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What were the famous Russian figure skating coaches like in their youth? Photo

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What were the famous Russian figure skating coaches like in their youth? Photo

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Moskvina and Mishin looked harmonious together on the ice, and Tutberidze was a fiery brunette.

We are used to seeing the stern and concentrated faces of our famous coaches close to the side. But have they always been like this? Of course not. Previously, they looked happy and carefree, like all young people.

“Championship” has collected for you a selection of photos of famous Russian coaches in their youth. Look, some of them may not be recognizable!

Tatyana Tarasova

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Tatyana Anatolyevna was born in the family of the famous hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov. No wonder she started skating at the age of five. Tarasova was an excellent boy, in a duet with Georgy Proskurin she won the Universiade. But her sports career did not last long: due to her shoulder injury, she Tatyana Anatolyevna was forced to leave the ice at the age of 19. But she Tarasova did not think to join figure skating and she soon became a coach. She probably knows the great future that awaits her in a new field.

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Tamara Moskvina and Alexey Mishin

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For both Tamara Nikolaevna and Alexei Nikolaevich, figure skating began as a hobby. But they felt so attracted to this sport that they decided to dedicate their whole lives to it. Both started out as singles skaters, but eventually switched to pairs; in those days, this type was the flagship in our country. Moskvina (née Bratus) started conquering a new look earlier and when she duetted with Mishin, she was already the USSR champion paired with Alexander Gavrilov. For Alexei Nikolaevich, Tamara Nikolaevna became the first partner. But the difference in experience did not prevent them from achieving good results: silver in the World Championship, as well as silver and bronze in the continental championship.

“Tamara and I entered the elite, where the celestials, Belousova and Protopopov, first performed, and then the superstars, Rodnina with partners. If it weren’t for such a ward, we would have become much bigger title holders,” Mishin said.

However, great achievements came into their lives, but already in the field of coaches.

Elena Tchaikovskaya

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Parents sent Elena Anatolyevna to figure skating to improve her health. The coach Tatyana Tolmacheva saw talent in the girl, that in 1957 she was confirmed by the title of the winner of the USSR championship. But unfortunately, Tchaikovsky’s sports career was short-lived. Seeing the level of single skating abroad, she realized that her career was useless and she went to study at GITIS as a choreographer. At first, Elena Anatolyevna helped establish programs for figure skaters, and later became a coach. She has probably heard about what Tchaikovskaya achieved in his new profession.

Elena Buyanova

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Buyanova (nee Vodorezova) is a rare example of a figure skater who was able to achieve heights both in sports and in training. At the age of 12, Elena won the USSR championship, but she soon struck out with even more unique achievements. At the debut European Championships, Vodorezova in the short program was the first in history to perform a double jump combination – a triple sheepskin coat, and before her, even men had not made cascades with a second triple jump. And in the free show, she became the only performer in the world of three triples in one show. After that, she was talked about as a figure skater all over the world as a phenomenon and she began to be called “a girl with a ponytail”.

Elena failed to achieve big titles, as she was not good at mandatory figures. However, Vodorezova was able to win valuable medals. She became the first Soviet figure skater to win the World and European Championships.

In training, Elena Germanovna also managed to get an achievement with the prefix “first”. She became the first coach to lead Russia to Olympic gold in women’s skating.

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Alexander Zhulin

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Zhulin, like many others, was taken to the skating rink to improve his health. But soon the talent made itself felt, and the boy began to actively develop in figure skating. At the age of 16, Alexander went from being single to dancing and was paired with Maya Usova. Their partner was one of the best in the world and showed brilliant results, but alas, Zhulin and Usova did not achieve the main goal – Olympic gold – even with two attempts. Alexander was able to conquer the Games after becoming a coach; His students Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov helped him in this.

Eteri Tutberidze

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Tutberidze came to the rink at the age of four. She was a very hard-working and capable single skater, but her height nearly put an end to her prospects in this form. Therefore, Eteri switched to dancing. In the new form, Tutberidze also showed excellent abilities, but she did not manage to climb to the highest steps of the pedestals of the Soviet competitions.

There was less and less hope of building a successful career, so soon Eteri went on tour in the United States. Fortunately, Tutberidze did not stay long in a foreign country and soon returned to Russia to pursue a coaching career. And here Eteri Georgievna finally expected success.

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