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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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What shades of green are in fashion and who suits them? 15 things: from a swimsuit to a pantsuit

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 16:26:30

For a few seasons now, green has been firmly entrenched in the list of color trends. Although it does not occupy the first lines, however, the desire for nature and naturalness is clearly growing. This is especially evident in the spring-summer collections. An interesting fact is that the human eye, perceiving 8-10 million colors, distinguishes most of the shades of green.

In recent years its variations have been relevant: olive, pistachio, matcha, mint. In the spring-summer 2023 season, brighter, more saturated and even flashy variations of green seized the minds of fashionistas. Exactly what? These are the tones: classic green (brilliant summer greens) and love birds (bright lime, halfway between yellow and green). We understand the nuances of each of them, we get inspired and find our ideal green.

O’STIN men’s T-shirt, 999 rubles. / Zarina women’s shorts, 781 rubles. in Lamoda

Photo: O’STIN, Lamoda

Shade Classic Green: shades of color and things

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In fact, one of the most relevant shades of green this season is Classic Green. This is a classic pure color that represents warm spring and sunny summer. It will suit most women and will fit into almost any wardrobe.

This tone transmits tranquility, confidence, well-being and softness. With him, the field of experimentation is wider. Suits, dresses, jeans, accessories – choose what you want! Of course, things for sports and leisure, painted in Classic Green (in whole or in part), will also look great. What to buy in this shade?

OTS bandage design, 410 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

1. Headband

This accessory will be a great addition to your summer outfit. They go perfectly with Sport Chic, Preppy and Old Money looks. Wear a bandage instead of a headband or in the Greek style. By the way, it looks great with beach curls. Also here it is worth mentioning the scarf that is relevant this season. It can be worn as a headband, as a scarf, and under a baseball cap or hat. By the way, this is one of the compromise options for men, who are often afraid of too active colors.

SUNLUX swimsuit, 988 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

2. Swimsuit / swimsuit

Another great way to wear this playful Classic Green is to bring it to life in a bathing suit. Just imagine: blue sky, turquoise sea, yellow sand, a riot of greenery all around, and the perfect Classic Green on a tanned body.

Men can also consider the beachy incarnation of this color. If a completely painted product scares with its brightness, we take the option – accent fragments.

Red bay men’s swimming trunks (with Classic Green inserts), 888 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

3. jeans

Denim is in the lead this season. Also, in the field of coloring, designers are not limited to the classics. You can safely choose bright jeans. To get into the trends in all respects, choose the current models: cargo, flared and baggy jeans. Taking into account the fact that summer is in the yard, we are actively considering shorter versions – shorts. This option is especially suitable for men. Few opt for intense green jeans, but with shorts it is somewhat easier: after all, it is more summery.

Jeans Zarina, 1999 rub.

Photo: Czarina

With what colors to combine the Classic Green?

For more sober and elegant looks, combine this color with yellow and blue. For contrasting, vibrant and striking ensembles, with red and purple. With achromats: black, white, gray.

A noble duet will turn out with beige. Monochrome is an aristocratic combination of all times. Use a single color in your clothing set, but with different degrees of lightness: from bleached to darkened.

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Hue Love Bird: color nuances and how to wear

Last season, the most fashionable girls dressed in bright pink, and this year the Pantone Color Institute suggested paying attention to flashy green. This shade is Love Bird (with a yellow undertone). It looks like a clear, shiny lime. It is somewhere between yellow and green. It is important to understand here that we are dealing with a fairly active color, which is not for everyone.

Scuola Nautica Italiana T-shirt (for cycling), 2590 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

Who suits and with what to combine?

Dark-haired or tanned girls are recommended to wear it in the portrait area. The Love Bird shade will further emphasize the skin color, give the face freshness and youth. Light-skinned girls with a transparent and pastel appearance, on the contrary, will “get lost” in such a shade. With its shine, it will simply kill your natural beauty.

Swimsuit so-sexy.me, 6460 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

Love Bird harmoniously looks in achromatic images as a color accent. Enhance the mood even further with black and white. Gray and beige, this shade will give you a soft spiciness. Bold fashionistas can consider the royal combination of different shades of green in one bow.

For example, under a pantsuit in a grass shade, you could wear a darker green T-shirt and carry a clutch in a lime shade. Bright green with a yellow undertone blends harmoniously with shades of the same degree of brightness and purity: yellow, orange, blue and pink.

Nike shorts, 5290 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

What to buy in the shade Love Bird?

1. Pant Suit

The hot trend of the current season is a three-piece suit. It can consist of a jacket, a vest, pants or a shorts suit. If this is too “hot” for you, then you can consider the basic options – ordinary trouser suits. Palazzo pants (bermuda shorts) and a loose-fitting shirt are an option for hot summer days.

Noele Boutique suit, 8290 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

2. Knitted top (dress)

The hand-knitted texture easily fits into summer streetwear. This is the most win-win trend and at the same time it has an incredible number of all kinds of style combinations. Do not forget the accessories. A bag or sandals in such an unusual shade can make almost any look interesting and fashionable. From everyday smart casuals to memorable nights out.

Superior IRMADEX, 961 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

How to “calm down” bright green?

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To calm down the flashy bright green a bit, pair it with things in an understated, neutral shade. For example, you can wear white pants or jeans with a light-colored T-shirt, over which a bright green blazer is thrown. Complete the look with the same accent loafers.

An interesting option is to repeat the main color of the thing on one of the elements of the image, and the shade of whitewash on the other. Then all the elements of your outfit will be connected with each other. The secret of elegant and harmonious combinations lies in the nuances that can be traced in each wardrobe item.

Also, bright lime goes well with denim, which is no less relevant this summer. The degree of fashion can be increased with the help of fashionable denim shorts, cargo pants or a long skirt, complementing them with a bright green top or a white T-shirt with an unbuttoned lime green shirt. Get a great look for walks around town.

Men’s socks (3 pairs of different colors) O’STIN, 799 rubles.

Photo: O’STIN

If you are careful about bold colors in clothes, add a bright and modern note in the form of accessories. For example, it can be shoes and a bag… Alternatively, socks. This option is perfect for men who find it difficult to tolerate large dollops of glitter.

An important condition here: the shades of clothing with accent accessories should be neutral or match the temperature of the accessories.

There are two rules for the harmonious combination of colors. The first is to combine shades of any saturation similar in temperature, when we combine warm colors with other warm colors, cold colors with similar ones.

The second is the use of a saturation, but at the same time any temperature. A light warm shade looks harmonious with an equally light, warm and cold one. Dark – with any dark color.

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Does bright green suit everyone?

So, we already understood that in the spring-summer 2023 season, the most fashionable green is bright. The Love Bird shade can be found in almost every designer collection. Most of the mass market brands have also introduced it to their range. But in order to create a stylish look, it is not necessary to choose wardrobe items only in this shade, even if it is so popular today.

DariVadi baseball cap, 387 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

There are 16 appearance colors. Each of them has its own green. Against the background of this shade, the appearance of a person is revealed, he becomes more attractive. One is dark green, the other light green. Some are brighter, while others are muted, cool, or warm. To determine your shade, you should seek the advice of a specialist who will help you determine your color affiliation.

It is important to remember that if the tone is not yours, you run the risk of damaging the color of the skin and highlighting imperfections: wrinkles, dark circles, etc.

Warrior Shanghai men’s sneakers, 3160 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

What to do if you really like the bright shade of lime, but it doesn’t match the color? Only wear this color away from the face. Take it down. For example, buy pants, sandals or a skirt in this shade. Of course, shoes are also a safe option.

There are no hard and fast rules about what green things you should buy. The choice of clothing is an individual story. It depends on the lifestyle, style, type of appearance and taste preferences. Fashion does not impose limits on us, but expands them.

Men’s sneakers 361 FLAME RS, 10 790 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

Will this update be deprecated?

Don’t be afraid to get something shiny for a season. A wardrobe item becomes obsolete just because of its cut, which can lose relevance over time. We look older in those clothes. Everything is different with color: even if it is not in fashion at the moment, it always remains relevant. It is important to correctly combine shades in one image and choose products in a modern style.

Important! Prices are those in force at the time of publication. Also, don’t forget that color is a delicate matter. In reality, the shades may differ slightly.

Now we can easily determine the actual colors. It remains to deal with the forms:

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