t he believe in a young striker? He released late, for 10-12 minutes, and Fedor Smolov started the matches from the very beginning. But this year, the Serb decided to bet on Tyukavina. In addition, Konstantin went to the match with the captain’s armband – full-time captain Daniil Fomin missed the game due to disqualification.

The first part passed with a notable advantage for Ural, but without moments of danger at the gates of the guests. In one of the episodes, Amelin even listened to his VAR colleagues regarding the penalty designation against Dynamo. It worked.

Dynamo made rare counterattacks, in one of them Zakharyan came out almost one on one – he shot higher. Perhaps this is all the most interesting in the first half.


Before the start of the second half, Alexey Amelin head counted the players of both teams. As in a kindergarten, the teacher periodically counts the children during a group walk around the city.

Dynamo players became more active at the beginning of the second half, but this did not affect the course of the game much. Anyway, Ural had more possession of the ball and attacked more.

In minute 68 there was an important episode. It seems that the ball hit the hand of the Dynamo defender. Amelin VAR listened, but the moment was repeated to us twice and somehow quickly and indistinctly. From this review, I did not understand if the game was one handed. And Amelin showed: we played further.

After this episode, passions ran high. Players from “Ural” carried out several attacks on the gates of the guests. There were moments of tension in the Dynamo penalty area.

But Dynamo made a rare attack, Makarov went one on one and scored. However, the Moscow attackers were slightly offside.

In minute 89 came the denouement. One of Dynamo’s attacks ended in a goal. Gladyshev scratched the ball from the Ural defender in the penalty area and returned it to Tyukavina. The captain knocked down Beveev in a break, and then hit accurately – 0: 1.

“Ural” immediately almost equalized the score – Leshuk saved. In the fourth added minute, Viktor Goncharenko addressed the referee too expressively, Amelin decided that such a comment deserved to be deleted.

Let’s sum it up: I’m happy for Tyukavin and, it seems, there were no refereeing errors.

Premier league. twentieth round

Ural – Dynamo – 0:1 (0:0)

Goal: Tyukavin, 89.

Ural: Pomazun, Goglihidze (Beveev, 65), Begich, Emmerson, Kulakov, Mishkic (Tatarinov, 91+1), Vlut, Bikfalvi, Randzhelovich (Zheleznov, 66), Egorychev (Yushin, 66), Kashtanov (Sungatulin, 78) .

Dynamo: Leshchuk, Fernandez, Sazonov, Skopintsev (Parshivlyuk, 86), Dasa, Norman, Gagnidze, Zakharyan, Grulev (Gladyshev, 56), Makarov (Maistorovich, 92+2), Tyukavin.

Warnings: Randjelovic, 61.

Sent off: Goncharenko, 90+4. Zakharyan, 90+5.

Referee: Alexey Amelin (Tula)

March 18th. Yekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg Arena.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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