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Friday, September 29, 2023
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What is Mriyathlon 2023? Great guide to the main start of the triathlon in Crimea

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 15:12:14

Summer is considered a traditional season for outdoor sports. During the three months you can swim, run and bike, which means you can prepare for the final start of this season: the triathlon race. One of these will take place on August 26-27 in Crimea – Mriyathlon.

The triathlon race will take place near Yalta at the five-star hotel Mriya Resort & SPA. Do not forget that the southern coast of Crimea in the summer is a good place not only for competitions, but also for recreation. There you can enjoy the mild and healing climate of the sea, visit a large number of attractions, in general, how to relax the body and soul.

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Distances and routes

Both days of the competition are filled with a rich program. On August 26, fun races await young and old alike. Participants will have to run 4.2 km through the picturesque Parque del Vino, and small athletes will be able to run a distance of 500 m along the beach line.

The triathlon itself begins on August 27. It includes three distances: Sprint, Olympic and Hard. Each of them can be overcome individually and in relay format.

Photo: Mriya Resort


Distance: 0.75 km swim + 20 km cycle + 5 km run

Time limit: 2 hours 15 minutes

Let’s start with swimming. The swimming stage starts from the private beach. Then you have to ride a bike along the south coast serpentine, the rise at this stage will be 271 m. The route will start on the embankment with a high slope, go to the Wine Park orchard and continue along the Yalta- Sevastopol federal highway. On the way, you will pass the village of Opolzneve and Mount Shaitan-Merdven.

In the final section of the race, the climb will be 100 m, passing through the track located next to the vineyards. A separate pleasure will be a stunning view of the sea.

Photo: Mriya Resort


Distance: 1.5 km of swimming + 40 km of cycling + 10 km of running

Time limit: 4 hours 30 minutes

The route does not differ from the previous one, however, the athletes will have to cover the distance in two laps. All the same guys, but the challenge is already many times greater, here you need not only physical training, but also motivation.


Distance: 1.93 km of swimming + 90 km of cycling + 21.1 km of running

Time limit: 8 o ‘clock

This track is only for the physically and spiritually strongest. It is one of the most difficult in Russia in terms of climbing for cyclists (about 3000 m in total). So before you sign up for a test, make sure you and your body are ready for it.

Don’t worry about the quality of coverage over any cycling distance. The southern coastal road “Yalta – Sevastopol” will become the main one in the race. It will be specially locked for the participants, so that safety and comfort are guaranteed. An interesting and fascinating bonus awaits athletes who have chosen the Hard level. Your path will pass through the Crimean reserves, where you can admire the stunning pictures of nature.

Photo: Mriya Resort

Relay race

If you have a group of like-minded people, this format is definitely for you. It doesn’t matter if your team will be female, male or mixed, the main thing is that the age of the participants fits into the framework: from 18 years to 60+. The composition may overcome any of the three distances only if it represents a sports entity. They can be fan clubs, leagues, schools, federations and more.

What is included in the cost of the slot?

Exit number. An electronic chip that determines time. Finisher’s medal. Sports bag. Final buffet Jury professional team Bicycle workshop Use of showers and access to beach infrastructure.

Photo: Mriya Resort

What is the main prize?

In each distance, a winner will be revealed, who will receive accommodation for two people in the best rooms of the five-star hotel Mriya Resort & SPA. But that is not all! The gifts will also be prepared by the partners of the contest, in particular the general betting company Fonbet.

What else can you visit during the Mriyathlon?

The great advantage is the possibility of combining competition with holidays, and do not forget that you can invite your family or a group of friends with you. Many people arrive early to have time to settle in, acclimatize and see the surroundings. Crimea in August is really beautiful: the aromas of junipers captivate and ask for a walk for health, the sea at this time is incredibly warm, so swimming here will be a real pleasure.

Walking along trekking trails with incredibly beautiful landscapes, visiting an ancient coral reef, Mount Ai-Petri and watching the sunset from the peak, which is 1234m high – all this will be very close to you. You can merge with nature and feel its greatness.

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

Here are some places worth visiting for architecture lovers:

“Bird House”. The Gothic castle, perched on a 40-meter-high cliff of Cape Ai-Todor, has become one of the must-see places over the years. The architectural and exhibition complex itself consists of several viewing platforms, a permanent exhibition telling the history of the castle, and an exhibition area.Church of the Resurrection of Christ or Foros. Built in the 19th century, the church stands at an altitude of 412 m above sea level. From the observation deck you will have picturesque views of the surroundings of Yalta.cave cities. Along the coast you can find these unique structures carved into the rocks. They were created as defensive fortifications. Now it is one of the interesting points of the tourist map.Colorful palaces and museums. There are many of them on the peninsula, for example, the Livadia Palace Museum. It used to be the southern residence of Russian emperors. The building in a light Italian style sinks into the soul and pleases the eye.A pleasant walk from the park can be transferred to vineyards AND olive grovesthat are so reminiscent of the Italian landscapes of Tuscany.

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All interesting points are located next to each other, you do not have to travel far from one attraction to another. Make your own short route along the southern coast of Crimea and add even more memories to the already brilliant Mriyathlon.

How to get to the start?

There are several options for the route to the starting point, study them to choose the most suitable one.

Photo: Mriya Resort

train or bus

Trains and buses run from most major Crimean cities. The closest to the starting point of the triathlon is Yalta, so choose the tickets. Then you need to get to the Mriya Resort & SPA hotel, you can get there by taxi, indicating the address: s. Opolzneve, c. Generala Ostryakova, 9. The second option is bus number 128, you will need to get off at the “Sanatorium” Zori Rossii “stop.

private car

Do you love road trips? So the question of how to get there cannot be! Prepare your car and go from any city. Do not forget to take a good company and make a map of places of interest, there will be a lot of them on the way.

Yacht charter from Sochi

A small day cruise is a good way to get to your starting point. Participants will be met at the Sochi airport. From there they will go to the river port, where they will transfer to the yacht. About 24 hours of sailing, enjoying the light breeze and visiting the ports of Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Novorossiysk, Anapa and other cities.

Photo: Mriya Resort

Where to live?

The choice of accommodation is large enough, for any budget. Mriya Resort & SPA has prepared discounts and special offers for the participants. Thanks to them, you can book comfortable rooms for the whole family, friends or team. In addition, the partners of the event also provide accommodation – you can stay in a guest house or hotel in Alupka, Simeiz, Yalta, etc.

How to take part?

To do this, you need to perform only a couple of actions:

Decide the distance. Register on the mriyathlon.ru website before August 11. Prepare everything you need to get started.

Do not miss the opportunity to make this summer unforgettable, end it with brightness and sportiness. An exciting trip to the Crimea and the Mriyathlon triathlon race will definitely help you with this.

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