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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Vadim Evseev will save Voronezh! Osinkin and Yuran will have less luck

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 16:48:25

The next season of the Russian Football Championship is about to end. Before the last round, it remains to be decided who will finish in the top three, and who will have to play two more matches for the right to stay in the RPL. The two worst teams in the league, Torpedo and Khimki, have long been relegated directly to the First League. Fakel, Wings of the Soviets and Pari NN remained in the race.

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Voronezh residents are one step away from salvation

“Torch” is in the most advantageous position before the decisive match, if you just look at the rating. The Flammables scored a key victory over the Wings of the Soviets last weekend (2:1), beating them in the standings by one point. Now the Voronezh team is on the 12th save place. A victory this Saturday will keep the team safe from relegation. The problem is that Fakel has a meeting with Zenit.

Although the defending champion has lost motivation, he will definitely be determined to please the fans in the last game at home. Nobody cancels the rotation of the composition and the understatement, but the class can still take its toll. Losing to Vadim Evseev’s wards is not worth it, since you will have to wait for misfires from competitors. The experts give a coefficient of 1.96 for Fakel’s participation in the transition parties.

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Voronezh residents end the season strongly. Four wins in the last five matches: two over Rostov and Dynamo, and two over direct competitors Krylya Sovetov and Pari NN. Even Lokomotiv’s defeat was not a failure (0-1). A sudden change in coach, if it didn’t help Fakel, it certainly didn’t hurt.

Osinkin needs a miracle

The Samaraños seriously aggravated their situation with the latest results. For almost two months in seven matches, they won only one victory – over Ural, which lost stability. Krylya Sovetov held the minimum score over Fakel, but the one-on-one loss did not give the team the right to make a mistake. Now they need to win at home in the match with Spartak.

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A draw will not help, because with equal points in personal meetings, Fakel was much better: a win and a draw. At the same time, the Samarans cannot count on the opponent’s weak mood, unlike the competitor.

Spartak fights for the silver medals and intends to give everything in the last game of the season to the maximum. And the implementation of “Wings of the Soviets” is not at the level to take advantage of the mistakes of the favorite.

Igor Osinkin’s team cannot take points from the rojiblancos in the RPL in seven straight games. This season he won the Russian Cup, but this is little consolation. The wings of the Soviets have quite a few problems with the composition, because the main central defender, Roman Evgeniev, was disqualified. At the moment, they have the worst chance of salvation. The coefficient for this event is 2.95.

Yuran restores hope to the residents of Nizhny Novgorod

“Pari HN” before the last round seems like an obvious outsider. This is the only club in the race, which is unlikely to help even a victory. The gap from 12th place is three points. so you have to take them. In this, the Nizhny Novgorod team was very lucky, because it will play with Khimki, which is already preparing for the First League.

There is only one winner:

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It is important to note that Sergei Yuran’s team got into good shape at the right time. In the last two matches, he scored four points, having won a crushing victory over Sochi (4: 0) and without missing a single goal for Spartak (0: 0). On the home field, Nizhny Novgorod is also performing well: in the last three meetings they have scored seven points out of a possible nine. With spirit and physical preparation, they are fine.

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Pari NN has the opportunity to present a small sensation, because experts almost do not believe in it – the salvation coefficient is 5.50. However, not everything is so bad. The competitors play clear favourites, while Nizhny Novgorod at home must beat an even and unmotivated opponent. In case of equality of points, they have an advantage over Torch and Wings of the Soviets. The most important thing is not to make mistakes.

“Torch” will not be missing in your

The tournament situation before the last round is unclear. The Torch will have to meet the champion along the way, which by default does not bode well. However, while Zenit can crush even a minor team with class, it is possible to cope. In the first round, the Voronezh team took points from Sergei Semak’s team (1:1) in more difficult conditions.

Now Vadim Evseev’s charges are in good shape: four wins in five matches. Wings of the Soviets have a meeting with a motivated Spartak, and Pari NN is not enough to win. With such designs, the “flammables” must remain in place; the coefficient for this is 1.75.

Tender: “Torch” will not take the 13-14 place by 1.75.

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