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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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“Ural” is already in the first place! And now what should Baltika do with Ignashevich?

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 01:27:33

“Ural” is already in the first place! And now what should Baltika do with Ignashevich?

Dmitry Zimin August 19, 2023, 20:15 Moscow time

The Kaliningrad team attacked well in the first half, but something broke after the break.

Baltika is one of the more mysterious RPL teams. It is unlikely that anyone will dispute the fact that in terms of the quality of the game, it definitely looked no worse than its rivals at the beginning. Daring ball control, combinations and solo play attempt. But, as is often the case, newcomers to the league struggle with results. The defeats of Spartak and Dynamo are quite understandable – the difference between the artists is too great. Zero points with Sochi is more debatable, but it was still the first game. But there is a victory over the “Torch”, a direct competitor for a potential fight for survival.

“Ural”, on the contrary, “surprises in a pleasant way. From the first round the team jumped into the leading group. And, judging by the match with Baltika, it is not going to leave. In the summer, the Yekaterinburgers have improved qualitatively, and Goncharenko is creating a team that this season does not seem to have the intention of fighting for the bottom, and for that it is necessary to score points with rivals of the Baltika level, as long as it works.

The first half of the match in Kaliningrad was full of chances. It seemed that both teams completely forgot about defense and allowed the goalkeepers to prove themselves. Already in the second minute, the guests were able to open an account, but after Begich’s goal, Latyshonok showed himself to be reliable. Baltián Enríquez was able to score after a cross from Guzina, but this time Pomazún shone. After such a start, the game calmed down a bit, but then the hosts flared up again.

Baltic – Ural

Photo: FC Baltika

At half time, Guzina, the team’s most active player in the first half, came out again with an interesting attack. She made a pass to the penalty area, where she had already hit Galoyan, but Pomazun played very well again. Galoyan had a new opportunity in a couple of minutes, but from two meters he shot higher.

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An incredible mistake by Spertsyan. The Krasnodar leader did not convert the penalty. LIVE

In general, the defense of “Ural” in the first half did not look very good. But endless problems with the implementation did not allow Ignashevich’s team to open an account. Also, the cool game Pomazuna. The guests almost did not go to their own moments.

After the break, Ignashevich made only one substitution – he let forward Tamerlan Musaev onto the field, clearly hoping to add sales. But at the beginning, Yekaterinburg won a penalty, which definitely influenced the opponent’s mood. Especially considering the ridiculous style in which it was won.

The usual fight in the penalty area, it seemed, the danger had passed. But Gassama pointed awkwardly in the direction of Kashtanov, who collapsed on the grass. Quite an understandable penalty, which was converted by the Ural striker himself. Interestingly, this is the fourth penalty of the season for the guests. They have completed three.

After the game turned into endless attacks from the hosts, which did not lead to any dangerous moments. A typical situation: the ball is on the flank, a serve follows, but the powerful Ural defenders counterattack without difficulty. At some point, the Baltics seemed to just let the situation slide. They continued to act in this way in the hope of a mistake or a miracle. But the Urals acted with such discipline that they never allowed themselves to lose concentration.

Baltic – Ural

Photo: FC Ural

We had to forget about the dangerous moments in the first half. Baltika tried to break through the defense to the end, but failed.

“Ural” temporarily becomes the leader of the table. And the Kaliningrads accumulate four defeats in five games. Surely such a start was not expected in the leadership of the club, because the objective is to be in the middle. But so far there are no personnel decisions regarding Ignashevich.

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