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Who is “masik”? 7 signs of the man every woman dreams of

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 18:10:27

Internet memes have become a new platform for vocabulary acquisition in modern language. If before youth slang was integrated into the colloquial discourse of the street, today the Internet is a provider of new constructions. Funny expressions and phrases come from users of forums, websites and instant messengers.

Supporters and followers, teachers of ancient linguistic schools are ardent opponents of the introduction of slang into modern dictionaries. They believe that non-scientific terminology, taken from common language, contaminates academic language.

Meanwhile, progressive researchers are studying the trends of the past decade with great interest. They believe that it is impossible to separate a language from its speakers. And no matter how hard conservatives try, with the advent of the Internet and quick responses on instant messaging, language is simplified. And the new rules are not dictated by dictionaries and textbooks, but by Internet users.

Let’s dwell today on the slang concept “masik”. Who is it? Why is it better than “stroke” and “tube”? Let’s figure it out.

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Where does the term “masik” come from?

As is often the case with funny rankings, it appeared by pure chance. The author had no idea of ​​promoting his typology among the masses. And there is no exact information about the name and surname of the creator of the comic term. It is difficult to identify the true creator. Maybe he doesn’t give himself away because he’s too modest. Or the author became a victim of unscrupulous copyists who appropriated other people’s ideas.

There is a version that the first definition of “masik” and other men’s comic typology was used by a user with the nickname Zarykovskaya. On his page he decided to characterize his acquaintances like this. But perhaps the user has already used ready-made memes and simply adjusted the friend types to match them. Now you just have to guess. In addition to “masik”, the typology used the concepts “ictus”, “tube” and “chechik”.

Be that as it may, the creative names hooked subscribers and the post went viral, garnering millions of views. The definitions have begun to be used among young people. And now we have reached a broader audience.

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Who is this “masik”?

“Masik” is a type of psychologically mature man who has the right beliefs, a permanent job and is ready to take responsibility. He wants to start a family. Women describe ideal partners with whom they feel protected. You can always trust the “masiks”, they keep their word and do not betray.

The term is probably an abbreviation of the definitions of cute, cute. Don’t forget that Internet terminology does not lend itself to precise data and can have vague explanations. That is, “masik” is someone who evokes pleasant feelings, with whom it is happy to be around.

The result is a certain image of an advertising prince on a white horse, the so-called “son of his mother’s friend.” The standard of conduct, manners and ability to behave in public. Especially when surrounded by women.

There are no clear age limits to determine the type. It could be a very young man between 20 and 25 years old, or a representative of the stronger sex over 40 years old who has already established himself in his field of interest.

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Main features of “masik”

Despite the fact that the definition of “masik” is far from the official and generally accepted classifications in psychology, it may seem interesting. And by comparing this guy’s traits with those of your friends, you can discover positive qualities in them. But you shouldn’t take the ranking seriously.

1. Understand psychology

He understands a woman, the reasons for her behavior, her mood swings. Courteous, attentive. “Masik” will always be willing to lend his shoulder and is willing to listen to his partner’s complaints. He does not violate his personal boundaries. He himself goes to the psychologist and solves his problems.

2. You have a higher education

“Masikov” is classified as an intellectual. This type of man is cultured, educated and knowledgeable in many areas of science. Committed to self-development. As a rule, he has hobbies related to intellectual activity.

3. Interested in art

“Masik” likes auteur cinema and contemporary artists. He is willing to understand art and read biographies of creators. “Masika” can often be seen in conference halls, at closed film screenings and at exhibitions.

4. Show generosity

According to the unofficial classification, “masiks” are representatives of different professions. They are also found in the tourism sector, entertainment industry, IT industry and catering. Consequently, the income of the “masiks” is different. Despite his financial situation, this type of man is always willing to pay for a woman. He does not skimp on the latter and leaves a pleasant impression with his generosity.

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5. Take care of your appearance

“Masiks” cannot be classified as selfish and narcissistic people. But at the same time they observe how they look from the outside and what impression they make. They love modern style and fashion trends in clothing. They also take care of their figure and go to the gym. “Masikov” can often be seen in barbershops. Hairstyle and a well-styled beard are important to them. In this they are similar to hipsters. Masiki often grow mustaches and beards.

6. Love pets

“Masik” is characterized by being surrounded by the care of four-legged friends. They often take in pets from shelters who are in difficult situations. The breed of the cat or dog is not important to them. They want to take care of those who have it hardest. The “masikis” usually walk and play outdoors with their pets.

7. Monitor the environment

Masik cares about the environment. He tries to follow useful tips and instill good habits to protect nature. Therefore, representatives of this type are supporters of environmental movements: they sort garbage, reject excessive consumption and use shopping bags instead of bags.

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“Masiki” in cinema and literature.

Now it is difficult to say whether the humorous typology arose from memes or whether it became a meme after a publication on social networks. But photographs with images of movie characters abound on the Internet.

The heroes of the early 2000s films “Boomer” and “Brigade” are often defined. The four friends fit perfectly into the typology. Boomer’s “Masik” is the character of actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov – Kostya. In “Brigade” the actor Sergei Bezrukov, who played the hero Sasha Bely, falls into the cute definition.

The Potter characters did not escape the appreciation of Internet users either. The characters in JK Rowling’s books about The Boy Who Lived were analyzed based on their behavior and psychological characteristics. The role of “masik” went, of course, to Harry Potter. And it’s really difficult to argue with this definition.

“Mashiki” is undoubtedly an attractive image of a man. A kind of standard and example to follow. But we must not forget that Internet types who have migrated to youth slang are a comical way of understanding people’s psychology.

These definitions should not be taken seriously. Real life is much more interesting and it is almost impossible to find a “masik” in it. Because this type is more of a dream, a desire to endow your soul mate with ideal qualities.

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