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Who is the best coach in the history of Krasnodar?

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:11:57

Who is the best coach in the history of Krasnodar?

Anatoly Romanov March 31, 2024, 10:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Is Ivich stronger than Musaev? And Kononov?

Krasnodar changed its coach: Murad Musaev took the place of Vladimir Ivich. The 40-year-old specialist returned to the team with which he already worked. In this round of the RPL he will make his debut in the match against Lokomotiv in Moscow.

Meanwhile, Musaev formed the symbolic team of the entire history of Krasnodar. Here is Murad’s version:

“Matvey Safonov, Evgeny Kaleshin, Sergey Petrov, Andreas Granqvist, Junior Alonso, Charles Cabore, Mauricio Pereira, Eduard Spertsyan, Victor Klasson, Pavel Mamaev, Fedor Smolov. Coach? “Me,” Musaev said in a video posted on the Komment.Show telegram channel.

Reaction in Serbia to the resignation of Ivic from Krasnodar:

“Sergei Galitsky – Russian Evil Doctor”. In Serbia there is outrage over Ivic’s dismissal

The most interesting thing is, of course, the choice of the coach. Do you agree with Musaev, who called himself the best candidate for Krasnodar? We invite you to participate in the voting and determine the strongest coach in the history of the young club. We remember everyone who worked with the Bulls in the RPL, and even added a specialist who helped shape the team’s style in the First League. Write in the comments what coach Sergei Galitsky guessed the most.

During the voting, the players will be distributed to their places. The rating depends entirely on the votes of the “Championship” readers and is formed online.

If you want to move an option up in the list, press the up arrow “↑”, if you think the option should be lower, press the down arrow “↓”.

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Rating: who is the best coach in the history of Krasnodar?

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Oleg Kononov, Russia

Kononov is the main long-liver of Krasnodar: no other coach lasted as long at the head of the team as a native of Kursk. He accepted the southerners in August 2013 and resigned in September 2016. With Kononov, the “bulls” got a ticket to European competition for the first time in their history at the end of the 2013/2014 season. With him we reached the final of the Russian Cup, in which we lost on penalties to Rostov, then we won our first bronze and qualified for the first time in the European spring (Europa League play-offs). In the RPL, the team played 92 matches against Kononov, earning 49 wins, 23 draws and 20 losses. He averaged 1.85 points per game.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Vladimir Ivic, Serbia

The Serbian coach lasted just over a year in Krasnodar. He managed the team in January 2023 and was fired in March 2024. Ivich took over the Bulls in eighth place, finished that season in sixth place and reached the Russian Cup final. This season, under Vladimir, Krasnodar entered the winter break as the championship leader for the first time in its history. But the spring began unsuccessfully (they fell to second place and left the Russian Cup), after which Ivic was shown the door. In the RPL, the Serbian has the best statistics of any coach in the Club’s history: 33 games, 11 wins, seven draws and five losses: an average of 1.88 points per game. At the same time, unlike Musaev or Kononov, he did not have to compete with Krasnodar in the European competition, being divided on several fronts.

Photo: Sergey Apenkin, “Championship”

Murad Musaev, Russia

Musaev’s first experience in Krasnodar turned out to be quite long. He led the team from April 2018 to April 2021. With this coach, the “bulls” twice repeated the best result in their history: they finished in third place. In addition, we qualified for the Champions League for the first time. First to qualification and a season later to the group stage, where they finished third in a quartet with rivals from the big leagues: Chelsea, Sevilla and Rennes. Musaev’s statistics in the Russian Championship: 90 matches, 44 wins, 23 draws and 23 losses. Average per game: 1.72 points.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Sergey Tashuev, Russia

In this list we also include the current coach of Fakel, who worked with Krasnodar in the team’s last season in the First League. In 2010, the “bulls” under the leadership of Tashuev took fifth place, after which, thanks to a coincidence of circumstances, they received a ticket to the RPL. Tashuev played 38 matches for Krasnodar, 17 wins, 10 draws and 11 losses. Average per game: 1.61 points. According to Evgeny Kaleshin, it was this coach who influenced the formation of Krasnodar’s playing philosophy.

“If you now ask Galitsky what kind of football Krasnodar should play, he will give you the most accurate answer. 10 years ago we were just playing. The ideological coach appeared only in 2010. I think it was with Tashuev that Galitsky understood the path he should follow,” Kaleshin said.

Photo: “Championship”

Muslin Slavoljub, Serbia

Serbian Muslin is the first coach in the history of Krasnodar in the RPL. He took over the team in January 2011 and worked with it until August 2013. In the first season in the elite, the “bulls” with Slavolub took ninth place, and then this was a fairly successful result for a newcomer to the elite. In total, under the leadership of Muslin, the Krasnodar team played 78 matches, in which they had 29 wins, 20 draws and 29 losses. He averaged 1.37 points per game. Of course, this is the worst result among all the coaches who led Krasnodar in the first division.

Photo: Artyom Gusev, “Championship”

Victor Goncharenko, Belarus

Goncharenko headed Krasnodar for less than a year. He was appointed in April 2021 and retired in January 2022. The Belarusian coach took charge of the team shortly before the end of the 2021/2022 season, when he fell to tenth place. We finished the championship with Goncharenko in the same position. The following season, the team was in fifth place during the winter break, but then Sergei Galitsky decided to bet on the German Daniel Farke, who, however, never held a single official meeting with Krasnodar. And Goncharenko had 23 matches, 10 wins, five draws and eight losses. He averaged 1.52 points per game.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Alexander Storozhuk, Russia

Storozhuk unexpectedly became the coach of Krasnodar, replacing Farke, who left for Germany at the beginning of March 2022. Then the Krasnodar team had a very difficult situation, as all the main legionnaires left the team. This specialist worked with the Bulls until January 2023. At the time of Storozhuk’s appointment, Krasnodar was fifth and finished the championship in the top four. The following season, during the winter break, the southerners fell to eighth place and the Russian coach was fired. With Storozhuk, Krasnodar played 29 matches in the RPL, in which they had 13 wins, seven draws and nine losses. He scored 1.59 points per game.

Photo: Alexander Mysyakin, “Championship”

Igor Shalimov, Russia

Shalimov coached Krasnodar from September 2016 to April 2018. He took charge of the team in seventh place and finished the season with them in fourth place. The following season he was fired shortly before the end of the championship, when the “bulls” were in fifth place. Under Shalimov, Krasnodar did not surpass the best results that he achieved during the work of his predecessor Kononov. Under the guidance of this specialist, the team played 48 matches in the RPL: ​​22 wins, 16 draws and 10 losses. On average, Shalimov scored 1.71 points per game.

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