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Friday, September 29, 2023
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“We are waiting for you, our baby.” After the divorce and doping, Sotskova finally found happiness.

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 12:59:48

At the age of 23, Maria Sotskova had experienced a series of misfortunes. The famous figure skater she lost her father, she painfully suffered the end of her career, she broke up with her husband and received a doping ban for 10 years. The latter radically changed her professional plans: she had to say goodbye to the dream of putting on ice shows and sports programs. Fate seemed to take up arms against the fragile girl, tirelessly testing her strength.

But Masha turned out to be a firm soldier. He bravely endured the troubles that fell on her and finally found the long-awaited happiness. She will soon become a mother and is looking forward to the appearance of a sweet daughter.

Waiting for this and her new lover, strong and strong. Next to him, the former single skater shines endlessly with a smile and clearly feels like behind a stone wall.

“I did not live, but I existed”

Maria Sotskova performed very successfully at junior tournaments. She took gold and silver at the Grand Prix stages, took second place at the Russian Championship three times, won the Junior Grand Prix final, became the vice-champion of the Youth Olympic Games and the Junior World Championship.

At the beginning of his adult career, he also showed himself well. Especially in the 2017/2018 Olympic season, she when she lost only to Alina Zagitova at the Russian Championship and she won a ticket to the main departures, including the Games in Pyeongchang. She failed to get on the podium together with Zagitova and Medvedeva – Masha stopped in eighth position. But her gorgeous clean performance from her freebie still gives me goosebumps – the girl did everything she could to make up for her unfortunate fall in the short and she deserves the highest marks from the judges.

Maria Sotskova

Photo: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

It seemed that after the Olympics, Masha would skate and stay on top for a long time, but she began to have problems with jumping, and the results at tournaments decreased. She did not want to give up and she hoped to rise from the ashes, so in the spring of 2019 she moved from Elena Buyanova to Svetlana Sokolovskaya. In the new coaching staff, the athlete really got a second wind, but a family tragedy erased everything. When Masha was preparing for the next season, her father died.

“The training camp in the summer was as fruitful as possible, I had incredible motivation after moving to Svetlana Vladimirovna Sokolovskaya. I really worked hard. But for family reasons, I had to interrupt the collection in Kislovodsk, and after that… apathy set in. I did not live, I existed. On the principle of “this day would end sooner.” Training – home – training. And so six days a week, ”Sotskova told Sport Express.

Maria Sotskova


Naturally, after the loss of one of her closest people, Masha did not shine at the starts and closed the season ahead of schedule after the French Grand Prix stage, where she took last place. However, he did not want to say goodbye to the sport, hoping to return to the clip.

The decision to end her career was a difficult one for her. She lit up her marriage early on from her. But the family idyll lasted about six months and was overshadowed by a doping scandal.

“I had the dream of becoming a choreographer for ice shows and programs for figure skaters”

Sotskova’s chosen one was a young music producer Mikhail Omelchuk. In the summer of 2020, they successfully signed, postponing the wedding for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. And in September, information surfaced that the figure skater was facing a 10-year doping ban. A banned substance, furosemide, was found in Masha’s sample, which she submitted in the spring. The girl assured that at that time she was no longer going to compete in competitions, and she took the medicine as prescribed by doctors. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Even a medical certificate did not help, since the clinic issued it without a license.

A powerful wave of criticism fell on the athlete, as her misconduct cast a shadow over all figure skating in Russia. In parallel, Masha’s personal life fell apart: in January, her husband publicly announced her divorce. In the spring, the lovers began to reconcile, but the marriage could not be saved. Then Masha admitted that this experience changed her life before and after her.

“If a ‘sci-fi storyteller’ comes into your life, chances are you’ll understand it quickly,” Sotskova said on social media about her ex-husband.

Maria Sotskova

Photo: From the personal archive of the figure skater.

Before and after, Masha’s life was changed by a positive doping test. In March 2021, she was officially disqualified for 10 years, with a start date of April 6, 2020. And although she completed her sports career, this suspension does not allow her to materialize in other areas related to figure skating. For example, putting programs for athletes.

“It seemed like my profession was a foregone conclusion. Three years ago, when I joined GITIS, I had a dream to become a choreographer for ice shows and programs for figure skaters. And a clear plan of how I’m going to go to this dream…

But life makes its own adjustments, and for various reasons my dream is not destined to come true. I’m still trying to rebuild myself for ballet performances on the floor, but I’m just convinced that ice is my element. The session will end soon, and there are several free months ahead. I have been thinking for a long time what I would like to learn, what could become my profession in the future. There are many options. And on the one hand, it’s great that I’m very interested in it, but on the other, I just can’t make up my mind, ”Sotskova shared on her social media.

“I was sure it would be a boy”

When so many problems fall on a person, it is very easy to succumb to discouragement and depression. But Masha managed to adapt to the new conditions and tuned in to the positive. She did not immediately, but gradually she came into harmony with herself and the world around her, and after that she attracted pleasant changes. Love burst into the life of the skater again, but she was in no hurry to talk about it. Therefore, the news of Masha’s pregnancy produced the effect of an explosive bomb: no one suspected that she was in a serious relationship, and even more so she was preparing to become a mother!

The loner revealed a great secret on July 1 by posting videos and photos of a gender party on social media, a party dedicated to the announcement of the gender of the fetus.

Maria Sotskova with the father of her unborn child

Photo: From the personal archive of Maria Sotskova

“From the first day we found out that we were expecting a baby, our life shone with new colors, our love grew even stronger. He was sure that he would be a boy. But we will have a daughter, and we are very happy about this. We are waiting for you, our baby, ”Sotskova wrote on her social networks.

In festive shots, Masha glows with happiness and gently kisses her beloved man. Whether she is somehow related to figure skating is unknown, but most importantly, Masha feels comfortable and cozy with him. A fragile girl definitely feels support and support in a tall and strong man. After all the difficulties, it is very important for her to have a reliable rear and protection.

“Thank you life for the people by my side. For my man, the man of my dreams. For parents and close friends. To everyone who was with us today and shared this important day for us, thank you very much. We love you,” Sotskova thanked the relatives on social media.

Maria Sotskova at the gender party

Photo: From the personal archive of Maria Sotskova

Young parents do not report their intention to formalize their relationship. It is possible that the trip to the registry office has already taken place, and after the birth of your daughter, they will also play a wedding. Somehow the gender party looked like a rehearsal for a future celebration: Masha dressed in a delicate white dress that barely revealed her rounded tummy. It was very easy to mistake her for a girlfriend, and the whole party was saturated with romantic notes.

Meanwhile, Masha is just enjoying the current moment and is eagerly waiting for the baby to appear. A small miracle and a beloved man open a new stage in her life.

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