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What to train on the street in summer: 17 things, from cheap to very expensive

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 08:00:05

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Proper training clothing should maintain a comfortable temperature, wick moisture away from the body, and allow movement. Also, in some cases, choosing the right equipment will help reduce the risk of injury and shorten the recovery period. What to look for when buying?

Demix (MOVI-tex wicking material wicks away moisture), leggings – 1399 rubles, top – 974 rubles.

Photo: Demix

materials and technologies

For summer street training, clothing made of synthetic materials is suitable. Natural fabrics dry slowly, weigh more, wrinkle more and wear out quickly. This is especially noticeable with frequent washings.

Synthetic fabrics, that is, polyester, polyamide, lycra, nylon or Cordura, perform better in training. These materials wick away moisture well, stretch thanks to the lycra or spandex in the composition, support the muscles and contribute to their speedy recovery if compression garments are worn.

Nike men’s shorts (Dri-FIT technology that wicks away moisture and dries quickly), 4399 RUB. /Sportmaster

Photo: Sportmaster

In the manufacture of things for training, special technologies are often used. Thanks to them, clothes can have a cooling effect, maintain the temperature and even give off a pleasant aroma when perspiring.

To feel comfortable in any weather, do not forget about a windbreaker, and on rainy days, a jacket with a membrane or moisture impregnation, such as DWR, will come in handy. Such items may cost from 2,500 to 16,000 rubles.

Euphoria: top — 2800 rubles, cycling shorts — 2150 rubles. / Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

size and fit

If you do not know your size, then it is enough to measure the girths and consult the table that each manufacturer has. It is usually indicated on the website or in the application. Choby to choose the right clothes, you will need waist, hips, chest and height.

When you understand what size to take, you need to decide on the cut: tight (slim fit), semi-adjacent (standard fit) or loose (oversized).

Demix T-shirt (with MOVI-tex wick technology), 1699 RUB.

Photo: Demix

Oversized clothing can be long or short, usually with dropped sleeves and bulky trouser cuffs. This equipment is optimal for strength training with low and medium load. A set of sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt can be bought at a price from 3,000 to 18,000 rubles.

Toread women’s windbreaker (water-repellent impregnation and UV protection), 5999 rubles. /Sportmaster

Photo: Sportmaster

Tight clothing has a close fit and is best suited for running and high-intensity activities. It has a compression effect and does not allow the muscles to clog. In order for you to feel the full functionality of such models, the sleeves of the T-shirt (long sleeves) should fit tightly to the body, and the leggings should not fold below the knees. This set will cost from 5,000 to 13,000 rubles.

color and style

Workout clothes don’t have to be boring colors. Games in your favorite tones will cheer you up and become the motivation to practice more often. For a color scheme, you can focus on tips in the form of capsules in the clothing and shoe collections. In stores, they are often located next to each other.

Top Reebok, 1247 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

In hot weather, it is better to choose light shades that heat up less in the sun. But in the combination of styles, no one limits you. For example, for training, you can take tourist clothes, since they perform similar functions. A basic set of leggings and a t-shirt can be purchased for approx. for 3500 rubles.

Men’s adidas Essentials T-shirt (cotton + recycled polyester), 3079 rubles. /Sportmaster

Photo: Sportmaster


In addition to clothes, it will be useful to stock up on a couple of useful little things. So for street training you should definitely buy touched. The best option would be a baseball cap, for example, made of nylon. It is almost not felt on the head, does not fade, tolerates frequent washing and allows the skin to breathe. An alternative can be a visor made of polyester or of the same nylon. The cost of such an accessory starts from 1000 rubles.

Demix baseball cap, 584 rubles.

Photo: Demix

For keys and other small things, you can take a fanny pack. Its price varies from 600 to 6000 rubles. If you only take the phone, then one shoulder case will be enough, and besides, it is cheaper – it will cost about 500–3000 rubles. Also, a geyter will be relevant for any kind of cargo – this is the name of a special “tube” made of microfiber, which can serve as a scarf, kerchief, bandage, wristband and even a towel. products can be found of 500 to 5500 rublesdepending on the brand.

Jarov running belt, 453 rubles. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

What should be avoided?

The biggest mistake when choosing workout clothes is buying things that are not your size and hoping that you will soon lose weight or lose weight. It is not necessary for the sake of dubious economy to neglect comfort.

Another mistake is to wear clothes that are too loose for hard training sessions. Such equipment will not give the muscles the support they need. Different types of training require different things.

How to take care of things?

In order for the clothes to retain their shape and appearance for a longer time, do not neglect washing. If there is no time, after class you should at least rinse things with water. The sooner you do this, the better, as the smell of sweat can be absorbed into the fabric. It is better to wash workout clothes with liquid detergents. Of powdered abrasives, it wears out faster, and special impregnations are removed.

Photo: Trial-Sport, Sportmaster, Nonconform, Lamoda

1. Reebok FLOATRIDE ENERGY 5 women’s sneakers, 11,998 rubles. / Trial-Sport

2. Xtep Running Power run high-performance sports shoes, 10,720 rubles. / Fashion

3. Men’s sneakers 361 ° Flash, 8999 rubles. /Sportmaster

4. PEAK Cushion Running Shoes sneakers, 6200 rubles. /Not conforming

5. Brandblack Specter SC 2.0 sneakers, 26 499 rubles. / Fashion

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