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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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What will happen in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and patch 2.0 – Russian, Idris Elba, police

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:36:03

Already September 26 Phantom Liberty will be released, the first and only addition to the story of Cyberpunk 2077. Its release will mark the end of support for the popular action game, but the game leaves on a strong note, because in addition to the DLC, the authors release a Major update 2.0 with many changes and fixes for Cyberpunk itself.

We’ll tell you what to expect from the add-on and patch 2.0, which will be available to all Cyberpunk 2077 owners.

Please note: The Phantom Liberty patch and expansion will only be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.

Phantom Liberty Release Date and Patch 2.0

Patch 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on September 21. The Phantom Liberty addon will be released on September 26. The DLC was translated into Russian, but only the subtitles, without voice acting.

The video is available on the Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to CD Projekt RED.

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Big patch 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077

Update 2.0 will be the most important patch for Cyberpunk 2077. The patch will largely fix CD Projekt RED’s bugs – players expected most of the innovations when the game was released almost three years ago. The authors will finally redesign the police, add battles while driving and much more. The first is the first.

New skills and skill tree.

With the release of patch 2.0, Cyberpunk 2077’s perk system will change completely. The developers relied on active skills, abandoning the percentage increase in damage and other “invisible” improvements. So, among the new abilities shown are repelling bullets with a sword, running in the air, powerful finishing moves and other spectacular abilities.

New Tech Skill Tree

Photo: CD Projekt RED

After the patch is released, players will be able to reset all of their skills in the current game and rebuild their skill tree from scratch.

New cyber implant system

The developers say little about the redesigned cybernetic implants, but we still know something. So, in update 2.0, implants will have a certain limit, beyond which the character will receive negative effects.

This could be, for example, a decrease in maximum health or an increase in the skill cooldown. The authors have already confirmed that the cyberpsychosis system will not appear in the game: that is, the hero will not be able to “go crazy” from an overabundance of augmentations; the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was based on this theme.

New cyber implant system

Photo: CD Projekt RED

Battles while traveling in transport.

Another important innovation in patch 2.0 is vehicle combat. For the first time, the main character will be able to shoot enemies while driving a car. And driving a motorcycle, the character will be able to fight in hand-to-hand combat. So now it will be much easier to escape from your pursuers: lean out the window, fire a couple of shots and move on calmly.

Also, by receiving a special netrunner ability, the main character will be able to literally blow up the enemy’s equipment on the move. Perhaps this is one of the most useful skills in the game.

Destroy the enemy team without a single bullet

Photo: CD Projekt RED

Improved enemy and police behavior.

The police will also undergo major changes: with the release of update 2.0, the police will pose a much greater threat to the player. Law enforcement officers will receive new weapons, equipment and agents and will be more willing to pursue the main character for his misdeeds, without suddenly appearing behind him.

Additionally, the game world will feature chases not only for the player, but also for other residents of Night City. The user can intervene in the chase or pass by. The police chase level will be displayed as stars from one to five next to the minimap, just like in the GTA series games. The intensity of police work will also depend on the area: in the rich areas of Night City there will be many more law enforcement officers than in the poor ones.

Shootouts with police promise to be hot

Photo: CD Projekt RED

Changes to the item and loot creation system.

The developers will again modify the system for dropping and creating items. There will be less loot, but it will have more meaning.

Considering the fact that the authors will also seriously rework the skill tree, crafting will also become a much more meaningful activity. Created weapons and equipment will also be able to be compared with rare analogues received by completing quests.

new radio stations

Finally, new radio stations will be added to Cyberpunk 2077. There will be three in total, and the middle one is the “89.7 Roar FM” frequency. It will feature unofficial compositions from the game community.

Interestingly, it will be hosted by Sasha Gray, a former adult film star and now streamer and vlogger. She will play a girl named Ash: it is unknown if the main character will be able to meet her.

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“Phantom Freedom” Addon Details

The video is available on the Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to CD Projekt RED.

The easiest way to compare Phantom Liberty is with the “Blood and Wine” expansion for “The Witcher 3”: its action will also take place in a completely new location, but there will be much more connection with the main story.

You can start playing Phantom Liberty after completing the Bridget and the Voodooists branch. In this case, users will be able to start a new game immediately by completing the DLC through a separate item in the menu.

New Dogtown area and great history.

The Phantom Liberty addon will take place in a new location: the district. dogtown (Dog City). This is the most desperate place in Night City, run by the Barghest group led by Kurt Hansen. He is not afraid of corporations or the police, which is why it is in Dogtown where the darkest operations in the entire city take place.

The plot of Phantom Liberty begins with a call from a certain Jay: she promises to help V with a deadly biochip in his head if the main character goes to Dogtown and rescues the president of New USA from there. Rosalinda Myers. To do this, V asks for help from Solomon Reed, a “sleeper agent” played by British actor Idris Elba.

Solomon Reed played by Idris Elba

Photo: CD Projekt RED

It was Reed to whom CD Projekt RED dedicated a great cinematic trailer for Phantom Liberty. Apparently, it was his fault that the president of the United States suffered a plane crash in Dogtown.

The video is available on the Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to CD Projekt RED.

Phantom Liberty will be an important part of the overall plot of Cyberpunk 2077, so the relationship between V and Johnny Silverhand (Keanu Reeves) will continue to develop in the future expansion. The authors have also prepared an additional ending, which will open with certain options in the addon.

New tasks, orders, boss battles and transport missions.

Of course, Phantom Liberty will offer players not only story missions, but also many side missions. The repairmen will have additional missions and V’s new acquaintances will have dangerous tasks in Dogtown.

Cyberpunk 2077 will also include a new type of mission: stealing rare vehicles. For completing these tasks, players will receive unique rewards, including weapons for their personal vehicle.

In addition, endlessly repeating tasks in the spirit of Fallout 4 and Skyrim will be added to the game, for those who did not have enough main content in Cyberpunk. The main character will be able to complete procedurally generated missions in different parts of Night City.

New weapons, items and rocket launchers on vehicles.

With the release of Phantom Liberty, players can expect over 100 new items: from first aid kits and grenades to weapons and equipment. The most intriguing thing is the customization of the car: in one of the fragments, the authors showed a real rocket launcher on V’s car, which destroys a police barrier.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom

Photo: CD Projekt RED

It is quite possible that the vehicle’s weapon customization will open after completing the robbery missions. In addition to rocket launchers, users will be able to install machine guns and other weapons on their vehicles.

New skill branch and max level increase.

In Phantom Liberty, the main character will have another leveling branch called Relic. It won’t add new abilities for V, but it will seriously improve the main character’s existing abilities.

Thus, thanks to improved optical camouflage, V will be able to become invisible during battle, and improving the mantis’ swords will allow him to perform a special attack with a forward dash, causing great damage. To get Relic points, he will need to look for the old Militech terminals, located exclusively in Dogtown.

Relic Skill Tree

Photo: CD Projekt RED

The developers showed three examples of possible builds in Phantom Liberty:

speed ninja with melee weapons and constant movement on the battlefield;

The video is available on the Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to CD Projekt RED.

powerful netrunner with cuffs;

The video is available on the Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to CD Projekt RED.

solo crusher with heavy melee weapons and a shotgun.

The video is available on the Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to CD Projekt RED.

Finally, with the release of Phantom Liberty, the main character’s maximum level will be raised to 60. Previously it was 10 points lower.


These are not all the innovations of patch 2.0 and the Phantom Liberty expansion. As is tradition, CD Projekt RED has left many surprises for players to discover in the game.

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