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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Who is a self-sufficient person and how to become one? Signs and advice from a psychologist.

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 09:59:50

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“Self-sufficiency is a state of internal comfort and satisfaction when a person feels complete and sufficient to exist. It is she who helps us express ourselves in the world, learn and become stronger. Sometimes, under the pressure of various life circumstances, a person loses self-sufficiency. How can I restore it?

What is self-sufficiency?

In simple terms, a self-sufficient person is one who is satisfied and satisfied with himself. You don’t need strange things to feel happy. There is no dependence on other people. He has adequate self-esteem. This is an independent person.

You are self-sufficient if you can enjoy the time you spend alone. You always have activities that are interesting. There is an awareness that you are okay. It is a deep inner feeling that every person is born with, ready to open up to the world, learn and become independent. Why do you sometimes lose it?

What destroys self-sufficiency?

Often, trust in the world and sense of self-sufficiency can be disturbed due to various life circumstances. One of them is the lack of love and emotional warmth in childhood. A child whose parents did not show their feelings appropriately and were cold may automatically form the belief that something is wrong with them. He begins to think that it is impossible to love him as he is. It seems to him that it is literally “not enough.”

This can lead to the development of a personal strategy: “How can I change myself? What do I need to do to be enough? What should my actions be so that they care for me, accept me, love me and pay attention to me?

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Restore self-sufficiency

How can a psychologist help?

When a person does not have a sense of self-sufficiency, natural environments are altered. You can restore them and change your way of thinking through psychotherapy. The job of psychologists is to help people return to a place where they feel good. It is necessary to help them accept themselves as they are and realize that they are already good.

Psychologists guide people’s opinions about their achievements and uniqueness. Working with a therapist helps a person realize and love themselves as they are, with weaknesses and strengths, successes and mistakes.

It is important to feel that you do not need to add or change anything to be loved. It’s about accepting yourself. However, it is important to understand that it is not about standing still. Acceptance is an opportunity to continue developing and growing, but without a feeling of lack, but from a position of trust and self-love.

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Self-knowledge is the key to self-reliance

Self-reliance can be achieved through spiritual growth and self-knowledge. When a person is alone with himself, he stops living automatically and begins to consciously control his thoughts and values, as well as “go deeper” into himself. You can achieve this on your own by making interesting plans for your life and formulating your next steps.

A person begins to explore the world, appreciate and love the time spent alone with himself. He understands that he is something more, that he has connections with his ancestors, his homeland and the planet. Each person experiences spiritual growth differently, but at some point everyone begins to realize that it is enough to be who they really are. The understanding comes that you are already in your place and that is where your happiness lies.

Self-acceptance and attitude towards others.

Self-reliance does not negate the value of connections with other people. On the contrary, it helps create healthy relationships. When you start to build them, feeling confident, you can give others your true self, instead of trying to fill an internal deficit.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the quality of a relationship is determined by mutual respect, trust, support and love. If you just want to fill the inner emptiness with their help, you will never feel harmony. These types of relationships will not bring happiness or satisfaction.

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Female self-sufficiency

What do we mean when we say “self-sufficient woman”? She is about someone who knows exactly what she wants and feels comfortable in her own company. She builds her life on the basis of personal beliefs and moral values. She is an independent person who is not afraid to be herself and is proud of her individuality.

A self-sufficient woman understands that the most important support and love comes from herself and does not look for ways to satisfy her needs through alcohol or excessive shopping. She knows how to keep her mood positive and doesn’t try to fill emotional voids through other people.

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Is the self-sufficiency of women and men similar?

In essence, female self-sufficiency is no different. There is nothing here that is not characteristic of a man. Self-reliance gives each person a sense of integrity and security, a sense of inner support and self-confidence.

Anyone who has inner strength will feel good regardless of external conditions. All thanks to the developed skills of self-support and contact with oneself.

It is very important to be able to accept, understand and feel enough, to feel your place in this world, to be directed and not lost. Self-sufficient people know that everything is going well for them. They realize that everyone has a place to develop and grow, but they appreciate and love themselves for who they are right now.

Self-reliance is not just a state, it is a path to deep understanding and self-love. And everyone who has walked this path is already taking a big step toward becoming more confident. It is important to harness your potential, improve it, and always strive to grow.

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