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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Vladislav Firstov: Rolled, fell like a girl: that’s not how you play hockey

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 02:07:09

— Vladislav, what didn’t work today?

We don’t convert many of our chances. They locked Dynamo in the zone, they played with the puck. You had to cover your goalkeeper more. They blocked a lot. In our area, too, it was necessary not to make mistakes; such an experienced team does not forgive us.

– Igumnov just said that they have changed something in their game. Did you notice?

– I did not realize. In the third period, we stood up like a fence again and started throwing the puck. In their system, they weren’t going to change anything.

– What didn’t work for you?

“Sometimes we fall for individual stocks. You need to make fewer mistakes, get in the zone, cover somewhere with a second wave. You have to stop them and enter the area at full speed.

– Today you had great support in the stands…

– Thanks to the fans for this. I apologize for disappointing you today, in the next game we will try to improve. The fans are our sixth outfield player. We’re glad we were able to lure them into the stands. “Torpedo” has never played hockey as much as now.

– Can you follow the results in other series?

– A bit. Now we are playing with Dynamo, we are analyzing their game. God forbid, we will pass, then we will look at another opponent.

What is the goal of your team? Are you aiming for the Cup?

– We have many haters, nobody believes in us and they call us a regular season team. But if we play hockey, then everything will work out. It would be difficult for everyone to fight against Dynamo, both SKA and CSKA. We will do our best, we will squeeze everything out of ourselves.

– You are in a good mood. What else will help to beat the Muscovites?

“We have to be positive, we haven’t lost anything yet. We need to rest and have a fresh head tomorrow. We go into the next game at 0-0 in the series.

– Too many deletions happened today. You have two…

– I apologize to the team. I fight it. It happens when I want: the ceiling goes a little. And there are moments like today: I gave it away and picked up the stick, it falls on purpose. I think that for those moments you should not unsubscribe. This is a tiebreaker, a difficult game and such falls … She Rolled, she fell like a girl, she can’t play hockey like that. You have to play hard, with sports anger.

– Do you have superstitions, omens?

– Anyone has done it, but I won’t answer right away.

– Not shaving, for example?

They all grow beards. I still don’t have it, I walk here like a puppy! The goat grows a little. The children are growing up.

– You have a young team. Who, besides Kruchinin, is still growing?

– Husky has a good beard growing, cute. Coach Kozyrev has a solid beard.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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