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Monday, March 4, 2024
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What do you want from Sobolev? The amount of hate for Alexander is already too much.

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:33:03

Dorval. Experts, fans, some journalists – everyone is passionately trying to outdo themselves in the destruction of Sasha Sobolev. And in their hate, the critics overstep the bounds.

Former Zenit president Tufrin affectionately calls Sobolev a “fool.” And for some reason, few people see this as an insult. Players of the 90s say that earlier Sobolev would have been given a penny for such a thing. Olga Smorodskaya called the footballer “half-witty.” And one of the most honored people of our sports journalism, Gennady Orlov, generally called Alexander a “geek”. And he said that “apologies” would not help him, they say, “a boor will remain a boor.” I will not give feedback on websites or social networks, it is even worse there. Although there is nothing unique about this indecent gesture (no one argues here). Ronaldo, Simeone, Mbappé are some examples of soccer stars who have also used it. Which of them is the “geek” and the “stupid”? Who should be suspended for 10 games?

Alexander Sobolev

Forward of “Spartak” after the match with CSKA

“I apologize to everyone who was in the stadium, watched the game on TV, for my intemperance! These are emotions, and what I did is simply unacceptable! I understand that children, women and all the fans who love football were on the screens. I promise you this will never happen again. Very sorry.”

The main question is: what do you want from Sasha Sobolev now? Shouldn’t he have apologized? Should I have stayed silent? Maybe there was not enough video where Sobolev on his knees asks for forgiveness against the background of a white wall? Or we go, like in “Game of Thrones”, to tour the center of the city to the stares and cries of condemnation of people with crystal clear reputations. And then we’ll fine you for swearing in a public place.

There is no correct answer. The part of our football world that attacked Sobolev wants nothing from him. He looks like he just got a chance to do something that will apparently add positive emotions and popularity to them. publicly hate.

Alexander Sobolev

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Plots about children are usually used at the end, but here from the very beginning there were feelings for “women and children at the stadium.” Let’s leave the lyrics so that women and children can listen to mate from the same players during the game. It’s too obvious. But in reality, Sasha Sobolev has a son. Which, as I understand it, does not miss dad’s matches – in the last round there was even a sweet story when Sobolev celebrated a goal against Khimki by showing a bull. It was for the sake of his son: he asked to show the “bull”.

Do you think Sobolev has forgotten that he has such a warm attitude towards him? Not only from his son, but also from other small fans of the club? Don’t you worry? Aren’t you worried that he framed the team? I know that in life Sasha is a completely different and calm guy. Perhaps I have a different attitude towards him, because he is my age, and communication with him has never caused negative emotions in me. But others also tell about Sobolev’s pleasant character in everyday life. And I have no doubt that Alexander sincerely cares about what happened.

In addition to Sobolev, Karasev also gets it. Did you forget how much you admired him at the Eurocup?


“Karasev’s reputation died in a game. This is a base”. Analysis of arbitration on matchday 28 of the RPL

Therefore, I do not understand why a person who admitted that he was wrong and apologized is flushing for the third day. If this desire to hurt him, how is this desire better than the gesture everyone was so excited about? If this is a desire to improve a person, then how should this anger help him?

Sasha has already received a well-deserved punishment. He was publicly squashed by the head coach, criticized by his own fans, it must have been hard for him to come home to his family, after everyone on TV and on the sports internet discussed his indecent gesture. The FTC punishment will be added tomorrow. There will also be a fine. Can we stop there? Andrey Yeshchenko said a rather banal, but correct phrase about emotions. Of course, during the derby it is more difficult to stop them. Rosha, the second contestant in the episode, didn’t hold back either. No gestures (perhaps just a parody), but both understood each other throughout the game. Then Rosha, also in emotions, of course, called Sobolev a “clown.” Even for the very word, Vladimir Fedotov was hated after the first derby of the season. Now the public has a new victim and a new reason, the “clown” is no longer so hype.

In an interview with the Championship, Sobolev also spoke about the emotions in the derby:


“Until I was 18 years old, nobody needed me.” Candid interview with Alexander Sobolev

But back to the main question. I don’t know what the people who continue to publicly humiliate Alexander want from Sobolev. But I know what I want: for Sasha to get better. There is already enough division in the world today, even in ordinary conversation. Soccer gives the opportunity to unite. For example, in the desire to help someone improve. Just to get better. Or you just experience less negativity.

The story of Alexander’s removal and punishment will help anyway. Perhaps psychotherapy will also help – here the player himself and the club know better. But outside anger is unlikely to help him. But respect, at least for admitting a mistake, won’t hurt for sure. Perhaps, at least in the case of Sobolev, we will try not to resort to the culture of cancellation?

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