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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Who is the best biathlete in Russia at the moment? The leaders will compete for medals at the national championship

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 21:42:23

On September 16, the Russian summer biathlon championship begins in Tyumen. The best athletes in our country will perform in the tournament. Competitors from Belarus miss this start and, in their absence, our biathletes will try to find out who is now the best among them. It will be very interesting!

We have compiled for you everything you need to know about the tournament.

When will the Russian summer biathlon championship take place?

The Russian Summer Biathlon Championships starts on September 16 and will last until September 19. The competition will be held in Tyumen, at the Pearl of Siberia stadium.

Initially, the competition was going to take place in empty stands, as the stadium is currently undergoing large-scale reconstruction. But after a wave of outrage from fans on social media, the director of the department of physical culture, sports and additional education of the Tyumen region, Evgeny Khromin, said that spectators flying to Tyumen would be allowed to enter the stadium and would be placed in a special stand, despite the renovation.

Who will compete in the Russian Summer Biathlon Championships?

All the top leaders of our biathlon plan to attend the competition in Tyumen: Eduard Latypov, Alexander Loginov, Anton Babikov, Maxim Tsvetkov, Alexander Povarnitsyn, Karim Khalili, Evgeny Garanichev.

Daniil Serokhvostov, who missed the first round of the Commonwealth Cup in Sochi due to health problems, will also perform at the tournament.

Alexander Loginov also had problems in Sochi:

“There were thoughts about retiring from my career.” Loginov decided to stay in biathlon, but for how long?

For women, Victoria Slivko, Anastasia Goreeva, Natalya Gerbulova, Irina Kazakevich, Natalia Shevchenko, Ekaterina Noskova, Elizaveta Kaplina, Larisa Kuklina plan to show themselves at the summer championship.

Also on the starting line after maternity leave will be former national team leaders Ulyana Nigmatullina and Kristina Reztsova. Ulyana already participated in the Commonwealth Cup this year; For Christina this will be the first competition after the birth of her son.

“I missed the fans and the racing. I plan to act. I hope to have enough strength to run the three races, but for now we will start with the sprint and then we will see. I don’t know how to assess my condition, because I haven’t been training hard for that long, since this time I gave birth almost two months later. That’s why we had to change the preparations a little. I didn’t force my preparation, so the races will show how prepared I am,” admitted Christina.

And Reztsova’s sister will play for the Finnish national team:


“It’s a challenge for myself.” Interview with a Russian biathlete who changed her citizenship

Unfortunately, Evgenia Burtasova will miss the competition due to health problems. The participation of Svetlana Mironova, who recently recovered from her illness, is also questionable. In total, more than 150 athletes from 20 regions of Russia will participate in the Russian summer championship.

Favorites of the Russian Summer Championship 2023

The stage of the Commonwealth Cup in Sochi showed that the main contender for gold at the Russian summer championship in Tyumen is Eduard Latypov. Only the team leader was a serious competitor for the Belarusian Anton Smolsky. Kamyshli’s buffalo won two silver medals and once finished sixth.

Competing with Latypov will mainly be Alexander Povarnitsyn, who took second and fourth places in Sochi, and Anton Babikov, who finished third, fifth and tenth in the Commonwealth Cup. Nikita Porshnev, bronze in Sochi, will also try to get a medal.

At the Commonwealth Cup, Babikov showed discontent:

“Where is everyone preparing and for what?” Babikov crushed his fellow biathletes at the Commonwealth Cup

For girls, the situation seems more interesting. At least four biathletes who reached the podium in Sochi are fighting for gold. The possible champions are: Victoria Slivko (1 – 1 – 1), Anastasia Goreeva (1 – 1 – 0), Irina Kazakevich (1 – 0 – 1) and Natalia Shevchenko (0 – 1 – 1).

Ekaterina Noskova (two fourth and seventh places in Sochi) and Anastasia Batmanova (fifth, sixth and ninth places) will also try to compete for medals.

Russian Summer Championship Schedule

The Russian Summer Championships in Tyumen will last only four days. During the weekend there will be sprints and relay races. Biathletes have a rest day on Monday and 15 and 20 km races on Tuesday.

Schedule of the Russian Summer Biathlon Championships 2023 September 16, Saturday, 9:00 (Moscow time) – sprint, men September 16, Saturday, 12:00 – sprint, women September 17, Sunday, 9:00 – relay, men September 17, Sunday, 12:00 – relay, women September 19, Tuesday, 9:00 – 20 km race, men September 19, Tuesday, 12:00 – 15 km race, women

Where to watch the Russian summer championship

There will be few spectators in the stands, but fans will be able to watch their favorites on television. The broadcast will be on the Match TV channel.

Of course, the “Championship” will also tell you about the most interesting events of the upcoming tournament. Follow the biathlon with us!

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