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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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We do not need such cycling! Great scandal in the Youth Tour: 30 people sanctioned

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 11:34:34

We do not need such cycling! Great scandal in the Youth Tour: 30 people sanctioned

Batraz Tomaev June 18, 2023, 16:30 Moscow time

The cyclists clung to the cars to get up the hill. All offenders were identified and punished!

There is scandal in the prestigious road tour “Giro d’Italia” with children under 23 years of age. Dozens of cyclists broke the rules when they went up the Passo dello Stelvio. The violation is completely unpretentious – the race participants simply clung to their team cars in order to easily drive down the mountain.

the joke failed

The violation of the rules in the race was caught by attentive spectators. And only then did the video recordings with the jury members of the competition appear.

The initiative, of course, was not appreciated: the panel of judges disqualified 31 cyclists in the fourth stage of the Grand Road Tour. Most of the participants in the incident were Italian. Also under sanctions was 20-year-old winner of the Paris-Roubaix (under 23) race Til De Decker.

The cyclist was arrested right during the World Cup:

“He let his country down.” The famous cyclist was arrested right during the World Cup

The jury found that a group of runners held on to their team vehicles for at least two and a half kilometers of the route. And the president of the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI), Cordiano Dagnoni, was offended by the behavior not only of the athletes themselves, but also of those responsible:

“What I saw is really offensive to those who are involved in this sport. I feel especially for the sports directors, because they should be the first to teach young people to follow the rules.

Disqualification may be followed by another more serious disciplinary sanction. At the end of the road trip, the sports judge must additionally penalize the offenders. It is not at all excluded that the Italian Cycling Federation, the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the organizers of the competition turn to the country’s prosecutor’s office. After all, the image of Italian cycling is now at stake.

History remembers everything.

There have been many athletes in the history of cycling who have fallen into a pit of lies. If we talk about those who used doping, we easily remember the famous Lance Armstrong. The multiple Tour de France winner used corticosteroids, erythropoietin and testosterone, and was also involved in blood transfusions. He didn’t even challenge the accusations in court. The verdict was handed down in 2012 and meant disqualification for life.

But now they want to justify Lance Armstrong:

In the US they want to forgive the protagonist of the great doping scandal. Can the Americans do anything?

The most famous forerunners of “modern” deceivers were Henri Pélissier, Eddy Merckx, Fausto Coppi. All of them in different years achieved success with the help of drugs. Others had their own “proven” methods. For example, the Frenchman Maurice Garin back in 1904 overcame the distance thanks to faithful followers who took him by car. And some segments were traveled by train.

Garin’s compatriot Robert Charpentier was also distinguished by his wit. In 1936, at the Berlin Olympics, he miraculously overtook Guy Lapebier, who was then in the lead, at the end of the hundred kilometer distance. Two years have passed, and in archival footage captured on film Olympia, Lapebier noted Charpentier beating him. He simply held on to Guy’s bike, slowed it down, and kept the strength from him. But the Frenchman denied all charges.

Decades have passed since then, modern technologies have come to the sport. And along with them, the methods of cheating have changed. Thus, in 2010, the Swiss athlete Fabian Cancellara was accused of “technological fraud”. The fact is that the cyclist installed an electric motor on his bicycle and, of course, hid it. A device with a power of up to 100 watts has significantly optimized the work of the athlete.

Fabian Cancellara

Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Femke Van den Driesche followed Cancellara’s example. In the 2016 cyclocross (under 23) championship, a Belgian cyclist broke down her bike. And here’s more – just like in the movies. At the pit stop, the organizers noticed the cables sticking out of the bike rack and did a serious check. It turned out that Van den Driesche kept a battery in a bottle and a control button under the steering wheel. The dishonest Belgian completely denied her guilt and argued that she had used a friend’s bicycle. The International Cycling Union did not believe her words. Consequently: suspension of the contest for six years and a fine of $18,000.

Also very famous was the case of the cyclist Elisa Balsamo in the Paris-Roubaix race. 48km before the finish line, the Italian punctured and fell out of the leading cohort. I had to catch up in a “dirty” way, using a “sticky bottle”. It may seem to the observer that the athlete wants to quench her thirst and takes a bottle from the team car. But she doesn’t let go as the car accelerates. Balsamo held the bottle for more than 10 seconds, accelerated well, overtook her competitors, but was punished.

Recently, the world of cycling was shocked by a terrible tragedy:

“He lost the battle for life.” Swiss cyclist falls off a cliff and crashes to death

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