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What are the legendary figure skaters of the past like now? Photo

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Whatever the legendary figure skaters do after finishing their career remains in memory thanks to their sporting past. When you hear the name Katharina Witt, you immediately remember the smiling brunette dressed as Carmen. When you hear the name Irina Slutskaya, you immediately see a charismatic girl with a short haircut on the ice. But as the years go by, everything changes, including people. Athletes build a new life, start to look different, and sometimes you don’t even recognize them!

“Championship” has compiled for you a selection of photographs of legendary figure skaters of the past: see how they look now!

Peggy Fleming

Then now

Peggy Fleming became a symbol of the revival of figure skating in the United States after a terrible plane crash in 1961, when the entire American team flying to the World Championships in Prague, including coach Peggy, died as a result of a plane crash. . The figure skater was 12 years old at the time; Seven years after the tragedy, she became the only American athlete to win a gold medal at the 1968 Olympic Games in Grenoble. In addition, Fleming won the World Championship three times.

After sports, Peggy was in demand in ice shows and on television. In 1970, she married former ice dancer Greg Jenkins, the couple had two children and now has three grandchildren. In 1998, Fleming was diagnosed with breast cancer, but because the disease was detected in her early stages, she managed to overcome it. After this, Peggy began to actively highlight the issue of fighting breast cancer and also regularly donate part of the profits from the vineyards and winery, which she owned together with her husband until 2011, to support breast cancer research. disease. From 2018 to 2022, the Peggy Fleming Tournament was held in the United States. Now the legendary figure skater is 75 years old.

Katharina Witt

Then now

Katarina Witt is a symbol of figure skating of the 80s. The two-time Olympic champion, four-time world champion and six-time European champion was not only a great athlete, but also a real superstar. Thanks to her unique style and impressive charisma, Katarina was considered a figure skating sex symbol; She was paid $1 million for a photo shoot for Playboy.

After finishing his career, all doors were open for Witt. She performed in ice shows, earned unprecedented sums for that time and acted in films. Katarina is now 58 years old. She presents shows on German television, does charity work, travels a lot and lives for pleasure. The figure skater has never been married.

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Miori Ito

Then now

Midori Ito once made a technical revolution in women’s single skating, jumping the first-ever triple Axel in 1988. She also attempted to master the four-turn jump, but an injury prevented her from doing so. However, for Japan, Ito will forever remain a special individual skater: she became the first representative from the Land of the Rising Sun to win the World Championship and an Olympic medal.

After finishing her degree, Midori immersed herself in ice shows and tried her hand at journalism, but she soon realized that she couldn’t live without competition. The figure skater began actively participating in amateur competitions, something she still does today. Ito recently won the World Amateur Championship. And this at 54 years old!

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Nancy Kerrigan

Then now

Nancy Kerrigan is a two-time Olympic medalist, but she is best known for her scandalous affair with Tonya Harding. During the 1994 US Championships, an assassination attempt on the figure skater was made, prepared by Harding’s ex-husband. As a result of the attack, Kerrigan injured her knee and was unable to compete in the Olympic qualification tournament, but she was still sent to the 1994 Games, where she ultimately placed second. After this, Nancy ended her career.

Subsequently, Carrigan began to participate in ice shows, and also began to build a career on television: the figure skater commented on competitions and filmed reports. In 2003, Nancy published a textbook on modern figure skating techniques. Kerrigan is involved in charity work: she created a foundation to support the visually impaired; Her mother is completely blind. Nancy’s personal life was also great: she married her agent Jerry Lawrence Solomon and they have three children. Kerrigan is now 54 years old.

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Tonya Harding

Then now

Tonya Harding was a talented figure skater, she became the second woman in history to achieve the triple Axel. But she became famous not for her sporting achievements, but for her attack on her main rival Nancy Kerrigan, organized by her ex-husband. Harding experienced a boom in popularity; Journalists followed her in training and competitions. However, after Tonya admitted her guilt for conspiring with the attackers, her career came to an end. Harding received three years of probation, 500 hours of community service and a $160,000 fine. Additionally, Ella Tonya was expelled from the United States Figure Skating Association and banned for life from participating in tournaments as an athlete or coach.

Harding tried to maintain his innocence. In protest, she got a tattoo of an angel and in 2008 she published an autobiography of hers in which she claimed to have been blackmailed. But Tony’s statements didn’t soften her punishment. In 2018, the film “Tonya Against the World” was released, dedicated to Harding’s story. The main role was played by Margot Robbie, the film received many awards.

After being cut from figure skating, Harding briefly competed in professional boxing, but retired from that activity in 2004. Tonya then attempted to build a career in television, starring in films and participating in television shows. In 2010, Harding married for the third time, and at age 41, she became a mother for the first time. Now Tonya is 53 years old.

Oksana Baiul

Then now

Oksana Baiul is the first and only Olympic champion in women’s single skating in the history of Ukraine. Despite her difficult fate, thanks to her talent and perseverance, Oksana was able to achieve great success in figure skating, bringing glory to her country. In the 1994 Olympic Games, her main rival was Nancy Kerrigan, the same one who was murdered a couple of months before the Games. The American’s victory was expected as a happy ending to that unfortunate story, but Baiul, 16, disrupted all of her plans.

After winning the Olympic Games, all doors opened for Oksana. The figure skater moved to the USA, where she began performing in shows for fabulous prices. But this did not make the athlete happier: she felt lonely and drank a lot. Fortunately, over time, Baiul managed to overcome alcoholism. In 2010, Oksana returned to Ukraine to develop local figure skating, but due to disagreements with officials, this idea failed and the athlete returned to the United States. In 2021, Baiul renounced Ukrainian citizenship in favor of American citizenship. Now Oksana is 46 years old and is engaged in business. The athlete is married and has a daughter.

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Surya Bonali

Then now

The athletic French figure skater became European champion five times in a row and won a silver medal three times at the world championships. But she is remembered mainly for the daring stunt she performed at the 1998 Olympic Games, where, after losing a medal, she performed a prohibited somersault. Then Suriya’s act was perceived as crazy, but the skater hoped that over time it would be considered a contribution to the development of figure skating. Now Adam Xiao Him Fa is actively contributing to this. The French single skater also performs a somersault against the rules to ensure he is removed from the prohibited items list.

The somersault was Surya Bonaly’s calling card. After finishing her career, the skater became in demand on shows where viewers were eager to see a risky element of her. Bonaly also tried herself in cinema. Suriya, now 50, works as a figure skating coach in the United States and fights for the rights of people of color in sports.

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Michelle Kwan

Then now

Even though Michelle Kwan never managed to win the Olympics, she remains the most decorated figure skater in United States history. She is a 1998 Olympic silver medalist, a 2002 Olympic bronze medalist, a five-time world champion and Grand Prix Final winner; It now seems unrealistic to repeat her achievements. There were many interesting figure skaters in the US, but Michelle was always the most loved and popular. Even after finishing my degree.

After leaving the sport, Michelle toured extensively with the show and worked in television. But the athlete was much more captivated by diplomacy. Kwan graduated from the University of Denver with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and political science and a graduate degree in international relations from Tufts University. In 2006, she became an ambassador for public diplomacy. On October 7, 2022, Kwan was appointed United States Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Belize. Also in 2022, Michelle became a mother for the first time. Now the athlete is 43 years old.

Irina Slutskaya

Then now

Irina Slutskaya remains to this day the most titled Russian figure skater. Silver medalist of the 2002 Olympic Games, bronze medalist of the 2006 Olympic Games, two-time world champion, seven-time European champion, four-time winner of the Grand Prix final – it seems that for a long time no one will be able to surpass Irina in the number of achievements.

And after finishing her career, Slutskaya maintained her success and popularity. Irina became a sought-after television presenter and also participated a lot in ice shows. Now Slutskaya owns a figure skating school and organizes her own ice shows. In her personal life, the athlete is also doing well: after her first marriage to Sergei Mikheev, which ended in divorce, she married businessman Alexei Govyrin. Slutskaya is 45 years old and has a son and two daughters. By the way, Varvara, Irina’s eldest daughter, is also a figure skater. She is now building a career in ice dancing.

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