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Friday, July 12, 2024
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“We don’t want to play unless they are punished.” The Euro is on fire because of Serbia, Albania and the Eagles

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 15:59:33

No recent major tournament has been free of politics, despite FIFA and UEFA’s message that football stadiums should be bastions of peace and unity. In Qatar there was almost more talk about politics than football, changing the record from the Iranian protests to Palestine every few days. Germany also surprised then.

Before the start of this Euro, everything was relatively calm, and the 1st round was so brilliant from a football point of view that we practically only talked about it. Almost… because the French team distinguished themselves. We wrote about this in detail here. And then the Serbs, Albanians and Croats, who for decades have been trying to prove to each other who owns Kosovo, began to fight.

According to the Constitution of Serbia, the territory of the Republic of Kosovo is part of the Republic of Serbia and is part of it as the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija, but in reality Kosovo is not controlled by the Serbian authorities.

A journalist from Kosovo showed the “eagle” to the Serbs. He was deprived of accreditation.

Arlind Sadiq, a reporter for the Artmotion television channel, was first denied access to an Albanian press conference and then received a letter from UEFA informing him that his accreditation had been revoked. The reasons were: “Misconduct in a match between Serbia and England.”

Sadiku reported from a position that UEFA assigned to all television journalists. Coincidentally, she was right next to thousands of Serbian fans, who traditionally chanted “Kosovo je srce Srbije” (“Kosovo is the heart of Serbia”) at one point. Sadiku, who is from Kosovo, did not like the Serbian song, so she turned in its direction and joined her hands in the “eagle” gesture.

93% of Kosovo’s population is ethnic Albanian, hence the eagle that flies in the air again and again during important matches.

Arlind Sadiku

Photo: from the personal archive of Arlind Sadiku.

The journalist received threats on social networks for several days, including threats to kill him. Sadiku told The Guardian that he made the gesture out of emotion: “People don’t know how I felt at that moment because I have trauma from the war. My house was bombed in the middle of the night when I was a child: I remember waking up with glass and blood all over my face and body. “I know it was unprofessional from a journalist’s point of view, but seeing my family in that situation was traumatic for me and I can’t forget it.”

According to UEFA and FIFA rules, any manifestation of political gestures that provoke the other side is prohibited. Neither the players nor the federations are spared: for example, during the 2018 World Cup, FIFA fined Granit Xhaka, Xherdan Shaqiri and Stefan Lichtsteiner for demonstrating in a match with Serbia, and also punished the Serbian Football Union because Fans chanted “Death to Albanians.” !” At the 2022 World Cup, Serbs were fined more than once for chanting that Kosovo is Serbia, and stewards caught people showing “eagles” and removed them from the stands.

And in the World Cup they punished for everything possible.

“The Russian flag has nothing to do with the World Cup.” Serbia faces sanctions after fans’ gestures

I wonder if this will affect the German policeman, who decided to have fun with the Albanians while on duty: at some point, dancing and singing turned into the fact that the young policeman crossed his hands forming an “eagle” to the rhythm of others. .

The Federation of Kosovo complained against the Serbs. were fined

At the World Cup, the Kosovo federation complained about the flag hanging in the Serbian locker room (in which Kosovo was part of the Serbian state), and this time it complained to UEFA about the fans. The Serbs, in his opinion, “demonstrated political, chauvinist and racist messages against Kosovo.” The Serbian Federation was fined 10,000 euros for this.

This banner did not go unnoticed either.


Banners reading “Kosovo is Albania” were hung at the Croatia-Albania match.

The Serbian Federation asks to fine Albanians and Croats. They threaten not to play

In the match between Albania and Croatia, in the 59th minute, the fans of both teams chanted “Kill, kill, kill the Serb.” The general secretary of the Serbian Football Federation, Jovan Šurbatović, told Serbian media that the federation will demand punishments for the Albanians and Croats from UEFA.

“What happened is scandalous and we will ask UEFA for sanctions, even if this means refusing to continue the competition. We are sure that they will be punished, because UEFA has already responded to our call to remove the so-called Albanian journalist from the championship. We will demand that the Union punish the associations of both teams. We don’t want to play unless UEFA punishes them and we will think about how to act in that case. We were punished for the cases detected, but our fans behaved much better than the others. A fan was punished for racist abuse and we don’t want this to be attributed to others. “We Serbs are gentlemen and we have an open heart.”

The Croats have already been punished, football style

The first team in the playoffs and a new failure for Croatia. What is happening at the European Championship?

The Albanians have already been punished, but for something else: the federation was fined 10,000 euros for showing fans a banner with a map of their country, expanding its borders to the territory of neighboring countries. Rubin and Albania national team striker Mirlind Daku may also suffer. Rubin Daku striker faces disqualification for Euro 2024: the striker began to carry offensive charges against Macedonians and Serbians after the match against Croatia. The North Macedonia Football Federation sent an official letter to UEFA demanding that Daka be punished for inciting hatred.

Now we will wait for UEFA’s reaction to his new performance.

But the match was still lit! in every sense

We finally got it. First fire game in the European Championship

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