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What do your dreams talk about? Therapist cracked the 7 most popular stories

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 10:13:04

Our dreams are an illustration of experiences, emotions, feelings that we feel during the day. During the period of relaxation and rest, the brain does not stop working, on the contrary, at this time the mechanism for processing the received information is turned on.

While one part of the pituitary gland is getting stronger, the other is analyzing and trying to put the data on the shelves, to structure knowledge about the events that happened during the waking period. Sometimes this job is too active. It is then that we see nightmares, frightening and incomprehensible images.

You shouldn’t be afraid of them. Psychotherapists have long revealed that behind every disturbing dream there are internal experiences, an unstable emotional state. Thus, at the beginning of the 20th century, the psychologist Gustavus Hyndman Miller described dream interpretation in 10,000 Dreams Explained. After the book began to be called Miller’s Golden Book of Dreams.

In his work, the psychologist tried to interpret the meanings of dreams on the basis of psychoanalysis. This method at that time was only being actively introduced into practice. So, Miller wrote that all dreams are the result of our desires, fears.

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Miller’s dream book remains a popular source that is turned to for the interpretation of what he saw during the night. However, for more than a century, science has come a long way, and many modern psychologists are quite critical of the work of an American scientist.

New methods make it possible to interpret dreams as a result of a person’s personal experience. In each case, the frightening images can be the result of various conditions. How are the most popular dreams deciphered in modern psychology? We offer to understand this together with a specialist – a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Anna Feodorova.

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It is sleep that makes it possible to analyze what needs a person has not closed. It is a kind of catalyst for unfulfilled inner desires and anxiety states. How does it work?

Strong stress or experienced feelings can manifest itself in the form of incomprehensible and not always logical events. Often in a dream people from the past or characters appear with whom you have never met in real life. In psychology, these rare phenomena are not considered a deviation from the norm. The reason for working with a specialist is obsessive nightmares that affect the internal and external state of a person.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dreams that everyone has probably seen in their lives. We’ll also arm ourselves with instructions in case one of the above scenarios bothers you on a regular basis.

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Scenario 1. Tooth loss

Such a dream can show an inability to make an important decision in life. The task you set yourself turned out to be literally too difficult for you. Such is the metaphor.

To do?

If the dream becomes obsessive, it’s important to ask yourself: what goal have you set for yourself that you can’t figure out? What exactly is causing the depressed feelings right now? Such reflection will help you adjust your goals and capabilities.

Scenario #2. being naked in public

Such a dream means that a person in real life is afraid to show his true emotions and thoughts, but he has a need to express them. The subconscious has no choice but to push you through a dream to identify this need, in acceptance and non-condemnation from other people. And often himself.

To do?

If this dream recurs often, start inner work. Constantly praise yourself and stop criticizing. The meditation technique will help you distract yourself and find your strengths.

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Scenario #3. The loss of a loved one

Often such a dream can show that, on the one hand, you are afraid of losing a loved one, but, on the other hand, you have accumulated repressed aggression towards him, which for some reason you cannot express. It may be an old conflict that is a burden. Thus, the brain tries to show that it is important for you to resolve disagreements.

To do?

Try to resume communication and discuss the claims. The method of keeping a diary, where you can describe the accumulated experiences, will also be effective.

Scenario #4. persecution

Chases and the inability to escape from danger dream when you are afraid of someone or something in real life. Fears can be associated with your thoughts, actions. Also, such dreams say that at the moment too many problems and responsibilities have fallen on you.

To do?

If there is a lot of persecution in dreams, then you need to ask yourself what you are running from and boldly look at the “chaser”. Also try to reduce stress. Focus on only one important thing at any given time. If you cannot get rid of obsessive dreams on your own, contact a psychologist.

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Scenario #5. fall into the abyss

Such dreams are disturbing at critical moments in life. Also, falling from a height suggests that a person might lose orientation and support in life. You may devalue what is happening to you emotionally. For example, do not pay attention to the internal state in stressful situations.

To do?

If such a dream is repeated often, it means that you could be “stuck” in a moment of crisis. In this case, it is important to seek external support and make sure that your actions are correct.

Scenario #6. to be late

A similar plot can be dreamed of by those who in real life begin to master the desire to control everything that is not in their power. For hypercontrolling people, seeing being late in a dream is an opportunity (need) to relax. Also, perfectionists can often see similar dreams – people who need to do everything perfectly.

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To do?

In order for such a dream to stop disturbing, it is important to learn to relax in real life. It is advisable to seek help from a specialist here. Accompanied by a psychologist, the work will go faster and it will be safer.

Scenario #7. teasing

A dream in which you are laughed at may mean that it is very important for you not to lose face in front of society, there is strong concern about this and tension. A person cares a lot about what others think of him. Talk about insecurity and constant anxiety. Such a state is exhausting, and emotions are clearly manifested in dreams.

To do?

First of all, it is worth analyzing your situation and understanding whether there really are no reliable people in your environment who you can trust. If such dreams are frequent, it is better to work with a psychologist on the issue of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-esteem.

When should a specialist be contacted?

There is no need to sound the alarm and worry beforehand. Help may be needed when frequent frightening dreams begin to affect quality of life. If you constantly wake up, feel overwhelmed in the morning, remember the picture that you saw at night all day, then it may be worth contacting a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Working with a specialist will depend on the method you practice. Through diagnostic questions and exercises, the psychologist will help you better understand feelings and thoughts, identify unmet needs that the dreamer is trying to “light up”. There are a variety of techniques. For example, using a drawing. In this way, you can express feelings and understand your state at the current moment, which means determining the cause of nightmares.

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