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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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What are Altai antler baths? The expert talked about the benefits of a unique procedure.

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:33:28

What are Altai antler baths? The expert talked about the benefits of a unique procedure.

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People come from all over the world to buy this anti-aging product.

In recent years, people are increasingly aware of the importance of physical therapy to regain their health. Among them, antler baths, which are made from a decoction of deer antlers, are gaining popularity in Altai. It sounds scary, but the results are promising: rejuvenation, healing and regaining strength. Let’s find out if this is really so.

what are antlers

The antlers are unossified deer antlers. For thousands of years, they have been actively used for health purposes in China, Japan and Korea.

Deer antlers are the only fully regenerative mammalian organ. It has aroused interest as a medicine of animal origin that can be obtained without harming the animal, which is very important to preserve the ecosystem of our planet. Traditional medicine specialists believe that deer antlers can strengthen bones, treat nervous disorders, activate blood circulation and replenish vital energy.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, specialist in integrative and anti-aging medicine

“Recently, scientists have isolated various biologically active compounds from deer antlers, such as peptides, lipids, polysaccharides, proteins, nucleotides, glycoproteins and trace elements. “Several studies have been carried out using molecular techniques, as well as cellular and animal models, to confirm the pharmacological effects of these components.”

Deer antlers have great potential in the treatment of many diseases. Thus, they are used in the treatment of bone injuries, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory conditions of the body and even in complex cancer therapy.

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Antlers have the following physiological effects on the human body.

Antioxidant – protects cells from the aggressive behavior of free radicals that damage cells Anti-inflammatory – reduces the inflammatory process Participates in the remodeling of bone tissue – formation of new bone tissue, renewal of its spongy layer Neuroprotective – protective effect of the nervous system Immunomodulator – normalization of the immune system.

Antlers are used as biologically active food additives and as a physical procedure, specifically in the form of antler baths.

What are antler baths?

Antler baths are a special physiotherapeutic procedure in which an extract of young deer antlers is added to a warm water bath. The history of using these baths dates back to ancient China. The benefits of using these baths have been known since ancient times and were confirmed by the founders of physiotherapy in the Soviet Union.


There are many indications for prescribing baths with the addition of antlers. Among them:

diseases of the cardiovascular system; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; diseases associated with the human reproductive system; activation of the immune system; correction of chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the treatment of these diseases, antler baths have restorative, tonic, anti-inflammatory, restorative (cellular restoration), anti-stress and relaxing effects.


It is important to understand that antler baths have their contraindications.

Like any other physiotherapeutic procedure, antler baths must be prescribed by a doctor. He will conduct an examination individually, evaluate all indications and contraindications and only then give you a referral for the procedure.

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Please note that the doctor will not recommend such a procedure for the following diseases and conditions:

infectious diseases; signs of bleeding; cancer; serious somatic health problems; pregnancy.

How to take antler baths correctly

To achieve all the effects described above, a single procedure is not enough. To do this, you must complete a course of 10 procedures, each of which lasts 20 minutes.

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The procedures are carried out once a day. After leaving the bath, it is advisable to dry naturally, this way more biologically active substances can be absorbed through the skin.

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