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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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What does the color of your favorite sneakers say about your character and mood?

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 07:34:30

If you’ve been hitting the gym or jogging for a long time, then you probably take your equipment very seriously. When buying sneakers, first of all pay attention to the sole and material of the shoe. Good? Feet must be comfortable. This is the main thing.

But there are other nuances that are taken into account when choosing. For example, coloring. Why do you prefer this particular color and not another? Perhaps practicality plays a role: the bet is something universal and does not leave marks. And only an art therapist knows that everything is not always so simple with color.

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“I always loved blue, now for some reason I am attracted to red” – people often explain their personal choice in this way. Nobody thinks about the underlying causes. For its part, color is one of the ways to feel your inner world and your emotional state. Coloristic representations can tell a lot about a person.

Why the shoes can become indicative? There are no color restrictions here. There is an opportunity to choose something neutral and very bright. With the same office wardrobe, this will not work.

I suggest you pay attention to your favorite colors and through them feel your condition. It will also be possible to reveal certain facets of character and behavior. And, since we are talking about sport, let’s try to learn a little more about the organization of your training process.


On a subconscious level, this color gives a feeling of coziness, comfort and relaxation. Most of the time, they choose it when they want to stay in the shadows and take a neutral position. Perhaps, giving preference to beige sneakers, you convey the desire to play sports “for yourself”, without claiming leadership and results.

Sneakers 361 / Lamoda

Photo: Lamoda


This color indicates that it needs to be “grounded”. That is, I want to feel stability, support. Brown is also called “energy of the earth.” Most likely, he is a purposeful person who attaches great importance to home, family and traditions. Therefore, brown sneakers help to consolidate the existing results and play sports at your own pace. Carry out the training in a calm frame of mind, with a feeling of stability.

Puma / Sportmaster Shoes

Photo: Sportmaster


It is the color of balance and neutrality. As a rule, it does not calm and does not excite. It does not cause psychological reactions. In nature, this color is associated with stone. And this can speak of stability, order in the life and thoughts of a person.

Most likely, you are reasonable and suspicious. You can be a vulnerable person who thinks for a long time before settling on something. During training, the gray color of the sneakers will create balance. Positive and negative you will perceive it calmly, without emotional outbursts.

UYN / Trial-Sport Shoes

Photo: Trial-Sport

Feelings of excitement and revitalization will be associated with bright colors. Shoes in shades of red or yellow can be provocative and require you to challenge yourself. Internally, you answer the question: “What else am I capable of?”

Pay attention to the color of the strap!

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It is the color of energy, pressure, passion. Those who choose it are active people. They strive to be in the thick of things, success is important to them. A pair of sneakers in an inspiring red will, of course, signal that you have energy and are ready for new results. They will add vitality and unpack internal energy.

Demix / Sportmaster Shoes

Photo: Sportmaster


If you cannot achieve results without creativity and imagination, then most likely you will choose yellow sneakers for sports. It symbolizes optimism and the desire for freedom. You are calm, curious and enjoy attracting attention. The solar energy of yellow speaks of the emotion of joy and happiness. Did you choose sneakers in this color? It means that you experience a feeling of pleasure from victories.

Under Armor Shoes / Lamoda

Photo: Lamoda


It helps to focus on a problem or to obtain a result. If your favorite sneakers are blue, then this may indicate the presence of calm and tranquility. You have a well-developed intuition and the decisions you make contribute to the achievement of goals. You are disciplined, and this helps you tune in to training.

Brooks / Trial-Sport Shoes

Photo: Trial-Sport

We express feelings through color. Now, having understood this, you can approach the choice of sneakers in a different way. Those who have been involved in sports for more than a year have goals they want to achieve. Take color as an assistant and you will see how your emotional and physiological state changes.

For example, red or yellow will help you move faster towards your goal and prepare you for effective workouts. Gray and blue will allow you to gain a foothold on certain milestones and develop the right strategy.

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