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Friday, March 1, 2024
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What are TRX loops and how to train on them? Tips from the trainer and exercises for the whole body.

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:07:15

TRX is a multifunctional equipment that allows you to work the muscles of the whole body. It looks like a rope or ribbon with fasteners and handles at the ends. When working properly, the loops will help perfect relief and use your muscles, including your stabilizers, to their fullest.

One of the most important advantages of TRX is mobility: its weight does not exceed 1 kg, the simulator can easily fit in a bag, and the loops do not require additional equipment. Moreover, training can take place not only in the gym and at home, but also on the street, which pleases in the spring-summer season. How to exercise with maximum benefit for the body and where to start?

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Who can trade TRX?

There are no restrictions or contraindications to work with TRX. The exercises can vary in difficulty depending on the degree of preparation. However, if you’ve had a back or knee injury, be sure to check with your doctor before you start exercising.

The training will be useful for beginners, especially if they are not yet ready for exercises with free weights. Experienced athletes with the help of such exercises will be able to increase endurance and improve relief due to isometric work and a long stay under load on an unstable structure.

world class fitness trainer

Almost all TRX exercises involve the core muscles fixing the body in space, as these are unstable exercises on a suspended structure. They improve coordination, balance and stamina. With the help of the loops, you can comprehensively work out all the major muscle groups, the belt of the upper and lower extremities.

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How to train in TRX loops?

There are some rules that you can follow to benefit from exercise. We’ve put together five key points to keep in mind:

the loops should hang at a height of 10-15 cm from the floor, adjust them depending on the length of the foot; the foot is always tense during work; make all movements smoothly, this will avoid injuries; during the exercises, use the stabilizing muscles as consciously as possible; control the position of the bodies in space, the working group of muscles depends on its change.

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If you want to change the load, you can:

change the angle of the body in relation to the ground; change the angle of the body in relation to the foot; change the height of the loop.

You should not move on to more complex variations if you cannot cope with the basic ones. It is very important to keep all muscles under control.

What training methods are there?

Repeat the method. In this case, each approach is followed by a break, 1-1.5 minutes, usually this is enough for recovery. After that, you can continue training again.

Circuit training. It is aimed at building general endurance and includes six to ten full-body exercises, depending on your needs. The break is small, it is based on the intensity of the lesson.

superset. This type will increase muscle mass and stamina. It consists of two or three exercises that engage neighboring muscle groups, while the work continues. There is only a short rest between sets.

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TRX training for beautiful hands. 3 fitness model exercises

A set of exercises on TRX loops.

For effective training, set yourself a goal, choose the muscle group you want to work on based on it, create a process, and select a method. In general, each of the exercises requires 12 to 20 repetitions of 3 to 5 sets or circles. We offer comprehensive training for all muscles of the body.


This exercise targets the core, chest, arms, and shoulders.

execution technique

Place your feet in the straps and come into a plank position. While inhaling, bend your arms at the elbow joints, make a slight fixation. The angle between the shoulder and the body is approximately 60 degrees. As you exhale, return to the starting position. .

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With the help of them, you can strengthen the core muscles, buttocks and quadriceps, as well as the back of the thighs.

execution technique

Hold the loops with your hands, turning your palms towards each other or down. Put your feet parallel, pull the body back until the straps are fully taut, arms should be fully stretched in front of you, pull the pelvis back, at the extreme point the angle at the knees is 90 degrees, make sure that the back is not rounded, and the knees move in the direction of the foot, then return to the starting position by straightening the legs.

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horizontal push

The load is directed at the back, primarily the lower latissimus dorsi, but lifting affects the upper back, rhomboids, and middle trapezoid as well. In addition, the impact is directed to the biceps of the hands.

execution technique

Hold the handles so that your palms are facing each other. Place your feet parallel. Lean your body back so that your body weight is transferred to your heels. Pull on the handles, adducting and lowering the shoulder blades. Elbows are directed lengthwise. Body Lock between humerus and ulna Then slowly return to starting position.

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Lower leg flexion lying on back

It is aimed at the work of the muscles of the cortex and the biceps femoris.

execution technique

Lie on the floor, put your feet in loops. The shoulder blades should be adducted and lowered. Squeeze the buttocks and lift the pelvis. The points of support are the shoulder blades and the feet. As you inhale, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. At the exit, smoothly return to the starting position. Monitor the position of the lower back, it should not bend.

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vertical push-ups

The exercise is aimed at working the muscles of the hands, mainly the triceps.

execution technique

Stand with your back to the point of attachment of the ties. Take hold of the handles, stretch your arms forward and lean your body so that the loops are taut. As you inhale, bend your elbows to reach a 90 degree angle or less. Then slowly straighten your arms as you exhale and return to the starting position.

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It allows you to include the whole body in the work, the main focus is on the core muscles.

execution technique

Adjust the length of the straps so that the handles are 10-15 cm from the floor. Lie on your stomach, place your feet in the loops. Come into a plank position on your forearms, elbows directly under your shoulders. Try to keep your body straight. Do not arch your back, stay in this position as long as possible.

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Also, there are many more multidirectional exercises. Below we have compiled several examples for the major muscle groups. With its help, you can diversify your training or focus on certain parts of the body.

hand exercises

French press Horizontal shoulder abduction Spider pushups

biceps exercises

Forearm flexionSupinated forearm flexionOne-hand grip forearm flexion

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

basic exercises

Raising the knees from the plank position Bend the body into a straight-legged lying emphasis Classic or side plank

Exercises for legs and buttocks

Hanging Leg Lunge Leg Raise with TRX Bridge Planks

Use all the possibilities of the training process, do not be afraid to experiment with equipment and exercises, find something new for yourself. Before starting the practice, study the theory well. Remember that sports are your friend and assistant on the way to a beautiful and healthy body.

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