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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Who is the top scammer and who is the bastard of the year? Distribution of fun prizes in the NHL

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:09:38

After the end of each regular season, in addition to the upcoming cup battles, there is also talk of the individual awards that the players will receive through voting by foreign journalists. The fight for the Hart Trophy, the championship’s most valuable player award, will be especially intense this season. And while everyone weighs the achievements of Nikita Kucherov and Nathan MacKinnon, to understand who most deserves this award, we will come up with our own comic nominations, which will also help remember the most interesting moments of the past. regular season.

“Garbage trophy”

Winner: Matt Rempe

Matt Rempe, something quite atypical for these times, burst into the league, already in the second minute of the first game he fought with Matt Martin before an audience of almost 80,000 people. Furthermore, the Broadway tough guy didn’t stop him and continued to receive hefty fines for mischief and fights. In addition to the fact that Rempe regained the temporarily faded glory of highly specialized fist figures, he also reached his peak, because for a short period of time, attention was focused on him in New York rather than on Panarin’s historic season. His face, painted with two bright “lanterns”, began to appear on posters, and before Rangers games, experts were looking for possible opponents for the Canadian.

Details of Rempe shares:

The tough guy “Rangers” openly laughs at the NHL. They talk about him more often than McDavid.

“Depression Trophy”

Winner: San Jose Sharks

The Sharks’ offseason has sparked speculation that McLean Celebrini is a top target this season. But few thought that Saint Joseph would move forward with such confidence toward achieving this goal. 11 defeats at the beginning, the last two ended in double-digit goals for the rival, last placed in the league, 63 defeats in 82 games. The Sharks had the worst season of any team in the 21st century, and also managed to lose their best player at the deadline, getting absolutely nothing in return, and also keeping part of his salary until 2029. The half-empty stands in the center SPA are the embodiment of deep depression.

“Abuse trophy”

Winner: Mike Babcock

As soon as the summer transfer window opened, Columbus announced the appointment of Babcock as the team’s head coach. It was hoped that the Canadian specialist could put the “uniforms” on the right path. But Babcock couldn’t even start the season because it was reported that he was asking players to show personal photos on his phones. The freedom-loving American public was furious, the club launched an investigation and fired the coach five days later. Apparently, the path to the NHL is closed for Babcock.

“Ludomán Trophy”

Winner: Shane Pinto

While betting on catches became fashionable in football after the cases of Ivan Toney and Sandro Tonali, hockey developed relatively calmly. But the betting problem failed to bypass our sport: Shane Pinto was disqualified from 41 matches in October due to betting. This was the first precedent of its kind in the NHL; The player apologized, but in January he made a slightly ambiguous comment: “Now betting has become part of the sport. You can see it in the ads, it’s obvious. But that’s no excuse. I have to be more careful, more mature in my actions.” Does “More careful” mean betting not from your account?

How did it happen?

A big scandal in the NHL! The Ottawa player received the biggest disqualification in history

“Swindler Trophy”

Winner: Kyle Dubas

It would be possible to appoint a person here who has done high-quality work, but here there will be a person who deceives his own superiors.

The Pittsburgh general manager took his position in the summer after leaving the corresponding one in Toronto. To stay relevant, Kyle made a great decision by signing a veteran shooting guard when the team already had one like him. This, added to the fact that Pittsburgh had a bloody nose to rejuvenate, because the core of the Penguins had aged inexorably. Naturally, this did not bear fruit, the team played disgustingly during the regular season. But Dubas didn’t stop there: he made the decision to change Günzel because he is… old. Kyle commented on Jake’s future: “We have a lot of guys over 30 under contract, some of them are among the best players in the club’s history. We need to do rejuvenation. Jake is a great player and performs at an elite level. But we need to somehow combine the presence of a group of veterans and the process of rejuvenating the squad.” Do you see the contradiction? But he doesn’t see. Truly an amazing character.

“Marchand Trophy”

Winner: Nick Cousins

Yes, that’s right, Brad Marchand missed out on the title of player whose face NHL players most want to smash. In an anonymous vote, the forward from Florida received twice as many votes as the little bully from Boston. Overall, Nick deserved to win the nomination, because sometimes, watching his play on television, you can notice his persistent dirty tricks.

Nick Cousins ​​and Matthew Tkachuk

Photo: Ross D. Franklin/AP/TASS

“CSKA Trophy”

Winner: Minnesota Wild

Why CSKA? Because the Army Club introduced the fashion of eliminating the goalkeeper in overtime in the KHL. In the NHL it doesn’t make sense to do this because the team that loses to an empty net doesn’t even get a point. But Minnesota, in the heat of the playoff battle, took this step twice, scoring one goal and missing another. Perhaps Kirill Kaprizov provided army notes to John Hines?

Video rights belong to NHL Enterprises, LP. You can watch the video on the NHL website.

“Martin Brodeur Trophy”

Winner: Tristan Jerry

Martin Brodeur is not only the best goaltender in NHL history, but also the leading scorer among players in his role. Last season, Linus Ullmark scored against Vancouver and even received a Vezina afterward. Of course, Jerry will receive no such award, but let’s at least acknowledge him here. In the game against Tampa, with the score 3:2, the locals eliminated the goalkeeper and Tristan, after receiving the puck, quickly oriented himself and sent it into the empty goal.

Video rights belong to NHL Enterprises, LP. You can watch the video on the NHL website.

“Reincarnation Trophy”

Winner: Coyotes franchise moves to Utah

“Arizona” has long taught all ordinary people that this franchise is definitely not worth serious consideration. The team hasn’t played a playoff game since 2012, not counting the unusual 2020 playoffs due to the coronavirus, plays in a college stadium because the Coyotes were kicked out of the old one due to debt, and is also a dumping ground for the big boys . contracts.

Solution details:

End of torment? NHL’s most disgruntled team could move before the end of the month

The NHL ran out of patience and at the end of the regular season it was announced that he would soon be moving to Utah. Yes, within five years there may be a return due to the definitive construction of the new stadium, but it can already be said that it is the best solution. A new location and new management should breathe life into the dilapidated franchise. One thing is for sure: to make matters worse, you will have to work hard.

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