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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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VAR works very well at Euro 2024. Ronaldo’s offside is a perfect example of how things should be

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 16:27:24

Have you noticed how quiet Euro 2024 is in terms of refereeing? Not a single scandal. It is clear that the tournament is far from over, but 21 games is a period in which trends can already be noticed. How many disputes happen in a couple of rounds in the RPL or Premier League? And then there is silence.

It seems that during all this time there was only one dubious episode. And a fun one. If we talk about funny, then everything is simple. Ronaldo ran into the opponent’s half of the field before his teammates played the ball into the center circle. It is impressive how early the Portuguese fled. This, of course, is a mistake by the referee, but it is not the most serious and did not affect anything (the ball did not reach Ronaldo soon, after several changes of possession).

Cristiano Ronaldo jumps

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A truly controversial moment occurred in the Germany-Hungary match, when Jamal Musiala scored. This was preceded by the fight between Willi Orban and Ilkay Gundogan. On the one hand, here you can see a shoulder-to-shoulder fight when no one controls the ball. On the other hand, it also seemed like a push from the German. If you look from different cameras, the impression is also different. With a slow, close replay, it looks more like a foul, but if you look at it dynamically, it looks like a legitimate fight.

The main referee did not notice the violation of the rules, nor did the VAR. This fits well with the latest trends. First: a high bar for what is acceptable in martial arts. Second: the VAR only intervenes when there are clear and obvious errors. This is exactly what the referees, including UEFA Director General of Refereeing Roberto Rosetti, say. Do you want a penalty? So there must be something really difficult there. Like the moment Ryan Porteous flew into Gundogan’s leg with his studs. But a small collision is not a penalty.

Confrontation between Willi Orban and Ilkay Gundogan

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In fact, this was the only point that generated controversy. To this we can only add the annulment of Holland’s goal, but it seems that Denzel Dumfries’ offside was still active (he prevented the goalkeeper from jumping). Even if these are episodes of a 50/50 series, you can understand the judges. The referees are doing a great job so far and the VAR has a lot to do with it. He intervenes very rarely (in most of the matches they did so without him), although in the first match he had to intervene three times. The VAR corrected three errors by referee Clément Turpin during the match.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the speed of checking offside (this is the most common reason for VAR intervention in this tournament). The semi-automatic fixing system works very quickly. If before the check took several minutes, now even less than one is enough. In the Portugal-Czech Republic match, in the 87th minute, Ronaldo himself was offside. Referee Marco Guida counted the goal, but after 49 seconds it was annulled by the VAR. Semi-automatic offside detection has recently proven effective and will be introduced in the Premier League during the next season (provisionally in September-October).

Cristiano Ronaldo is offside

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It’s a shame that the comments keep complaining about minor offsides, as if they should be forgiven. In fact, the main thing is that there is a clear line: this is possible, but it is not possible. The same applies when touching the ball with the attacking team’s hand. This may seem like something small that was only visible thanks to the chip on the ball and a special pulse. However, this is still a violation of the rules. Even if touching the hand provided no advantage.

But, once again, the main thing is that we analyze precisely those episodes. Or how the Poles’ hands were in a natural position in their own area. There are no longer powerful scandals, such as Lampard’s famous (non)goal in the 2010 World Cup. There is a lot to thank technology for.

Own goals – Euro 2024 trend:

Own goal: top scorer of Euro 2024. But in the last tournament he scored more.

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