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Friday, September 29, 2023
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“What are you doing, idiot?” Famous tennis player threw the wildest tantrum at Wimbledon 2016

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 16:02:28

Serbian tennis player Viktor Troicki is the winner of three ATP tournaments, the former number 12 racket in the world, a childhood friend of Novak Djokovic and for a long time the second best player in the country after him. Among other things, Troicki gave the national team a decisive point in the 2010 Davis Cup final.

Victor has accomplished a lot on the court. He could have performed better, but at times he was hampered by excessive temperament on the court. One of the clearest examples of Troicki’s tantrum took place at Wimbledon 2016, when the Serb lashed out at the judge and later regretted it.

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Troicki was the 25th seed at Wimbledon 2016. Victor came to London with the goal of at least repeating last year’s fourth-round exit, and better yet going further.

In the first round, Troicki easily faced French qualifier Christian Lamazin (6:4, 6:2, 6:2). The Serbian’s next rival was the 36th racket in the world, the Spanish Albert Ramos-Viñolas. Troicki was considered the favorite of the match given the higher rating from him.

Victor Troicki

Photo: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Although it was not worth underestimating Ramos-Vinolas. Ahlberg beat Victor in a one-on-one at the 2015 Indian Wells Masters, and a few weeks before Wimbledon he reached the Roland Garros quarterfinals, displaying his best Grand Slam result of his career. he.

Troicki easily took the first set (6:3), but then lost the next two games to Ramos-Vinolas with a mirror score. In the fourth set, Victor returned to the game and left Albert no chance – 6:2. It seemed that the Serb, who had gathered courage, would squeeze the Spanish from experience, but Ramos-Viñolas withstood the blow and did not give up. For most of the fifth installment, the opponents were even, until, with the score 4:3 in his favor, Albert took Troicki’s serve.

Victor had no choice but to break in the ninth game. The Serb clung to the result. When the score was 30:30, Ramos-Vinolas gave the ball to serve. The linesman shouted, but the referee in the tower, the Italian Damiano Torella, announced: “40:30”. Troicki had no doubt that the ball had gone wide. The match was played on field number 17, which is not equipped with a Hawk-Eye system. The only way to prove that he was right was with words.

Victor took the ball from the ball boy and with angry shouts attacked the referee: “No way! Look at the ball! There is no trace of the white line on it.”

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In fact, the Wimbledon grass court markings are painted on with acrylic paint; chalk was discontinued for over 40 years. There could be no mark on the ball, not even in theory. Perhaps Troicki, in a fit of emotion, forgot about it. In any case, the referee refused to change his decision and was unable to do so after announcing the score. The Serb calmed down for a while and continued the game.

Ramos-Vinolas received a match point and converted it, winning the match with the score of 3:6, 6:3, 6:3, 2:6, 6:3.

Albert Ramos-Vinolas

Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Troicki shook hands with Albert, but not with Judge Torella. Víctor attacked the referee again.

“What are you doing, idiot? You are the worst judge ever! I’m sorry, but I have to tell you this: You idiot! I saw the ball perfectly, it was a great out. You haven’t seen anything today! You made over 30 mistakes in both directions! What nonsense!” Trinity yelled.

Victor then left the court and headed to the umpires’ office, where he also arranged for a high-pitched confrontation. Coming out of it, he took a racket out of his bag and smashed it to pieces on the ground, the shards being then long removed by arena attendants.

More or less Troicki calmed down only at the post-match press conference. The Serbian admitted that he was moved, but at the same time he did not miss the opportunity to criticize the referee again.

“Yes, it was too much, I exaggerated. But given the circumstances, anyone would be angry. It was very annoying and difficult to control myself in such a situation. It was an obvious mistake. But he has no experience, no idea what is happening at all. He just sits there and scores, and he doesn’t even follow the ball. In my opinion, he should also be fined. He should be. I’m not saying that his actions cost me the match, but they cost me an important point that could change the outcome of the match. In general, if we play serious tennis with such a mediocre referee, we should at least have a hawkey,” Troicki said.

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One can agree with Troicki’s statement in terms of his overly violent reaction: the referee’s controversial decision did not really decide the outcome of the match. Most likely, Ramos-Vinolas would have taken the decisive game with his serve, even if the referee had acted otherwise. Victor’s best chance of salvation is to remain absolutely calm. The Serb didn’t do this, he started yelling at the referee like crazy and lost.

Of course, Troicki was going to be punished for his escapade. Victor was fined $10,000, not the harshest penalties for a tennis player. Although any measure against Troitsky would hardly have changed his character. Too rampant was the Serb on the pitch. Fans loved him for his open display of emotion, but this often hurt the player himself.

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