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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Which swimsuits are trending this summer: 6 models and instructions to choose yours

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:25:13

Summer is associated with vacations, trips to the sea, visits to water parks and outdoor pools. For such plans you need suitable clothing: swimsuit. This year, designers offer a variety of options from which any man can choose his own. Together with the stylist, we find out what models are in fashion today.

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“Swimsuits are not just clothing for swimming, but an important element of the image. They highlight a man’s style. Nowadays, stores offer a variety of swimsuits. With so much variety, it can be difficult to choose the current style. I will tell you which models it is best to pay attention to to look stylish.”

What we will tell you

How to choose a swimsuit?

First of all, you need to understand what the swimsuits will be needed for: for sports or for relaxing at sea. Therefore, for training it is better to choose a fitted model. Reduces water resistance. Leisure swimsuits can be looser cut. For example, shorts or Bermuda shorts. It is important to choose a swimsuit so that you feel as comfortable as possible in it and nothing hinders your movements. The size chart will help with this. Correlate your waist and hip measurements. Then select the appropriate size.

Joss boxers, 1,499 rubles/”Sportmaster”

Photo: “Sportmaster”

Swimsuit design.

In stores you can find a variety of swimsuits. However, it is important that they are not only stylish, but also comfortable. I’ll tell you what details you should look for when choosing a swimsuit.


The most common materials are the most resistant to chlorine, ultraviolet radiation and have good elasticity. High-quality swimsuits should contain 80% polyamide or polyester with the addition of lycra and elastane.


You should choose the length of your swimsuit that is most comfortable for you. Stores also offer several options: short, medium and long. In current models, the length depends on the style. The most popular swimsuits for leisure time are shorts. This model is the most aesthetic for any body type.

Henderson swim shorts, 4599 RUB.

Photo: Henderson


The choice of color depends on personal preferences and the desire to attract the attention of others. If you don’t want to attract attention, you should look more at muted tones or dark-colored models. This is a basic and universal palette. If you are ready to be the center of attention, then any bright colors, as well as neon shades, are suitable here.

What models are in fashion and how to integrate them into your wardrobe:

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Fashionable swimsuits – 2024

In 2024, six models of men’s swimsuits will be trendy. Each one has its own characteristics and advantages. Let’s take a closer look at the current styles and follow the instructions to choose the ideal one.

1. Slip-on swimsuit

Slip-on swimsuits have a slim fit that provides maximum freedom of movement and minimum resistance in the water. This is an ideal option for swimming and active recreation.

Typically, slip-on swimsuits sit on the hips and expose most of the legs. Many models are manufactured with an inner lining. Provides additional support and comfort. Men with a sporty figure should pay attention to this type of swimsuits to highlight all their advantages.


Photo: ArenaRusia

2. Shorts

The cut of this model is looser compared to the classic swimsuit. The shorts provide maximum comfort and do not restrict movement. They usually reach mid-thigh or just above the knee. This length is universal for any type of recreation.

Built-in drawstrings or elastic waistbands make the swimsuit easy to adjust to fit your body. Many styles have a mesh lining for added support. Shorts also usually have side and back pockets.

Vilebrequin swim shorts, 29,900 rubles.

Photo: Vilebrequin


Boxers are a classic swimsuit model that resembles a combination of a slip and a swimsuit. But there are important differences. Boxers are longer than briefs. They usually reach mid-thigh. This model is also similar to shorts. However, the style fits perfectly to the body, maintaining freedom of movement.

A wide elastic waistband provides a secure fit, while inner lining or panels provide additional support. This is an ideal option for those looking for a balance between comfort and style.

Olaf Benz Boxers, 9000 RUB/Bestelle

Photo: Bestelle

Bermuda Islands

Bermuda shorts are an elongated swimsuit model. They look like shorts. However, Bermuda shorts usually reach knee length. An elastic waistband with ties helps you adjust and secure the fit. In addition, many models have side and back pockets with zippers or Velcro. Bermuda shorts combine style and functionality. They are ideal for active training, swimming in the pool or relaxing.

“TU” Bermuda shorts, 1199 RUB.

Is this your photo”


The hips are a modern model that features a low rise on the hips. They include elements of classic boxers. An elastic waistband with internal lacing allows for an adjustable, secure fit. High-quality seams prevent chafing and ensure the durability of the swimsuit. This swimsuit model is suitable for those who prefer a loose cut, but at the same time want to highlight their athletic figure.

Calzedonia hips, 2499 rubles.

Photo: Calzedonia


The briefs have a slim fit. Provides excellent support and does not restrict movement. Swimsuits typically sit high on the hips and cover the buttocks. The elastic materials of the model also guarantee reliability. The briefs are ideal for outdoor activities and swimming.

HOM Marina Chic swim brief, 6080 RUB./Unger

Photo: Unger

How to care for your swimsuit?

In order for your swimsuit to last longer and not lose its shape, you must follow a few simple care rules. First, wash them only in cold water with a mild detergent. This will help prevent tissue damage and maintain elasticity. It is important to avoid washing with fabric softeners and bleaches. These products can destroy the fibers of the fabric and cause color loss.

After washing, swimsuits should be gently wrung out and hung to dry in the shade, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures. The use of dryers or heating devices is not recommended as they can cause deformation of the material.

The swimsuit remains an important element of the summer wardrobe. Designers offer a variety of styles and models. From classic to modern boxers, everyone can find the perfect swimsuit for summer.

We consider all options, from strict classics to relaxed casual styles:

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