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What is sublimation and how to use it for a breakthrough in life? Instructions of psychologists.

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The life of a modern person is very diverse and multifaceted. Every day we experience emotions and desires that turn impulses into actions. Today, almost all spheres of life are regulated. The rules are companions of almost any of our actions. They are designed to avoid chaos and make the coexistence of a large number of people as comfortable as possible.

Making decisions and acting solely based on your emotional background is quite dangerous. This can lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, it is important to direct the negative in a constructive direction. Sublimation is one way to solve this problem.

What is sublimation?

This is one of the unconscious defense mechanisms of the psyche, along with repression or rationalization. Its main task is to reduce anxiety caused by unacceptable impulses.

The term itself was introduced into scientific circulation by the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Such an idea came to his mind after reading one of Heinrich Heine’s poems, where the main character had a tendency to torture animals. In the process of growing up, he became a famous surgeon.

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The Austrian psychiatrist came to the conclusion that this process can be called sublimation. That is, the compression and channeling of destructive emotions in a creative way. The energy that was previously expressed in violence against animals has been redirected towards constructive and socially beneficial actions.

Remember that negative emotional impulses, taking a positive form, lose their destructive influence on our psyche and dissolve into activity.

The main reason for sublimation is to find a calm and safe place within your personality. The acquisition of psychological comfort, which replaces the dangerous – constructive. That is, the “emotional swing” turns into a “smooth path.”

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Operating principle

Let’s take a specific example. You had a fight with a loved one. You consider him guilty and consider yourself a victim of an unfair attitude towards you. Within five minutes, anger builds up in you. And then the key question is what will happen next? Spilling negative emotions into the outside world, you risk encountering problems in building interpersonal relationships. Also, it can damage your reputation.

A burst of anger has an alternative: sublimation. You can direct the energy generated by negative emotion into physical activities. For example, going to the gym or cleaning the house. The energy received in the process of negative and emotional experience (in this case, a quarrel) will turn into a constructive result.

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sublimation methods

There are several types of sublimation. Using them, you can qualitatively change your life.


This is the most popular method of turning a negative state into a positive one. It is also the safest way to express emotions. Creativity can be completely different: singing, drawing, dancing.


It is most often used to release anger. Martial arts are especially helpful in this regard. For example, boxing, wrestling, sambo or karate. Team games will relieve the feeling of loneliness.

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The German philosopher Theodor Adorno, in his work “Aesthetic Theory”, described watching movies and television programs as sublimation. Because? Through the perception of someone else’s experience, a person experiences emotions from him, including negative ones. This applies to action movies and detectives.


Subconsciously, many use this method in life. Getting overwhelmed with work so you don’t think about unpleasant things is a very popular scenario. Here it is important to know that any pain can be compensated not only by excessive addiction to work, but also by creative performance of tasks.

video games

Many mistakenly believe that games sublimate only anger and anger. This is bad. Today there are programs with immersive stories, through which you can experience injustice, loneliness, shame and guilt.

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How to sublimate “correctly”?

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Sublimation can have a positive effect as it is a powerful psychological tool that can improve quality of life. As? It allows you to channel emotions and energy in a positive direction, stimulating growth and development. This is how we become that “best version of ourselves”. How to sublimate in the most efficient way possible?

1. Identify your emotions. Being aware of your own feelings is the first step in sublimation. Know your states. This process can be used as a force to achieve goals.

2. Find constructive solutions. Find an activity that absorbs your emotional energy and turns it into a productive activity. It can be physical activity, creativity, participation in team sports.

3. Set goals. Determine the specific goals you want to achieve with sublimation. For example, improve your physical shape, develop new skills. Set realistic and measurable goals. They will inspire you to develop and grow.

4. Find support. The approval of those around you and your loved ones will be an important factor in overcoming difficulties. In addition, you will stay motivated throughout the process.

5. Be patient. This process requires a lot of time and perseverance. Be prepared for the fact that the results will not come instantly. Gradually develop your skills and continue to practice the use of sublimation in various life situations.

6. Measure your progress. Regularly review your growth and celebrate your achievements. This will help keep you set up for continued success.

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sublimation and sports

Sport is not only a physical activity, but also a psychological challenge that requires maximum concentration and control. Athletes face a variety of emotional challenges in their pursuit of success on the sports field, and this can affect performance.

This is where a strategy like sublimation comes in handy. Help athletes turn their emotions into a powerful driver of success. When an athlete finds himself frustrated, angry, scared, or angry after a bad game or performance, he can redirect that energy toward intense training or developing new strategies.

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Examples of sublimation of athletes.

1. Michael Phelps, a legendary swimmer, is known for his way of sublimating energy during training. When under stress or strain, he often goes deeper into the training process.

2. Most tennis players tend to be aggressive. Winner of 23 Grand Slam tournaments Serena Williams he used this strategy to overcome his emotions during matches. She channeled anger and determination into powerful shots and uncompromising play. This helped her achieve high results.

3. Argentinean soccer player Lionel MessiCoping with pressure and expectations, he turns his energy into creativity on the pitch. The striker uses technique and intelligence to get past defenders and create scoring chances for his team.

4. Basketball player kobe ​​bryant he used sublimation to turn his passion and perseverance into the art of the game. She found inspiration in the inner challenge and exploited his skills to show impressive results on the court.

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