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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Where did they run from? The Russians put the most humiliating demands

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:33:14

“Victory”. Now our athletes are not neutral, but Russian “refugees”.

How long have the endless talks been going on about how to allow the main culprits of all the problems of international sports, the Russian athletes, to be allowed? And in a neutral state, and signing a document on the refusal of support for the SVO, they even wanted to consider participation in army sports organizations. But this time they offered something different, never seen before.

athlete = refugee

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) individually informed the ROC that it plans to accept athletes from Russia under the rules for registering a refugee team, the All Sport news agency reported.

What is it? In fact, nothing new: individual registration for the Games, an entry ban for Russian officials and a complex bureaucratic process for athletes with all the papers with “for” and “against” sheets.

It is important to note that the athletes will keep the flag of the… Olympic Committee and instead of the Russian anthem there will be, as always, a composition by Tchaikovsky. It was hardly possible to expect something new.

But the most interesting thing is that instead of the usual status of “neutral athletes”, you will be assigned the status of “refugees”. It is perfectly clear to everyone that this is “de jure”, but, see, it is not the most pleasant when in the public eye they try to expose athletes as supposedly “fugitives”. It’s not even about supporting the government’s decisions; such status in itself is to some extent humiliating.

But there is also good news in its own way in all of this: the IOC will deal directly with the development of athlete form and placement. It’s scary to even imagine how it could be.

Do they communicate with each other at all?

Similar changes to the admission criteria for athletes were proposed in February by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

“There are dissident athletes. They compete with the refugee team flag. Acting under a neutral flag was a consequence of the doping scandal. I am not a supporter of this option. I would consider it completely indecent, we will not pretend that nothing is wrong. I am against the presence of the Russian delegation at the Paris Olympics while hostilities continue,” Hidalgo said.

To be honest, Anne Hidalgo’s statements about the refugee team are not very clear. All this request with a request for a change of status looks like an attempt to sit on two chairs. On the one hand, Russian athletes will be able to attend the games and there will be no demand from the rulers, and on the other hand, a trip in the state of supposedly humiliated and left at home is too humiliating, and not everyone could agree. to this. The task was completed, the Russian athletes qualified. But no, this proposal was also considered absurd among the European public, because if such a suggestion is made, then it is better not to allow it.

Later, statements followed with IOC recommendations on the admission of Russian athletes, which seemed more or less sensible: the absence of symbols, a ban on participation in team competitions, a control on participation in military formations. It sounds strange, but anything is better than suddenly being a “refugee”.

And most recently, French leader Emmanuel Macron spoke about his desire to see French athletes at the Olympics.

“President Macron said that sport must not be politicized and stressed, in connection with the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, that representatives of all countries, including those in a state of active hostilities, must participate in the Games,” Bach said. in a press conference. post-meeting conference of the IOC Executive Board.

Thus an incomprehensible picture and a complete misunderstanding arise: do they communicate there?

And it is really incomprehensible, almost every month we are assured of new criteria, which are constantly changing in their wording. In some month they want to see us, somewhere, somewhere partially. One can only hope that in this lottery, a few months before the Olympics, representatives of government offices will want to meet Russian athletes in Paris.

And where does all this lead?

To be honest, such statements, which change from month to month, are more like ridiculous trolling attempts. But if you look from the point of view of adequacy, then the strange attempts to come up with a special formula for the “admission of Russians” look very regrettable, but most of all it is a pity for the athletes who have been preparing for the Olympics. most of their lives. and who, due to quarrels between ministers, will lose the opportunity to prove themselves, and after all, such an opportunity may fall once in a lifetime. It would be worth finally remembering the words of Pierre de Coubertin, who called for never interfering in politics, not only in the Olympic movement, but in any sport.

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