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What is an ellipse and how to train on it to lose weight?

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 19:28:44

Ellipse is not only a way to diversify the cardiovascular load, but also a great opportunity to improve endurance, coordination and balance, and work on the cardiovascular system. It is also an outlet for those for whom the treadmill is contraindicated.

Types of elliptical trainers

Mechanic. In this type, the mechanism is operated by the person himself. Does not require connection to a power source. But it lacks smoothness, and they usually differ in excessive noise.

Magnetic. It also does not require electricity. This model is more fluid than the previous one, in addition, you can adjust the load.

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Electromagnetic. It must be connected to the network, thanks to which the functionality of the computer is much wider, it is possible to change programs, adjust the load and monitor the parameters of the body. It also differs in reliability and noiselessness.

We tell you how to correctly perform a triceps exercise:


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The last option is considered the most perfect of them. The principle of operation is the influence of an electromagnetic field on the flywheel.

author of seminars and master classes on fitness and crossfit in Russia

It is not about increasing muscle mass. The main goal is cardio, aimed primarily at burning fat, training the cardiovascular system and endurance.

How to exercise on such a simulator?

Classes on an elliptical trainer are cardiovascular training, respectively, it starts fat burning processes throughout the body. And it helps not only to get rid of fat, but also to increase metabolism.

By changing the technique of execution, you can independently load more specific areas of the body. However, if we talk about specific parts of the body, the muscles work during training:

hips; buttocks; back; press; shoulder girdle; arms; calves.

The key to successful classes will be the correct ellipsis. What is important to pay attention to when buying?

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Size. They are 1.5 and 2 m, so you need to choose the right one for the room where the installation is planned.

Matching parameters. The height and length of the levers should be adapted to your body. For this, it is better to “try it” before buying it.

View. They were mentioned above, the electromagnetic one is the most preferable, because the load is configured and regulated by reliable electronics.

Let’s move on to the training itself, before it starts, you need to warm up. Prepare your body by warming up arms, legs and back.

execution technique

Put your hands on the levers. Do not lean on them, the weight of the body is not transferred forward. Stand on the pedals, make sure your feet are snug. Straighten your back, but do not arch – this is necessary in order not to damage the spine. Adjust your stride length before starting your workout, if possible. Find the amplitude in which it is convenient for you to work.

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Let’s move on to the first steps: the front leg pushes forward, while the opposite hand pulls the bar towards itself. Then the sides change places.When moving, the weight is not transferred between the legs, it is evenly distributed.

During work, keep pace, do not make sudden breaks. When you’re done, slow down instead of coming to an abrupt stop. Get off the machine only after it has come to a complete stop. And be sure to watch your pulse. To do this, calculate the average yourself. This will allow you not to exhaust the body and get the maximum benefit from the load.

The formula to calculate the average heart rate: (220 – age) * 0.6 = your result.

We present a 15-minute complex that will bring tremendous benefits to your body, below:

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ellipse contraindications

Despite the gentle nature of the exercises, there are still limitations:

heart failure, asthma, diabetes mellitus, thrombophlebitis, oncological diseases, angina, heart disease, hypertension, sudden pressure jumps.

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Therefore, before you start training, be sure to consult your doctor. Then you will only benefit from the lessons.

author of seminars and master classes on fitness and crossfit in Russia

Including an ellipse and any other cardiovascular load in the plan is very helpful. The work of the heart, the work of the circulatory and respiratory systems, the blood supply to the tissues and the supply of oxygen improve. Even if a person seeks to increase muscle mass, it is also useful for him to do cardiovascular training.

Ellipse VS treadmill

I can’t say which one is better, it all depends on your body and goals. The treadmill is suitable for those who do not have serious injuries and chronic diseases, while there is a desire to lose weight. Compared to an ellipsoid, it burns 100-200 more calories, so the fat will disappear faster. But at the same time, classes require serious efforts from the heart and joints of a person.

The key difference is that on treadmills there is a flight phase, where both feet are lifted off the ground, then one foot steps in, and the movement continues. Upon contact with the surface, compression appears in all areas, from the foot, ankle, knee, hip and ending in the spine. And if the body is not ready or there is excess weight, then you need to minimize all shock loads and compressions.

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Unlike the treadmill, there is no flight phase in the ellipse, the feet are always on the pedals. The ellipse imitates the stroke in its movement, but without shock loads.

An elliptical trainer allows you to burn fewer calories than a treadmill, but the emphasis is more on your buttock muscles. It is also ideal for people with weak joints, because the load on them during exercise is less. Or if you have not been running before, then the ellipse will be a great solution, it helps you start doing cardiovascular and aerobic activities without harming your health.

valeria andreeva

member of the Russian national track and field team

During training on an elliptical trainer, more than 90% of the muscles are involved. And in an hour you can easily burn up to 800 kcal. That is why the ellipse is considered effective for losing weight, strengthening the cardiovascular system and improving the relief of the body.

How to train in ellipse to lose weight?

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories; on an ellipse, you can spend 400-500 kcal. If you increase the load, then you will burn all 800. To achieve a result, you need to practice at a certain pace, intensity and speed. The most effective option is cardio interval training, which alternates between medium and extreme loads.

Here is an example of such a program:

slow walking – 5 minutes; moderate training – 3-5 minutes; fast training – 30-60 seconds; return to a slow pace – 5 minutes.

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It is believed that even a 15-minute session alternating fast and slow intervals is much more effective in burning fat than monotonous work at an average pace for an hour. But it is important to remember that between interval training it is better to take a short break for another load. You can perform a minimum set of exercises for the press, squats, push-ups from the floor and arm swings. This will make the muscles feel better.

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to take care of your body. Cardiovascular loads are a great help in preparing for the beach season. So get out your sneakers and your uniform, it’s time to start exercising in a new way.

We tell you how to look aesthetically pleasing and at the same time improve your posture, in the material:

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