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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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“We fight for the victims of Beslan.” How a boy from an Ossetian village became a sports star

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:31:11

“Struggle” and “overcoming” can be contextual synonyms in language for a reason. Thus, for the freestyle wrestler Zaurbek Sidakov, the entire path to glory passes precisely through improvement: his past, his body … Today he is an Olympic champion, three-time world champion, winner of the Games Europeans. However, all this might not have happened if the athlete had a slightly less persistent character.

Three-time champion

The day before, Sidakov won the third World Championship medal of his career. The final fight with the American Kyle Dake was intense and emotional. In the end, tempers became especially heated: the opposing team tried to challenge almost all of our athlete’s techniques. However, no complaints against the judges helped the US representative. Sidakov became the winner in the category up to 74 kg.

The Russian team was scandalously kicked off a plane in Europe. The passengers were delighted

After the fight, Sidakov said his opponent disrespected him. The American, according to Zaurbek, refused to shake his hand. Dake, of course, is also a famous athlete, but still, at the Tokyo Olympics, unlike the Russian, he only came third.

International Wrestling Federation

However, it is unlikely that Sidakov was very upset by Kyle’s behavior. After all, he has already done so many things in the world of wrestling that many would never have dreamed of, winning medals in all major competitions. All thanks to his persistent character and belief in his roots.

My parents didn’t allow me to attend the training.

Zaurbek’s childhood in Ossetia was quite eventful. He traveled to Beslan to train from the town of Zilgi, which is 10 kilometers away. When the 2004 terrorist attack occurred in the city, the parents stopped letting the young fighter go to the section. They were too scared. The boy’s coach became interested in why he did not attend training and encouraged him to eventually return. Elbrus Dudayev felt sorry for losing a potentially great athlete.

“He always stood out: thin, but tenacious, persistent; Until he defeats his opponent, he will not finish the training. These are what make true champions,” the coach told the Championship.

What happened as a child in his native republic had a strong impact on Sidakov. For him, the events in Beslan forever became a motivation to achieve victories in sports. Zaurbek admitted that he will never forget his childhood in North Ossetia. After winning his second world championship he said:

“I would like to dedicate this victory to all the victims of the Beslan terrorist attack 15 years ago. It can be said that I fought for the good of all the victims, of all those killed and injured in this monstrous terrorist attack. I grew up there, I started training there, for me Beslan is a small homeland, I remember everything and I will not forget anything,” Sidakov is quoted in “Championship”.

International Wrestling Federation

He kicked out my wife

Zaurbek’s strong character helped him win the first world championship. He competed all season in the non-Olympic category (up to 70 kg), but managed to gain weight for the tournament. The head coach of the Russian national team, Dzambolat Tedeev, even kicked the athlete out of the gym several times before the competition: he was afraid that he would simply overload himself. However, Sidakov did not overload himself.

They took my money and my passport. Russia’s best fighter was robbed right at the World Championships

In 2020, Zaurbek experienced a breakup with his fiancée Madina. Right at the wedding, he discovered that she was an exorcist: some ill-wishers leaked candid photographs of the girl to the wrestler and all the guests. According to eyewitnesses, the athlete personally kicked Madina out of the house, even using physical force. And then he sat on the floor and started crying.

fake images

However, the following year, Saurbeg lit up the Tokyo Games and took home a gold medal in her home up to 74kg category. And now he, together with other Russian fighters, is achieving great results in a difficult situation. Gold at the World Championships in Belgrade becomes even more valuable under the current circumstances.

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