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Friday, September 29, 2023
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What is Tiknizyan doing! With a new goalscorer, Loko crushed Evseev’s team

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 15:51:57

What is Tiknizyan doing! With a new goalscorer, Loko crushed Evseev’s team

Anatoly Romanov July 30, 2023, 19:40 Moscow time

Fakel played very well in attack, but conceded four times.

Lokomotiv defeated Fakel in a big way, and Dziuba snapped a four-game scoreless run in the RPL. Vadim Evseev’s team lost all three matches of the new season: two in the championship and one in the Russian Cup. The hardest start of the Voronezh team.

Lokomotiv head coach Mikhail Galaktionov changed almost the entire defense line compared to the first round match with Rubin, leaving only Tiknizyan, who was overwhelmed. And in attack, Isidoro finally got a place in the base. Galaktionov was losing his “perfect understudy”, but he had no right not to give the Frenchman a chance. Isidor appeared on the left flank, and Pinyaev moved to the right (during the first half, the wingers switched positions).

Lokomotiv pushed from the start, won standards. Barinov, after one out and an error by Belenov at the start, could score a non-standard goal, with a header from behind the penalty area. But he didn’t hit it. However, the goalkeeper of the Torch showed that Dziuba fouled him. And in the 12th minute, another controversial moment with the participation of Dzyuba ended with Loko opening the scoring. “Torch” made a mistake when rebuilding in the corner, leaving Zhemaletdinov free. The midfielder was able to shoot freely – he hit the ball on the crossbar. Dzyuba in the fight against Bozhin managed to finish. The captain of the “Torch” demanded to fix the opponent’s foul, but the referee Kazartsev did not consider the contact a strong push from the attacker. The VAR supported the boss and, perhaps, we can agree with this decision.

This was Dzyuba’s fourth touch in an outside area, while he made three in the entire match with Rubin. Voronezh, unlike Kazan, lost air to Artyom.

How the railway workers parted ways with Evseev:

“He’ll give up the first time.” Remember how Yevseyev scandalously left Loko because of Byshovets?

Then Lokomotiv lowered the lines a bit and concentrated on counterplay. And for the ‘Torch’ another annoyance, in addition to the missed ball, was Kalinin’s injury. However, Evseev’s team managed to put pressure on the railway workers, and then it turned out that the center of defense is still a problem for Loko. Kuzmichev and Pogostnov were “fried”. Voronezh also scored after a corner: at the far post Kuzmichev gaped and lost sight of Markov.

In addition, before the break, Galaktionov’s team was about to receive a penalty in their own net – the ball hit Pogostnov’s hand. If the referee called a foul, the Loko centre-back would likely receive a second yellow card and be sent off. But Kazartsev and the VAR team came to the same conclusion: the hand was in a natural position.

Something was missing in the Lokomotiv game and could not be found in any way. Even before the game hour was up, Galaktionov made a double substitution, taking Isidor and Zhemaletdinov off the field. In Fakel, the newly arrived Moldovan midfielder Motpan stood out: he beat, he gave in, he earned fouls. However, it was Moţpan’s own infraction that led to the designation of a free kick, from which the railwaymen scored the second goal. The hosts again strangely placed themselves in the standard – here Evseev has something to work on. Tiknizyan was left alone on the rebound and calmly put the ball into the goal. This is the defender’s sixth goal in the RPL since mid-April.

Soon Dziuba was injured, and Pinyaev received a warning (for a foul on the same Motspan). Galaktionov was going to change both, but luckily for Lokomotiv the substitution of the young winger did not take place before he scored the third goal for the guests. Pinyaev dispersed the counterattack with a pass to Glushenkov and completed it himself. It seems that Magal, who stayed in the defense of the hosts, did not act entirely correctly. The Torch midfielder began to secure a teammate instead of controlling the movement of Pinyaev, who flew away from everyone at his insane speed.

From two falls in a few minutes, “Torch” did not recover. With the score 3:1, the railway controlled the game and allowed the Voronezh team little. There was a moment at the end, only Lantratov was shown: he made a super save. It is curious that, according to shooting statistics, the Voronezh team even beat the Muscovites – 16:15 (on goal: 5:5). And in the 89th minute, a quick response attack from Galaktionov’s team, which began with Karpukas’s interception, ended in a goal. And who won? Tiknizyan!

Tiknizyan’s performance in 2023 is just some kind of miracle.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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